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F*CK THIS SH*T! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Part 1 - Followed By Death (Ch 2)

by PewDiePie • 1,810,428 views

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I want old Pewdie back
oh well for you then :-)
12:35  Step one: See a monster open your door.  Step two: Scream your head off.  Step three: Grab a chair Step four: Jump out the window and say "FUCK THIS SHIT"  Step five: Die
Some people say he just sits all day playing computer and gets money and has no talent.I think that making 32 million people laugh and smile everyday is a talent.Any opinions??
People are just jealous that he's making money and their not.
+Peerless Allen I don't know how much that's true.But yes there can be people that is jealous.I think the main reason of the hate is because they just want attention.But if anyone who is sharing their opinion nicely and respectfully will get a respectful reply too.
when he yell ''BARRELS!!'' it scared me. >3<
It scares me more than the actual scares XD
that ending pewds... why suicide? how is that any better than the monster?! still, very funny. I just thought... he threw Mr Chair out with him! HE KILLS HIS FRIENDS!!! STEPHANO IN ACID, SMASHING POTS, THROWING MR CHAIR OUT OF A WINDOW, THROWING PIGGEH AT THE MONSTER! Pewdie! You have done bad things...
don't forget what he does to jenifer
+Terry Bess pffft no one likes jenniferr XD
Yamaha banana a haha funny I'm doing all of that now ALL
+Mike Lee yeup I'm doing it with headphones
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the old days...                     :) #pewdsisluvpewdsoflife
you keep scaring ppl by saying "BARRELS!!!" XD
At 3:19 I was like chilling and eating potatoe chips and then I shit my pants :(
I know I didn't expect him yelling BARRELS in the very beginning and so I like died
Havent seen Stephano in a long time Pewds. brofist
I got fucking jump scared by him yelling "Barrel!" xD
+Gandalf The White next time you see a huge monster just get out of the way
+Conor Roark We're called "The Bros".
I miss these times :(
Ya i miss them too i wish this game would come back because there isent any more good horror games out there for free any way 
+TheFuzzyGamer 2 words DUNGEON NIGHTMARES at 1 A.M, that mummy/girl/demon/zombie fucked me hard (not literally of course ;)... shh don't make it weird ). True there aren't as many but good free horror games are still here just hang in there and hold on to the free heart attack dream :) !!! Also its been said but god damn that BARRELS XD, pewds should make his own indie horror game like if you are with me or just think he is scary :3 .
I love how he grabs the chair before jumping out the window!
F*uck the monster Jump the Window!
pretty epic music nice head banging pewds
I was eating ice cream and suddenly the audio in my headphones sounds creepy. I calmly put down my ice cream and said "creepy noises" and tensed myself for a jumpscare. then I took time to write this comment :) still scared though
These were the days...
Iep Die Wep is awesommm
I jumped when Pewdiepie said barrels
When he yells BARRELS it it me jump
I got jumpscared by: BARALLEEELSSSSS (soz wrong spelling)
He scared the crap out of me when he yelled barrels
i love how he just jumps out the window with mr.chair he's just like IM TAKING YOU DOWN WIT MAH 
Chair: PEWDS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo...........(Splat)
Him screaming Barrels got me again!!! lol
Most intense beginning ever😂👌
Ya know, instead of jumping out the window aimlessly, why didn't he just jump to the other ledge? XD
Lol I love how he still blocks out the vowels in the swears :'D he just says em straight out in the title now XD poods u have changed
Is there lag in the screen recorder?
When he said barrels it scared me
I am 90% sure this is story was made by a Finnish guy..... Because that accent sounds so familiar... ;_;
definitely harry potter fucking wizards and all
What was the blue weird monster thing in the beginning again???
me and mr. chair are out this bitch
That was scery and when you went barol that scared me
Hey that first music was from one game!!! my favourite from Sacred :3 I LOVE IT!!!
why the hell u took the chair in the end of the video WTF dude
The end of the video is funny as hell! "Fuck this shit" makes weird face and jumps out window
He definitely shat himself at the end :P
12:34 i just saved you 1234 your welcome
this is my favorite jumpscare reaction that he does on the game i was laughing for 2 years lmao
I got scarred when he said barrel
"You have to carry on...". When I play this and show that: NOPE, ENOUGH OF IT! IM NOT GOING TO CARRY ON!
I got so f**** scared when he screamedbarrels I have the same headphones as him so I was scared as f***
pew wy you use a lighter when you have daylight
That was fuckin funny. Not only did he jump out the window from fear, but for some reason, he decided to take Mr. Chair with him. CHAIRMODE ACTIVATE PEWDIE.
a airplane flew over my house as soon as i started watching this
Now i say that (AHH! FUCK THIS SHIT) everytime i get scared.
Which dog was barking in the background? Edgar or Maya? :3
Ok, thank you ^^ They're both cute dogs :3
congrats on the 29 mil pewds
I cant remember the title for the video pewds did when he sang i Feel like im motherfucking stuck in this duck u bros know the rest thanks
I am from Russia and I think that all you are so stupid
put the speed at 0.5 during 13:03 - 13:18, it sounds awesome
Mr chair and pot will be remembered
that was awesome pewds. so funny. biggest fan bro. email: jasperain10@gmail,com
when you do next part in amnesia gustomstory rain
Moral lesson of this vid : It's better to commit suicide than to be killed by a monster....
hahahahahahahahahahahahha (y)
Picks up chair "AHH! FUCK THIS SHIT!!!"
What about bro-fist? bro fist
i like how he jumped out the window
Which is the original amnesia
amnesia the dark descent
AHHHH FACK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!! I lost it
a lion is a type of cat
excellent deduction sherlock
Pewds likes boxes pewds doesent like BARRELS!!!!!
Lol...plz come subscribe my Chanel I know I ain't got much videos but...yeh..bro fist👊
12:37 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are called latters
fuck this shit hahahaha
that oh-ani monster in the picture in the beginning brought back all my nightmares about that pink freak
Oh shit, I got scared by him yelling Barrels.
As soon as I saw your comment he yelled barrels and scared the shit out of me lol
When he said Daniel was that you I though it was someone talking to me and answered with yes XD
hey pewdiepie play this game called 5 nights or 5 days at freddy's its very scary
At the end I was like "NONONONONONONONO" And then he opened the door and I screamed xD
The castle in this video seems like it would actually be kind of nice if it wasn't festering with monsters, evil spirits, and other creepy things.
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