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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S Drop Test

by Android Authority • 4,367,875 views

Can the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 pass the drop test? Find out as we do a drop test comparison of both the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs the iPhone 4s! Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black unlocked:...

Ya'll android bitches lost! :P iPhone always wins!
That is true. Android is better.
Oop, Apples phone was cracked more than galaxy yet still worked, stupid Android fanboys who think cutting our hands constantly is more important than functionally. Apple deserves a medal. Sincerely, the entire comments section.
Fuck the pussy, that your arrogant behavior is not in line with the times in which we live!
Definitely British girl lol I'm from London so I'd know.
The iPhone's have shitty ass screens. The LG G3 or the galaxy is better
I've seen an iPhone 4S fall from a staircase and you have a risk and small dents. The second time this iPhone fell, looks like it was hit by a shot.
How on the iPhone 4s face drop test, it landed on the back but then it was face down in the replay?
Because they dropped the iPhone 4s twice to make the S3 the winner
The Samsung smashed before the iPhone, proves they can be just as breakable. That's why I went with the iPhone
IPhone 4s was barely hit on his face and the Samsung on the Side drop basically landed on his face
I lk you mi nyms erhan oh
Samsung make the screens for apple
Her legit name's Nirvana Driver, curiouser and curiouser.
grate ...and .. whats ya point ?
+cyberjackcyberjack It's a rather unique name, like Elvis Hercules (I knew a guy with that name), it's interesting.
Iphone won but gakaxy s3 is better but way more fragile than the iphone
Although I like the galaxy series, a lot of people I knew had to get replacement screens for their S3s and a lot of people I knew with iphones 4s functioned with a cracked screen due to it being made from glass.. Both failed, but i like the larger amoled screen on the S3.
annyi penzed van bazdmeg hogy csak ugy eldobald more???
Samsung is shit. Just another proof. All the android fanboys got their head in the sand. 
+Beatriz Freitas Yes, they are shit, they make good high-end smartphones with pure shit plastic, and they make it useless(for me) putting that fucking TouchWiz
+Max HD You do realize Touchwiz alternatives, right? Just saying
Her name is Nirvana? Holy shit :D I thought I misheard it
so what exactly did this video prove? that dropping phones might break them?
pmpl , very true .. its like .. hay if you drop your phone it mint brake .. i'll proove it now pay me for the privilege of doing so.
i hate u people that do these videos T_T
iPhone is bestcoz i dropped it so many times but it didnt leave my hand
I encourage her to try  a human drop test,from lets say a 10 storey building :D
you dont know how to drop the phone, just drop yourself wouldve been better
both phones are worth more then 400 dollars. who ever buys one is the real looser no need for such an expensive phone
Yes. You bout THE PHONE for one dollar. The monthly fee, texting and calling is a totally different story😂
Aaaaand the s3 nearly 300$ cheaper than the iPhone
I posted this comment before I watched the video and I 100% know that iPhone 4S is gonna win because it's fat and strong
i felt like she dropped the s3 harder on the front its looked and sounded like she did
I've dropped my iPhone 4s out of the car 4 times without a case on and no screen cracks at all & last summer I dropped my Samsung Galaxy s3 ONCE and it shattered and broke completely #TeamiPhone
I've dropped my iPhone 4s a couple of times, and even with my flip case open, it still hasn't broken. I can't see if it has earned any scratches, because the person who owned it before me got tons of scratches and one crack on it (not a big one).
BS i dropped my s3 from 3 inches and had to replace the screen bc it had black death PS Apple is garbage. Just to prove to you I'm not a Apple fanboy.  The question now is where to get a good phone these days. 
+Peter Michalski Apple is not garbage, they have the best smartphones, they have bautiful ultrabooks and an iPod
my s3 will have  a strange noise when i put on water
Yea you guys might hate this video but yet look at all of you commenting it and viewing It. Its all publicity bullshit. That's how these ppl make money
You can even drop a phone properly
Well this is funny, my iPhone 4s's screen cracked by it falling on the back. And the back was perfect but the screen cracked!
People whothink an iPhone is better chant ''iPhone forever'' without providing proof why they think so, and when they are proven wrong they get defensive and rude. Honestly I would have bought an s3 for that reason alone, but thats not why I bought it. I bought it cos its better. 
did anyone else realise that she dropped the iphone from her upper chest area and the galaxy s3 from in front of her chin?
Galaxy S2 is better in drop test than both of these
+Vedansh Tanna fuck apple overpriced piece of rotten apple
+Vedansh Tanna do your homework then come talk
Dunno why all the hate. Video was meant to show which phone is more durable. Many YouTube channels get paid to do videos like these either from YouTube itself or from sponsor companies so never mind the cost of the phones.
I've dropped my Samsung so many times on the rocky concrete and they're is still no cracks or damages at all.Still perfectly fine
Se raya yo lo ise cin el mio t yo lo me ti al agua
This proves that gravity always wins.
And that's why you buy a case
iPhone 4S better! I dropped mine million times and never broke. Plus very pretty girl
May be you are dropping it on your bed thinkin that OMG i dropped my fu***ng phone!
You can see that she dropped the samsung galaxy worst than the iphone
For all of you people saying iPhone is better than the galaxy your wrong p.s. The galaxy did drop worse but there is a way to prevent that by getting a case
+SIR H0MIE I don't know, I just like it. People are allowed to have opinions. -easy to use -no viruses -best gaming experience and quality -more apps -longer lasting battery -compatible with lots of stuff (Xbox One and so on) -just overall very good quality phones
Hhhhaaaaaa the s3 sucks
Nexus 5 and onePlus one cant destroy it
+vertti syrjälä They already did. Too bad :)
can we just agree that windows phones suck? xD
i love watching phones hit the ground
Just get a case if your so worried.
I dropped my S3 badly this morning and I came to watch this video, I reminded it idk why lol Of course my phone is still working perfectly and no damages at all :D
Round 2 Galaxy Vs iPhone Vs Nokia 3310
That's what I hate about the samsung xD the back comes off 😡
Both phones are made for a different job...! IPhones are good with expensive materials and a hard is fast beautiful and worthy but when you do a drop test you have to take into consideration that s3 is a phone with a 4.8 inch screen so its easier to damage the screen....the screen of s3 is more vulnerable...
Iphone ist the winner
iPhone 4 and galaxy s3 are both awesome phones
mami que rica, te como entera
iphone 4s still the best..... =)
My friend did that to her 4S
That was painful to watch.
unscientific comparison. 
Jvais te niquer ta mère toi , évite de faire ça par respect pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas s'en procuré .. 
I hope you guys know they dropped the iphon on its face twice right? They are just trying to make android look better
And that's why I got the iphone5c
this is painful to watch!
That was the worse drop test i've ever seen! She s good for nothing!!!!!!!
the iphone is a lot thinker the the s3 and the iphone is glass the s3 is not glass it is gorilla glass 
iphone has a thicker glass than samsung.. so iphone's LCD didn't crack.. but the Samsung though (my Samsung's LCD cracked becuz i threw it becuz i'm mad but the glass didn't break)...
Lol retard calls him/herself poop
Iphone haf lost and samsung haf winning
I have both phones in my usage of them I can honestly say that they both have pros and cons..all in all it coms down to personal preference. .end of story. .........its that easy
whyyyyyy give one of them :'(
i'm not sure that the s3 is unusable, i think she needed to start it by pressing the power button. Because when the s3 falls it's battery pops out most of the time and the phone turns off.
she is as white as the phones
Boo iphone sucks. I ♥♥my galaxy s3
A bit biased eh?
Obviously the iphone will work cos its aluminium but sgs3 is plastic
There are Samsung laptops.
Peter Mechalik get a samsung galaxy s3 mini, it's small light and great
iPhone 4S better, I dropped mine many times but its still fine
Lol without iphone copycats wont even exist real fcking talk right here... Apple is the innovator
The Blair Witch Project
can u even play with ur retarded mac ?
Oh my god, I'd do anything to get in her pants.
The fine with iPhone is that it doesnt have a lock on the backside
Get out of the sun babe before your skin starts to shrivel up
I don't care about iponey, I want to know how much it takes to broke the display (breaking the gorilla isn't breaking the display btw)
Humaa add me its me RoseFlower1234☆
S3 still win ... i hate iphone and its user
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