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Becoming Dexter - Wintersleep music video HD

by Alexandra Lloyd • 33,319 views

This is my first Dexter music video and I know it starts a bit slow but it really picks up, trust me :P There could be some spoilers in this video and I use clips from seasons 1-4 so just a warning...

@enderfish001 oh good- I watch that show too. I await it.
WICKED : ) Love the song and love dexter.
ive watched this video like a thousand times, uve done a great job with this video perfect song for dexter, my dark passenger is pleased with this video
@enderfish001 Are you planning on doing more? I'm a big fan of this one, got the link from your imdb thread. ;)
Great song, great vid... put it in my favorites right away...
I like it, you did very well, the scenes and the music uff Perfect !
if this doesnt get you into dexter nothing will... fantastic job
Pretty amazing man. If Dexter was a movie with a soundtrack, the song you chose would be #1 on my list. The video was extremely well edited, showing a progression of reasoning behind Dexter's killing, but also focusing on how he seems to live inside his own head separated from the rest of humanity. Extremely well done and kudos.
Why it has taken me this long to hear my favourite Wintersleep song to a Dexter vid, I do not know, because they go together like rainbows and lollipops!
oh God... Dexter seems cruel and cold blooded when he did the killing, i almost throw up...eeuu... but i was thinking of the same punishment those heartless people should get too when i read the news of their crimes...only that i'd never imagined it to be so horrifying and disturbing... bottom line: gr8 vid... good job, man..
This song is just so perfect, and your video is wonderful!
Just....plain....awesome! Love Dexter and this song fits his life perfectly.
Sometimes you have to be bad to be good.
Absolutely brilliant (from imdb), I favourited.
Yaknow I have seen a zillion of these music videos for shows, movies, games ect. But this is by far the best one. two thumbs up! Now make one with safety dance.
Great work man! Dexter is my fav Tv series. Power-Saw To The People !!!
This is really well put together
@panthercat38 lol thats a new one but I definitely agree!
Wintersleep is an amazing band.
this is a great video I keep watching it over and over
@sparsesalamander Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it :D I'm going to start working on a Breaking Bad video next, I have this perfect song in mind lol
Awesome job, man. My favorite show.. my favorite band... NICE!
I can't even BEGIN to tell you how many times I've watched this. It PALES in comparison to MY dex tribute (LOL!) for REAL! :) Kudos! This is best dexter video I have EVER seen- I've watched the video over 100 times. no joke. I've NEVER done that WITH ANYONE'S video! Seriously- you got talent. Wanna do a commision for me? LOL? :) GOOD JOB! AWESOME 10 out of FIVE stars!!
This would make an AWESOME TEASER TRAILER for the 5th Season. Showtime usually has about 6 minutes between shows. They could play this, and at the end give the 5th Season Premiere Date. 97 days to go............ before Season 5 Premieres on Showtime. 09-26-10
this is one of the most amazing dexter tributes i have seen , amazing work
Awesome! You did a fantastic job :)
im a huge Dexter Fan and omg you deserve a metal for this vid :) thumbs up
GOOSEBUMPS! This was amazing! Loved it!
EPIC! Considering I love Dexter and "Orca"
@PD5524 Thank you guys I'm really glad you liked it :)
I just recently got into Wintersleep and was gravitated to Orca and just dropped it into youtube looking for the music video to share with a friend, found this, and my mind and my friend's mind were just blown all over the wall. Seriously, I couldn't love this video more. It's perfect. I've even downloaded it so I can still watch it in the event that youtube pulls it for dicktastic reasons. It's definitely, seriously, 100% my favorite fanvid of any fandom ever. Ever. Seriously.
This is amazing! I love the way you captured Dexter's history and everything that goes to make him what he is. The way you timed the violence to the beat of the music too was really effective. Added to my favourites. :)
what is the name of the song please
Absolutely fantastic video, but it does contain several major spoilers. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 all have major points that are in this video.
1. thanks for introducing me to a kick ass song! and 2. Dexter is a SKILF. :D
Hell ill do his job if i get paid!
Yours is the first Dexter music video I've ever watched, and I sure chose a good one for my first. Very well done. The whole thing is impactful and done just right. And no, I don't think it's too slow in the beginning. It sets the mood.
Absolutely loved this! Well done! Really well done!
Amazing... Couldn't take my eyes off the screen!
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