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Minecraft - Part 1: How to Survive the First Night

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 15,829,657 views

Plunged into a mysterious land, our heroes must find or build shelter to survive the first night in a strange wilderness! ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook:...

Not Ripping on Sky or any other popular youtubers that still play,  but now that SO MANY PEOPLE have found minecraft, i cant enjoy it like i used to anymore because there are all these plugins, and mods, and minigames.... i wish that all these kids and popular youtubers like Sky and Markiplier never found minecraft.... that way, it would still be a tiny heaven for us alpha players.... Back when multiplayer came out, I remember getting on a server, there was 16 people maximum allowed, and i was so good and nice to the other 13 that the Admin and his Mod, (sister) made me a mod as well, and i made a public hotel for other new people, and we had a griefer, so each night one of us would sneak on at night IRL to stake out the server and try to figure out the griefer....since there were no plugins to disable block destruction or make people have no ability to create/destroy. man.... so nice back then... it was genuine fun.....
+Evan Biesaga The game looks better right now, but for obvious reasons. The game was much more simpler and indeed played better.
People annoy me, I say: "I miss old Minecraft..." and everyone goes: "Well, change your version, dipshit!" It just isn't the same. Just not the same at all. Not the same servers, not the same community, not the same fun. The wonder and exploration has just gone. Now, the game is just... meh.
Oh god I feel u bro I love this so much I feel like I'm crying
I think it's more of a matter of time for most people.
Back when Minecraft was fun. Now it's mainly Survival Games and Mini-games :( No adventures or challenges. And don't even get me started on how a majority of the community has become...
Does anyone remember when they were called bluexephos!!! good times! all I have to say is that since they lost the server why couldn't they make another one and continue on the series! 5 years guys! im just gonna sit here going through the series over and over again!!! They let mincraftia to die :( im Dave and I have the balls!!! - yognaught forever!
+Greathorn You my friend are one with the mind of jesus
+Yazzy Pie did i just hear an angel choir or was that my imagination
Time to take a trip down memory lane 5 years into the past!
+Evilcake911 Simon PLane? nobody remembers that? anybody?
Yup now cry as to see this channel turn to crap
Half of these people complaining about how they miss 'the old Minecraft' are just hipsters bragging about how they played the game before it was cool... I bought the game in November, 2010, and I honestly like the newer versions better! There are a few things, like the bunnies, that are a bit weird, but current versions are just better than the old ones!
+ZenoGames1999 Uhhh... No he didn't. Griefing is by it's definition doing jerkish behavior to other people. Destroying creations that they made, and etc. Sure Griefing can be a good joke, and all. But like any prank, it's still mildy jerkish behavior whether or not the person looks fondly on it in the future.
+Death Star "Uhhh... No he didn't." Uhhh... Yes he did. "Griefing is by it's definition doing jerkish behavior to other people." Well depending on your definition of jerkish you could be wrong. "Destroying creations that they made, and etc." People destroyed plenty of the things I built on Minecraft but I never got angry or called them a jerk. "Sure Griefing can be a good joke, and all. But like any prank," Griefing and pranks are two different things. "it's still mildy jerkish behavior " Or it could be light/hard jerkish behavior. In fact it might not be jerkish behavior at all. "whether or not the person looks fondly on it in the future." Completely an opinion. The people who destroyed my bases on Minecraft were fun people.
I remember when they used to make this...I would come home from school so exited for the next episode, and when it stopped I had hoped it would someday continue. Now I've grown, and I can say f*ck you, it's not coming back.
+newyorkerman26 Let's get back to base, pardner.
Back in the day when Simon taught Lewis ;-;
 I thought that they were doing a normal survival series, until they had to fucking put actors in this shit. They kinda ruined it, honestly. I think they should make a survival series. No mods, no actors. Just normal vanilla minecraft.
+WhyUsoFATBRA Idk The whole point was that they wanted to be different from the repetitive minecraft survival series.
If notch had kept designing this game it would have been better and more simple thanks jeb
Lol I actually found yogscast because of this video...
They had there 5th episode out when I found this... I miss this
Oh my god I remember watching this as a guide to how to play minecraft.. Then along came Israphel and all of those cool characters... I'm watching this entire series this 2 weeks of my x-mas vacation :D
RIP Minecraft, 2008-2014. Thanks, Microsoft.
You honestly don't understand business. Microsoft have done nothing to the game since buying it, you can blame Mojang themself for over updating the game. Don't make assumptions based on the stuff you hear.
Minecraft was created in 2009.
Like if you're watching in 74338180347657361864873167462874160483765017573 
Sorry, i'm watching in 2015.
+TheWoodGames  not the only one (im rewatching the entire series because why not :D )
 anyone else re-watching this? lol
I'm re watching it XD only 86 eps till I'm finshed
Im rewatching this it bring back good memories from when i got super depressed i was so happy
RIP GOOD Minecraft From the beginning-1.7.3 Beta RIP Today's Minecraft 2009-2014 thanks Microsoft
There is a Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 server. IP:
does anyone remember when this channel was called BlueZephos?
As a matter of fact I dont, I only remember BlueXephos
I think yeah it was but its blury
Detective: How did he die? Officer: Nostalgia attack, very serious. Detective: Mother of god...
Detective=solider officer=spy from tf2  
Everyone saying the new mine craft is extremely crazy and complicated. You must not have much experience with games in general huh? still playing kings quest are we? The game is still incredibly simple and you can still play the way you did before but now you have more things to mess with. Before it was literally minefindthediamond now there are actually things to do
 *"I'm a true Minecraft nerd!"*  *"I know more mods than you!"* Well I've been playing Minecraft EVERY DAY since the Alpha, back when there were no mods, plugins, horses, or popular youtubers. And I will keep playing Minecraft, until the end of time!
Anybody watching this the 14 December 2014? Nearly Christmas
Why did they cancel this series? This is what got me into Minecraft.... :(
Ah, back in the good ol' days. When Lewis and Simon were entertaining. I always come back to watch this and the Tekkit series.
I've been watching them since I was 10 and now I'm nearly 15 it's been a great 5 years 😘
lol your not the only one
Like If you are watching in 2018!!!! 😄
Say hey if your watching this in 2014
I'm watching this in 2015 HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
15,813,730 views goddamn Lewis must miss those numbers
You know what I miss a lot, that a lot of people never mention? The old sound effects. The "ugh!" when you got hurt, the old cows. It just seems right to me, the new sounds are just too try hard.
The good old days! When Simon and Lewis were clueless blokes playing a simple game, and having fun. Now it's all mini-games. But I'm still watching them, they're still the same people and they never fail to keep minecraft fresh. 
Much nostalgia ♥.♥
It's kind of funny how little Minecraft has actually changed from the alpha.
I love how the rushed shitty 1.8 adventure update has still had such a negative impact to the game and hasn't barely been fixed after over 3 years. The one update that made people complain, then it got worse and worse..
This is finally coming back this year 2015 yayayayayyayayayyaayyaayayayayayaayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayayayayaayayaayyaayayay 5 years I have waited #YOGNOUGHTFOREVER
This series is proof that Simon wasn't always the noob of the duo
And so a legacy begins, with this single video, everything from here on out is destiny.
Reply if you're re-watching for nostalgic purposes.
It's sad to think they will never continue this series
Wheres the hunger bar lol
The old days of the yogcast are the best
So remember when minecraft was good? small servers no crazy plugins but survival and player interaction? this game is no longer the minecraft we used to know and love and this video brigns tears to my eyes cause this is what got me started on mc 5 years ago with my oldest brother...goodtimes....:"(
This is the 1 video that had inspired me to start playing games even though i know its not a good thing but these guys are to damn inspirational!
Don't say it's not a good thing. Video games are under rated art really. It is seen as art, but games like CoD and other games made solely for entertainment purposes somewhat take away part of its artistic value. Either way, don't view playing video games as a bad thing, if you enjoy there must be a reason for it, and no one can take that away. It can teach lessons, morality, and even give you some life lessons if you're open to it, far better than what most teens and such do 24/7 on their phones.
remember when the Yogscast made good content? *sigh
4 years ago greatness was posted... 4 years later it's still greatness... And once again 4 years later people still watch it!
Remember the days when Simon knew more about Minecraft than Lewis. Aaaahhhh those days.
BlueXephos will live forever, no matter how popular they get nor how much minecraft changes!
Does any one else go to skydoesminecraft channel when there bored to look at the 8 year olds arguing with adults? its fun i'd recommend it
Good old 2010 - 2011, those were good years.
anyone got the seed to this world I really like the scenery
yes i tried loads of times and even Yogscast said in one video that the seed is broken cause of the old version and it will not work never again :(
like if your rewatching in 2015
Like if your watching in 2015!
And so it begins (Like if watching in 2015)
this was in 2010. man...when minecrat was getting popular to becoming my #1 game of all time..
Wool isn't useful?!  I created a server one time and sheep generated all the way on the other side of the map.  I had to go on an adventure just to make a bed from wool.  I couldn't save or sleep without a bed.
Beds weren't a thing, so wool was useless. You actually couldn't craft anything out of it.
Watching FROM 2015 anyone else ??!!
Meanwhile in there current series the are building fucking quantum linking computers to link their computer on Earth with the one on their space station. LOL they have come so far
Anyone want to make a proper server? Like a server way back in beta? No plugins, no mods, just pure vanilla minecraft
(I'm an alpha) I remember when doors in Minecraft were cool.The fact that I could build a working door was amazing for me.
Minecraft alpha :'( I miss old days so much... now It changed so much..
Ahh, the yogscasts golden age (good times,good times).
Like if you're watching in 2015.
When coal wasn't cheaper then dirt
These simple beginnings, led two friends down the path of insanity. Where it all began.
Its only been 5 years and yall talking about nostalgia? wut?
Like this commend if you like old envendrure maps and the old videos
What the hell is Envendrure?
Has it really been 5 years? I remember like it was yesterday :(
OMG!!!!! I'm going to watch the series all over again 2015😁😁😁😁
4 years ago today, this awesome series came out.
When the classics were born...the good times
The start of a new age...
Like if you are watching in 2015
Man do I miss watching this years ago! 
The Yogscast - Making me laugh since 2008
There was always something about alpha, something.. Different.. It just felt right. Minecraft was better when it was just simplistic.
The old versions aren't better in any way. There's no magic "feel" of the old versions. You guys who miss the old Minecraft are just simply bored of the game. I'm sorry, but you gotta admit it. I thought I had the same ideas, but then I went and played back on the beta, and I still felt pretty bored.
+Mewderator Skydoesminecraft has been around for 4 years -_-
I remember waking up every morning waiting for them to upload this, then I was surprised that they made the uploads every 2 days. Then, every weekday. Then, once a week. Then, once every 2 weeks. Once a month. Gone.
+Adam Beckett To be honest I don't think it would be anywhere near as good if it came back now. Simon's humour has deteriorated a lot since then and he is the person who made it so funny and brilliant.
watching these videos now days i can see the HUGE change in Simon and Lewis...
+TOTALDOOF i know right?! i want these videos back
I actually realized that Simon is mostly the same. I re-watched their survival island and he still said "I'm sorry?" when Lewis accidentally said some innuendo. He still laughs and makes fun of how badly they are progressing, and he is still awful at parkour.
Brothers of the mine rejoice!
The Memories...... 
is there any servers out there that are actually like old school survival with none of that factions/pvp shit? Like pure oldschool survival?
Status update: I have found a vanilla survival server with no plugins! It's a little laggy but theyre trying to improve it
This was almost 5 years ago
Oh god the memories
I literally just started crying because of how much I miss the old game plus and the memories I had with my friends for 5 years man good ol days nostalgia man
I like that there is no hunger, but if you don't want to starve, don't get this version! just play on peaceful
Oh btw simon, If you find penguin bars that say Orange at the bottom, eat them cos they taste like Jaffa cakes
Haha I'm watching just to see how they started out. I have to say its a bit frustrating because of how slow they were haha. I don't see why people think they have changed. In order to keep interest you have to evolve a bit, just like this game itself. You need to keep people interested. I'm sure the same people upset about change, would be complaining about how its been the same thing for years if they had not changed it up a bit. (which I still don't think they have changed that much)
They have changed massively. Simon especially. Back here he was incredibly witty and funny and he was just being himself. Now he is playing an over-the-top character and isn't half as funny. Back at the beginning he was the funniest person on Youtube. You probably haven't seen the change because you didn't watch them from the beginning. Simon alone made the Yogscast famous with his humour and wit.
+Cryer24597 I've been watching for 4 years off and on now I just don't think that much has changed maybe just the game. I'm not that picky when it comes to content though so maybe that's why, it doesn't bother me. I still don't see it but hey, you've probably seen way more of their content than I have. They're still hilarious, Simon is still the funniest one besides Hat Pack or Sips (in my opinion I like their humor a lot), he still comes up with great things to say I mean in Hole Diggers he was on fire. I guess I understand but at least they are still here and still going strong and for the most part for the viewers, and support is what a lot of channels need, especially now when all you see when you scroll down is a lot of stuff that takes away from the community and happiness from viewing some of your fave channels. 
+I am slenderman I know that. I ment in the new update you could have made a bed.
Ah ok just wanted to make sure you knew.
Not sure why people say I hate the new minecraft I wish it was never updated or changed.Those of you that are saying that I'll have you know that there is a feature in the launcher that allows you to go all the way to the alpha stages of the game so stop complaining and go do that
It doesn't have the same feel as it did. I think it's more of the old community I miss not the old game.
back in 2010 i thaught all the adventures were part of the game
Where it all began, where the yogscast grew and blossomed, I loved the old days.
It began a while before this with the World of Warcraft videos.
Yea i know but I think this is where the yogscast Really got bigger
still got love for the old series. love listening to the euros faf about
"the euros"...... If you're American then Britain made your country. If you're not then Britain still invented most of the things you use in a day so show some respect.
So THAT'S who they are meant to be!
It's amazing how different they are today. I loved this series, and I thought it was around time to re-watch it.
Where it all started. Simon teaching Lewis about Minecraft 0_o
Wow. I just realized after 4 years. Honeydew had hacks.. :O
Discussion closed until further proof has been collected
I Always Wondered What The Seed Was so i can go back to this version and just play along
We are in 2015 now why am i still watching these old videos of yogscast?
And i like how simon used to teach lewis but now lewis teaches simon xD
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