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How To Lose Weight Fast

by Vanessa Watson • 6,244,143 views

how to lose weight fast before and after. outfit video! more outfits on my other channel. My beauty/fashion Channel...

Hello people... Can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for my wife? She has big problem with obesity. She has tried different trainings and methods but no one really worked in her case (last time she lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again). If anyone knows any good weight loss program, please suggest!  Thanks in advance                
Hi +Douglas Reed  I am 22 years old, and since I was little girl, I had constant troubles with overweight. I tried all diets I found but it didn’t help. I even tried extreme diet in combination with physical exercise but in the end my metabolism got worse and I ended up with health problems. I thought I will never become slim until I found a link for this site. Here is link to it: It was awesome how diet from this site helped me to lose weight. I can live new life, I lost 50 pounds and feeling incredibly! All this thanks to advices from this site.
+Myrtle Rios  thank you very much +Myrtle Rios   for this fast answer. We've just got it and must say that it looks like very good and serious weight loss program. As I can see it includes only healthy and natural methods to lose weight so I think it won't result "yo-yo" effect this time. She is starting with ti tomorrow so I hope we will see results soon :) Thanks a lot for this honest suggestion! Best wishes to you and your family Myrtle! I`ll keep you updated :)
How did you stop the temptations of sweets/chocolate? And I eat when im bored, how do I stop that?
hi this a very good program i try it and it change my life for good i lost 23 pound in 3 week you got to try this click on the link to see this it work for me i hope i can help other
Hi! Has anyone lost weight by taking the Green Coffee Bean?
i have actually! i finished the whole bottle. over a period of time of course. it honest didnt do anything for me personally. it made me nausious and i didnt lose any weight whatsoever. but everyones different!
I don't want to sound negative, but I honestly feel like she looked a more natural weight to start with.
Ummmmm You look freakin AMAZING.. Wow..
Did you cut out bread as well? Or fried foods etc.?
+N AndFam at this point in my life yes
lower calorie intake and move.... as we age the moving part gets harder, because as your salary increases the phyiscal aspect of our jobs lessons. we work in cubicals . However, we keep the apetite of a young self, result weight gain.  eat , lesson calorie intake, choose water over cokes and stay active .your body will adjust you dont need to spend a dime on any diet,excercise equipment unless you choose. enjoy life, if you put on some pounds adjust your in and out  that simple.
By cutting out alcohol you must mean beer. Beer has lots of calories and can really make you fat. With mixed drinks such as cocktails Im not sure if that's the case though.
Vodka has about 280 calories in 100 ml....
How long did it take you to lose all that weight?
hi this a very good program i try it and it change my life for good i lost 23 pound in 3 week you got to try this click on the link to see this it work for me i hope i can help other
Honestly that before picture is my ideal attractive female body. Sure it's not super slim, but It's not fat either. It's just right. You can still see muscles pertruding through the stomach so it's not that bad. 0:06 is a good body.
I think end result was best or at least 2nd last picture. The first one is natural and totally fine and quite nice.... But in my opinion it keeps getting better every pic by pic
I'm working my stomach but question I keep hearing about carbs carbs and more carbs when you buy food on the back of your product it has carbs box or can so are you saying pretty much leav that along now I want to know r there such thing as good carbs and bad carbs and if so what has the bad one and what has the good becuz when I buy stuff I always look at the cals n sodium so now carbs is no no also ? I really want to know so I can stay away from that Becuz im serious about my stomach weight and I know sugar is bad so what else is bad that's pretty on the sugar,carbs,sodium,cals level
This video has great advice, but I'm confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've noticed several people talk about unbelivable things about Fenoboci Diet Plan. 
+Nyeexy Dreamy more info on my channel thank you for watching
hi Nyeexy Dreamy this a very good program i try it and it change my life for good i lost 23 pound in 3 week you got to try this click on the link to see this it work for me i hope i can help other
How can i get your stomach and hips and legs?
how long did it take to lose weight and I'm just wondering is 51 kg a lot for a 13 year old??
Why are white girls body so perfect :( I really want your entire body. lol I'm going to do some exercises to get taller and hopefully yours will help me as well
Because they were born to
Girl, you look amazing! Do you know how many white girls wish they had an ass? Every race has beautiful and unique characteristics :) 
...Hello community, can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for woman? My wife have big problem with extra pounds, she tried a lot of diets but nothing worked for her... if anyone have proven weight loss program, please reply :) Thanks in advance!
Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them....
I think you should cook for her meals that taste great but are very healthy. It's not a diet by lifestyle change. Why don't you go on some walks with your wife too for health and strengthening relationship purposes. Both of these activities will lead to a better sex life and better marriage. Hope it helps.
Awesome. You looked so proud of yourself in the end.
OMG !!!! RESPECT :O !!!! 
I know I can't lose the weight. I'm 17 at 180 and I hate myself for looking like "a beast". I literally tried everything: pills, rationing food, to the extreme of not eating. But, this might be worth a try. I don't want to look skinny or beautiful for someone, I just want to be a healthy weight for my age and height.
+Themagicteevee 1200 calories with exercise at 180pounds is an awful idea, especially if her body has already been bullied by attempts of starvation. I'd say 1500 would be low enough, no need to even go to the gym at the beginning. I wish I had stayed with 1500, might've saved me from ED.
Impressice results Vanessa! Your weight loss results are awesome. You are a living proof that it is possible to get fit with a healthy diet and a proper workout routine
This video has good advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to use, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have noticed many people refer to unbelivable things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.
Great tips and all true.
How much weight did u lose total?
Your body looks so fucking gorgeous
This is a very difficult question. If you take a look at the aging population and demographics, we are going to have a big increase in the number of health care jobs needed in the state and in the country.  
Well this might help me, I'm trying to lose my belly and I don't want to work out.  Thanks for this video though!
Zumba is the answer. ..try itt before you know will be a different person! !!!! I've hurd and saw lots of happy people ever siens. ...give it a try before you can say i can't. hard for me. not goin to work. ....PLEASE! !!!!!just try itt. .i know you can. ....but give it your best. ..
how much is 150 ounces in liters?
Way to go now. I need this!!!
Hi! Have you ever tried - Astra Gain Lose Solution (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool slimming with it. 
+mass mks Weight Loss Secrets© Think you've tired everything? Drop up to 3 dress sizes in a week! Go Here==>
I lost about 15kg in 2 months by taking Xenical 120mg pill before each meal. The beautyfull thing is, you dont have to do any sports. You can just eat like you eat before but i even goes faster when you dont eat much fat. When your pills are finished you have to pay attention because if you keep eating like before you will gain weight again... Unless you keep taking xenical... Ok it was expensive ( about 160$ for 90 capsules) that is enough for 1 month (when you take 3 a day) But it was totally worth it. I bought them on ebay because they were cheaper. And at least were not fake. The most expensive was buying new clothes :-) Only disadvantage is... Diarrhea. Just make sure you have a clean set underwear with you because all fat from your meal will come out in the "natural way" :-)
So jealous, how can i loik like u? Well your body i mean lol
imma ask u some did u do any workouts and how did u drink water water so nasty  just give me some tips here cuz im lost and r there any workouts you would recommend and btw u look great
Try Crystal Lite is Very Low Calorie&makes Water taste Great!Pick a Flavour you Like,also Green TEA Speeds up metabolism
i would love to procreate with her
Very good and effective video.... 
excellent exercises, have great on my channel too and am always exercising me of a look.
Can you show your boobys
did u work out? pls tell me no D:
My brother found this awesome product that helped himself drop way over 33 pounds in 6 weeks. Yes its not a walk in the park but this 100% helped him legitly. Click the hash tag, learn from the video, drop that weight quickly. #GarcinaTrialBottle
My friend uncovered this awesome product that helped her lose over 40 pounds in 6 weeks. Yes its not a walk in the park but this 110% helped her amazingly. Click the link, enjoy the site, lose ugly pounds now.
Garcinia Cambogia is the best weight loss supplement. Make sure it's from Rushnutra.
nooooo not the alcohol.. but i know you're right, it's literally poison for your body v_v
what did you eat every 2 hour? 
Hello! Have you tried Awsomic Fast Diet System (just google it)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it and has lost weight already.'; 
the easiest way to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise. stay active.
I love it, your body is fantastic. I hate to say that I love my beer, But all of your pointers were great. Bottom line is, you had something great to work with, even when you were boozing. Fantastic. You look Excellent.
Have you seen Skinnimaker Super Foods? (look for it on google) It is a quick way to lose weight fast.
This is a great video. It's really inspiring. In my case, I take weight loss supplement like Garcinia Cambogia. It's really effective
Just make sure you're buying the right product. I got mine from
Thanks for the weight loss tips appreciate it Vanessa! There is a professional weight loss guide on for anyone who needs to lose weight and keep it off for good. Just stick to the program and you will progress. Love these videos.
thanks this is actually helpful
Anyone else notice she did not show her face in the first heavy pics..why not? different person thats why!!!
well scratch the tattoo thing i didn't realize only one shows. wooppps. but you can check out the clearing confusion video if you're in disbelief :) 
Wickly awesome. Congrads on the cut down. Amazing what stopping one bad habit and adding water and a diet change can do. Carpe diem.
How much do/did you train? :) a lot?
with exercise or without???'re so cute girl :3 Thx for the tips!
The HCG diet thing that you have listed above is apparently really bad. Consider this before buying the product.
....damn... just damn even before the weight loss still damn o.o you go girl
this video is a inspiration for those who are in the process of losing weight like myself so thank you
what was your weight at the end of the 5 months? 
vanesa u didnt say how much u weighed at the end of that video? could u reply to this comment please
i believe i was 126 or 127
+Vanessa Watson thanks so much im on my weight loss journey too and I was exactly how much u were at the start so I was trying to get a rough indication. u look great btw xx 
Thanks for the tips! Great vid. My top 3 are drinking green tea, interval training and clean 9. Oh and eating 6 mini meals a day instead of 3 main meals.
Thanks for telling me about that babe but I never took anything to gain strength,cardio,speed. I took anything to get fit I did it all by myself. I believe it all about how much did you really want it and h how do really want to challenge yourself!
omg you look awesomeee
Looks pretty but she is a slut
My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Skinnimaker System, but then they saw the results. Go google Skinnimaker System to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
Awesome what an inspiration you look so hot I'm defiantly drinking more water
Please, you look very sexy......but no more tats. They detract from your God given beauty. Think of what you'll look like as you age......keep your skin free of ink.
Maybe Im just black... but I like the first picture.
Lol! Idk why I laughed! But thank you still
you look amazing wtf teach me 
Thank you so much! I share more tips on my channel! 😊
Have you seen Fat Blast Factor? (look for it on google) It is a quick way to shed pounds fast.
what's the best exercise to get really skinny legs without building muscle?
I do appreciate you for your review.
That kind of waist Im dying to achieve as well as your flat tummy. Im 5ft and Im weighing 54 kilos they said that my weight is just normal as my age but.. im petite and you know being chubby is not really good when you're a petite girl. And Im seeing myself like a dwarf :( I just wanted to know how do you achieve your amaaazing waist and sexy tummy. I didn't drink alcohol as in never. I didnt even drink sodas and othher kind of drinks just..always water. My main problem is I have a waist that is 32 inches :'(. I just wanted atlest to have a 27inch waist line. Can you help me out pls?? This past few days Im exercising Zumba. And I couldnt see the difference yet. Its been a week now and nothings change. What else can you advice me to do? :(
She looks great but she oils be more modiste in the video
How do you keep reminding yourself to keep drinking water
honestly, it became a habit. But I just suggest setting a goal the 50 ounce bottles from trader joes i'd just say "I need to drink two of these" if one for you will work it should be easy :) 
But can't you gain water weight if you drink alot of water?
no. a lot of people think that water weight comes from water but our bodies actually hold on to what it doesn't have enough of. in order to release water you need to be drinking water. salt, your period, certain exercise, medication, and other things can cause water retention but not water itself. :)
Thank you for clearing that up. I'm going to try this. (:
I have gain a lot of weight but fortunately i am following a site which is helping me in reducing my weight! Here you go with that site
How long did it take you?
this took me 4-5 months. hcg takes about 26 days to lose 20lbs
this took about 4/5 months
It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when these other normal people burn fat so easily with Fat Blast Furnace (go google it).
dayum girl is banging
How long did that take?
this took about 4/5 months
4 months weight loss 5th month I started working out. :)
gurl how do you look so good at 160?! i'm 140 and look huge
Aw! I'm sure you look fine! But everyone's height & muscle mass pays a part in how they can both look & the same weight :)
ExprezSliminizer is the way to go if you want to lose weight like me, living easily, feeling happy. I have been able to lose over 10 lbs in 2 weeks and trust me it only gets better every day. Google ExprezSliminizer.
I've been trying to figure out how to lose weight without exercising, because I'm one of those people that don't stay motivated unless I'm working with a personal trainer. I've lost some inches, by eating differently, but I'm wondering when I will see the scale change. It stays between a 6 lb range.
If you seriously want to burn off fat fast, you should google Exyph Fat Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.
How much weight did you lose overall?
At this time It was 40 lbs in 4 months
did you know its harder for girls to lose and keep of weight? if you are a girl that wants to lose weight the healthy way then check this out as it worked for us! I cant put a link here so go to my channel for one named "girl weight loss". P.S. im not part of the people that sell or own these, they are just great products!
Weight loss for women has a lot to do with age, metabolic rate & child birth. It's not a quick fix for most. So cutting down on water retention products will help?
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