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How To Make Games More Fun

by JennaMarbles • 6,020,474 views

Adoptable Kermit and Marble toys: SVU drinking game Jenna Marbles drinking game...

For Jenga you can put dares on each block and whoever pulls that certain one out has too do it. Also whoever knocks it down has too leave the room while the group thinks of a dare. :)
You forgot something in the Jenna marbles drinkin game: drink twice every time u call us angel faces
train gangbang sandwich what? what? lol
Oh Jenna, how I do love the way you say Oregon (I live there)
+Randi Cunningham she actually did come to Oregon for Christmas to visit some of her family or something. Oh and I live in Cave Junction.
i am 12.... GRAPE JUICE TIME!!!!!!!!!!
I play with barking rules. Instead of betting actual money or other stuff, you bet public humiliation. Who ever loses has to go down on their hands and knees and bark like a dog for 1 minute without stopping. If they stop then they have to start over
Frodo with a dildo on Galifrey An elbow butt with a sharpie marker in a dark alley Eren Yeager with the ancient psychic tandem elephant warrior on twitter 
Did Jenna have a stuffed up nose?
I just broke my arm and I need a cast on for 4 months 😞😔
You make braids look sexy as fuck Jenna. I swear those braids are fucking amazing.
Is clue just the American equivalent of Cluedo?
Or whenever you yell "THAT DICK" in any context
Why is there always porn music in the background? ?
Lol the way people who don't live in Oregon pronounce Oregon is comical. It's like organ guys. Not "Or gone"
I feel you. My friends and I play Tackle Jenga. It pretty much just started by me tackling one of them when I lost
Homestuck drinking game. Drink (or whatever cause most of you are under age) every time someone dies. Drink every time some one swears. Drink every time you see Andrew Hussie. And a sip for each minute of a flash video. Hetalia drinking game. Drink (same thing with homestuck, you under age little cuties) every time you detect a pairing, otp, notp, brotp, 3tp, etc. Every time veneziano says "Ve~" or "Pasta!~". Every time Romano gets pissed at someone. Every time Spain and Romano appear together. Every time Swistzerland gets over protective of Liechtenstein. Every time others think England is crazy for his little friends. Every time his little friends appear. Anime drinking game. Drink every time the main character(s) has a crazy hair color. For every word in English, or that you can understand without subtitles(if you're watching sub) drink. For every main or side character that is wearing a school uniform drink. If it's a magical girl anime, drink for every transformation for each girl. Every time there is a reference you understand drink.
i came up with an awesome drinking game... you watch the colbert report and every time he makes a hand gesture you have to drink... wow thank God for commercials right? you're welcome... and whatever!
Thank god for ibuprofen to treat that RAGING headache
U weedy made my game fun
since i cant drink, i used water
The revised Clue would be a lot like mixing Cards Against Humanity with Clue
Dear jenna the magical youtubnicorn! Pretty pretty please do you have any ideas to make scrabble a drinking game?!
My friends and i like to play a game called axis & allies but it takes forever so we modified the rules to be less complicated and so the game doesn't take months of your time away, and we added alcohol
Why so many likes on this restarted girl? Is the world getting fucking dumber by the second?
Nice try at being a smart ass hater +Cipriani whoever...
Omg I have to play clue that way!!! Thanks Jenna your the best 😘
My favourite drinking game is the My Immortal drinking game. It has a lot of rules (because of the nature of My Immortal, a notoriously bad Harry Potter fanfic), but at the same time, it's ill-advised to do more than two rules apiece.
I have totally played the Jenna Marbles drinking game before this Eazysleazy bedste game evr
Hey Jenna, I have watched all of your videos straight( I'm not wierd) and I have to say hat I love what you do and your attitude especially. I don't want to sound all obssesed or anything but would you mind helping share my instagram page. Its not a normal one, its one to help get me and my best friend together again because she really misses me and I moved out to Atlanta from Louisiana. If you could help in any way, much appreciated. @HelpMeSeeGorgeous
Challenge Jenna on jungle skate free 2015 app and share link is below
You should make a gaming channel!! Love u jenna ur so funny
You figured out the original rules for clue?  I could never stick with the game that long.
How to make games more fun...... ADD ALCOHOL!!
Me and my friend play skip no all the time and I was getting kinda bored with it. This video inspired me to come up with new rules and put new stuff in it. Its literally the best game ever now. THANK YOU JENNA!!
I wanted to do some of these juice time !!!
Kermit and Marbles made me yawn -.- I had no idea it works even with dogs, or animals for that matter....
Did she just take the splint off for the next few videos?
Marbles was getting  him some.... lol
You're going to get alcohol poisoning from playing that game.
Spoons. If you don't get a spoon you DONT get to take a shot
You wolud be so hammered if you did that drinking game.
I love the sorry and clue!!! Gonna try that. :3
My cousin and I decided to invent "Drunken Monopoly"...the goal isnt so much to play MOnopoly and win...its to get hammered. Rules are as follows: Pass go=1 shot, Get money from free parking=2 shots, Go to jail =1 shot, get out of jail=pay the $50 or take 3 shots, pay taxes=2 shots, so basically anytime you have to do anything major...ur taking a shot...the unfortunate problem with this game is that we can no longer stand any kind of alcohol...but it was EXCELLENT when we did it!!! Thanks for posting your videos!!!
That Clue one is genius. My friends and I always play Apples to Apples, Game of Things, and Cards Against Humanity... I'm not sure it's possible to fuck those games up any more. XD
I miss these videos how you just say whatever you want and swear every other word you be yourself and it's just more real You're still amazing though
Yeah why did it change? Did she get a sponsor or something?
6:18 sigh Yep. It's 5-o-clock...time to start licking Jenna.
I play Brave Frontier (an RPG App game) A LOT, so I have made  The Brave Frontier Drinking Game Every time you have one unit with moderate health, and then every single enemy whales on it at once and it dies, so you can't even react, take a drink. Every time you just cannot find the right reinforcement type to fit the quest, take a drink. Every time you just cannot find a certain ingredient to make a potion you really need, take a drink (damn red drops). Every time you make absolutely no progress in one full energy bar, finish your drink. I'm 16, though, so I don't drink. But it doesn't matter. Do it with chocolate milk, soda, even water, you will be hurting soon enough.
Were do you live because I am your number 1 fan
I'm so doing that with clue
I'm going to do the jenna marbles drinking game, but I'm twelve so... I'm just going to use water. lol :D
Going to play the Jenna Marbles drinking game when my hubby gets home with alcohol. Even put on my ho face for him ;)
Play cards against humanity
I wish I had friends.
Thanks for all the interesting videos. I like your scar. The l shaped one on your nose. Don't let anyone tell you it is weird or ugly. It is part of your overall beauty I find myself drowning in...
Don't talk about mr. Mustard like that!
its kernel mustard technically 
your videos are really funny!
If you took a drink every time she swore you'd be drunk by the end of one video
When she was explaining her Jenna drinking game, I was literally drink juice at the moment...
Dat District 9 reference.
When she said that she would leave a link in the description, where is it on the YouTube app for android? Please somebody tell me. Thanks
my games are awesome fun but i dont have any friends to play them with && (2 poeple draging thier butts)
Any time Kermit or marbles yawns drink
Ahhhh, hi... had to sign your case arm swing thing, happy birthday marble$
she looks pretty in this video
Drink every time Jenna looks fucking hot
Go and drink now!!!!!!......... ;)
Shit.... Ur drinking game is mean... Lol
My friend and I like to play Yahtzee in "bilingual mode" where he speaks German and I speak Korean/ASL and add in more friends who know different languages to add to the confusion :D 
Clue, what the hell? Does she mean Cluedo?
6:23 Kermit just starts licking her hand lol
if u listen to the back round theres music.just saying I just figered tht out. also when jenna introduces marbels and Kermit DRINK
You should play beer pong
I was playing clue today
Clue is called Cluedo in my country.. there's a reason behind it I think but can't remmber
I wanna come play Sorry with you Jenna... so I can make a new rule!!!   ^_^
The CLUE one sounds awesome xD
I find the version of Clue she made AWESOME!
That district nine hand lmao
I wanted to share a game idea with you; Battle Shots! Battle ship but every time your opponent hits a ship you take a shot.
what is with small dogs and licking people...kermit was licking your hand...
I Really wouldn't want to play this games they seem fun but I'd like to go to the blacktop play basketball WOYG
Me and my sister made up this game because tag was boring so weeeeee made up string tag so fun and for you , you can put drinking if ya want
for clue I will find that burderer (she borderer instead of murderer) 
You look so pretty in this video
Dogs yawning made me yawn lol
make games more fun with jenna playing with you, i would play 10 days worth of sorry with her any day (the same with clue, monopoly, and anything else)
with jenna playing along with you (my apologies grammar nazis)
 I Wonder What You Could Do For Life??? Maybe The Same As Monopoly stuff?
You just gave me a million amazing ideas
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