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GameSpot Now Playing - Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer

by gamespot • 9,247,648 views

Shaun McInnis joins David Vonderhaar at Treyarch to learn the ins and outs of multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops. We have multiplayer gameplay for Black Ops 2!...

i was 13 when this came out i cant believe it was 5 years ago this year this came out this game was amazing and now cod is a joke i miss the good old days like mw2 black ops and cod waw and cod 4 those games were my childhood so sad that it is full of hackers now :(
+XSnowStorm13X dont have a working xbox haha 
My Childhood was super mario bros 3
My favorite COD ever.
Went through my liked videos and found this. I still remember watching it in anticipation of Black ops coming out. Man time fly's. 
This was my first Call of Duty. Needless to say, I played the hell out of it!
Same here,It was my first call of duty so I got addicted to it fast.I clocked in 24+ days not even counting Zombies which I would go to 30+ rounds.You could say I had no life xD,although now in these new COD such as AW I haven't even played it for a day.....such disappointment
The only good thing on this game was zombies! Campaign was not brilliant and multiplayer was just garbage.
cant wait for this to come out
This game is legendary. All Call of Duty games after are disgusting filth especially Ghosts and MW3. Black Ops had alot of soul and the campaign was full of intrigue and defining moments. The multiplayer maps like Jungle, Hanoi, Havana, Hotel, and Radiation were very detailed obviously weren't just made in ten minutes and the game itself was more balanced than any other Cod that followed. That badass Blackops spawn theme will ALWAYS be remembered. "Use of deadly force is authorized."
^^^^^Down to Earth guy
Also, there was a lot of SnD map balanced. There was no real advantage on maps depending on which side you spawn (nuketown, summit, havana etc). Also, the explosives were balanced and so was sniping. 
Im gonna buy this fucking game.
Don't even bother if your getting it on PS3,there are lots of hackers running with God mode and invisibility.I don't really know if that's the case with Xbox too...
2:33 NOBODY asked for this and NOBODY played it.
not to be mean or anything but if ur showing a demonstration, let someone play that can get used of the controls first 
Man I remember watching this the day it was posted in school in the 7th Grade. Man where does the time go. The Last Good CoD. Wish we could get a CoD Remaster Collection ..CoD4-W@W-MW2-BO1
idk why but this is my favorite cod
I wonder when people will relies their buying the same game. I mean they just give it a new paint job. XP
+Krasni Ubica yeah, just like every human being is the same.  we all eat, sleep, have 4 limbs, can move around, talk, and shit.
You guys have four limbs Now I feel left out
thowback! ahhh miss ya black ops ;(
R.I.P. last good call of duty game
Man I remember when i first got my 360 it was the Christmas this game came out and then i got these game with it and man do i miss it back when it first came out it was the shit
Its funny to watching this becouse mw3, bo2, cod ghosts have came out
Wait you bought those copy an paste games?!
its funny watching this because advanced warfare is out XD
Black Ops 1 > Black Ops 2
My favorito mapa is nuketown
It SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan it's Really. Awesome
it looked like if it was running at 60FPS
David's the dick who removed quickscoping (well tried) from the game. No offence to his work but that was a horrible idea.
davids the dick for not putting yoshi in the game LOOK AT ME IN OTHER GAMES I AM LITERALLY A BALL OF STRING IN THE GAMES
+YOSHI SAUR I know right, why wouldn't you put yoshi in the game.
can't wait for this game to come out!
Vahnda-whatever is a douche to John I feel sorry for poor John :(
Why the hell would anyone play FPSs on a fucking console?!?!?
Not everyone has a game pc or a good one 
if you want to play black ops 1 on ps3 message psn:sophia and say from yt
like my first video plz 
Hey dude, can I upload this video to my channel, I'm trying to spread other peoples trolling channels to have them get more subscribers by posting their videos onto my channel just let me know if u want to :)
How were you playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare four years ago?!?!?!!?
Tu ne sais pas jouer sale plo
Sold my xbox 360 to get an xbox one, regret that so much, just want to go back and play all the classic cods again, especially black ops! #nostalgia
+James Monk i know, i was trying to make fun of his comment.
it is so funny when gamers are pissed off about new games
Sometimes I shit into my hands and force it down my throat.
Hey guys, I just bought Black Ops 2 yesterday and I'm quickly realizing that this game is much team oriented, which is definitely a step in the right direction. However, I don't have any friends who still play this game and I don't know how long I can handle teaming with complete idiots. Does anybody want to team up sometime? My PSN is iXsp3ct. I'm 18 years old. I have a mic. And just so you know I'm at least decent, I've maxed prestige on Treyarch's two previous CODs, W@W and Black Ops (K/D: 2.32, W/L: 3.00). My favorite game modes: Kill Confirmed, TDM, Domination, and S&D(!!!!) (but we can play whatever). Anybody interested in teamwork, especially, should message me. :) 
Yea I am....ui-108 add me PSN
hacker are massing the fucking game.i mean they are invisible an shit they use player an hack player motion sen an all . they see where the player is:(
This was my first Call of Duty. Needless to say, I played the hell out of it!
same anyone who is good at zombies and at least got past round 21
Did anyone else laugh their ass off when the guy got smushed by the care package at the beginning?
Больно смотреть игру на джойстиках
I remember drooling over this video before the game came out
Hey walter whites twin hwo was on Cristal meth when he made bo2 lol
The one aspect they fail to mention is how hackable this game and (others) really are. 
4 years later, its still shit
They need to make an exact remake of the way this game wasted because black ops 2 MW3 And ghosts are just s***
Is that a player from kindergarten? He dies a 1000 times during the video...
Ikr I'm better than him I was just thinking what he should of done in the situations
Hey u suck u always die in nuke town wow! Even know how to beat the game and be in the cam n the game u don't know what to do n the game wow your an idiot and don't ever wat m videos do u understand me. Dont ever watch my videos like ever I don't even like u and when I grow up iwont even see u because your already dead because u made a lo if videos and maybe I won't ever watch your videos anymore and I don't care if I don't stop typing I'm not even tired at the game today
1:05 I lost it when he said "it's actually a pretty tough assignment" and then when he said "moving forward" xD WHAT?!?!
9 miljoen views wow men
This was my favorite game. Still is, I just wish everyone could go back and play like the old days. ):
Hi my Name is anna, im doing videos now and Maybe you want to take a look on them :) I would be really Happy:) or follow me here Ty xoxo
i wish more people played this now i still love it!
I wish a lot of the current community could go back to the older games i remember playing Ops for hours and hours out of one day
Ps3 name horridhorror16
Please, if youre listening, do not make any more futuristic stuff. Bo2 and advanced is of tea. I wont pay money for that stuff, I love and ops sooo so much. I have very fond memories ops. I often search videos just to watch the please no more.future bs.
Its funny to watching this becouse mw3, bo2, cod ghosts have came out
da guy who was actually playin sucks anybody can do better than him!
I miss the good old days when my friends and I played this game, and I personally think it's one of the best cod game ever created, ahhh all The memories.
I can't wait till this comes out.
Man this guy sucks balls
Still better than Ghosts, And will be better than Advanced Warfare...
Why do you have to put the game rating 18
Gamespot was playing. 
yes but how do i play online cos when i join online servers on the mac (which i am on now) it has no servers what do i DO!?
Hahahahaha the guy is flattened
theres so much hackin in COD its kinda hard finding the urge to play this game. but i somehow some way keep playin this shitty ass game like every single day.
That's only in mw2 and mw3 a little but BO barley has any hackers
What happened When you shoot The heads off
hi, I want to get drunk but last night I vomit in my shower, i dont know right now I feel bad, no fruits no vegetables, just alcohol and junk food with only 2 ingredients.
I still play this game. it's better than MW1, 2, 3, BO2, and CODG.
Add me,we play call of duty bo1
"More deadly but less accurate or less accurate but more deadly." Good job, David. :P
Shits been copied and paste since day one. Ghosts doesn't even look any newer than this
+Filip Torphage its the same garbage every time. Its people like you that make developers happy. They make garbage like cod and laugh when the dollars start pouring in because fools like you actually think theres a difference
The best cod ever I thought Ghosts will be the best but its kinda boring
a 4 year old video but with people like you  still making comments every few hours
woow iam geting it on pc 
My fav cod game. I wish people still played it
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