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How to Bunny Hop on a BMX Bike

by eHow • 1,904,239 views

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Sorry to say, but this definitely isnt a bunny hop, people get a bunny hop and a J - Hop confused. A J - Hop ( Which he was doing ) Is when you hop over debris in two motions, the front going up first followed by the back tire! This is used for hopping over larger, and longer objects. A bunny hop is a one motion jump, nearly the same procedure but you pull the tire up and push out with an elevated force. This trick is used for like hopping to the left onto a sidewalk, looking fancy when you hop over a gutter, mind you that it took me 1 hour to learn how to bunny hop and a couple weeks to get my J - Hop decent. After you learn those tricks you can advance to, 180's Three Taps, Barspin Hops. Hope this helped you guys! 
HA took me 5 minutes to learn this but an Ollie took me 2 months fuck skateboarding I'm going to be a bmx rider
It's definitely not easier
If you are doing BMXing over skateboarding because BMXing is easier to start with, you're doing it for the wrong reasons and are probably never going to get good at BMX because you're going to quit the moment it becomes challenging and time consuming (as you did with skateboarding). Do the one you like most and just stick with it no matter how hard it is, because it's only going to get harder as you get better and challenge yourself and that's the truth of it.
His bars are so short! Holy shit.
I live right next to that skate park.
I can't do it I am going to kill myself
ayeee my son got hops! :DD
Something's really full of shit about all this.  I think he's faking that bunny hop, and all his instructions are a scam. 
I've been skating for years and can already do stuff better on a bmx yet I've been riding for a few months hahah starting to go off skating now :(
I'm a hardcore BMX rider and when I learned hops the easiest way to do it was by pulling the front end up like in the video but instead of worrying about scooping with your feet its best to push the bars straight forward then the back end will follow and try to take as much body weight of the back of the bike as possible. And he mentions the J-hop motion, none of the real BMX riders refer to hops as bunnyhops or Jhops so dont do that, it just sounds stupid. But have fun and dont give up :)
What kind of bike is that?
+Simon Pilon youre a pro hater my dude.
+user-999 im not a hater i like every video of people dat im sub to but seriously this guy bike is shit
hes not doing a bunny hop, hes doing a J-Hop
My feet keep falling off the pedals what do I do
try and bring your feet closer to the cranks then lift your legs up with the bike
What u said about u never forgetting how to bunny hop as soon as u learn it, that happened to me I used to b able to bunny hop but now I try so hard to learn it again and I suck
Also a tip for everyone u don't have to lift the back tire I just jump lift my bike with me shit works gets me pretty high
I skate and I'm thinking about bmxing but I swear to god the ollie is so much harder ... My dad is big into bikes so I literly just asked and he said OK sometime during the summer ... Think I'm gonna get a giant bmx
I have watched a lot of videos learning how to bunny hop but this one actually worked
When i do it my front tire hits the ground before my back please help me
My problem is trying to get the back tire up makes no sense
Maybe because i made that user name 3 years ago dingfuck I didnt come here to argue about my username
Hey guys, I watched a video and it helped a lot getting the back tire up. I know the video isn't best but they way they taught it helped me learn bunnyhops a lot.  BMX How To Lift Your Back Wheel    click the blue text.
how do you bring up your front wheel higher?
how high do you need to lift the front tire?
no what i'm doing that now
I tried this and messed up and crushed my lungs and couldn't breathe then puked blood
Hey dude, i im going to buy a bike, what do you recommend me? 
The first steps I'd be scared to fall over by the way what bike is that
if i jump from a stair i am hurting mij hands what am i doing wrong
Lol bunny hop is like a Ollie, skating4life
Thanks.  I'll practice!
"Once you get it you'll remember it forever" Pssshh I wish I remember hopping back in high school like it was nothing Now I'm 24 and after some years of not riding I feel mentally handicapped because I can't get this down again
Thank you. Very much man
why do people come back and make stupid comments after fails? just go back and try it again and again and again...until u get it. like some wizard is going to spell u to be able to do this...
please help, i did this and smashed my face in. How do i fix it?
if u use stunt pegs and already bunny hop high if u take them off would u be able to bunny hop higher ?????
yes, of course you will hop higher when you remove the pegs, less weight=less effort used, if you're using less effort to get the same height, you will be able to use more effort to do more
Thanks! So you think it could even be 21"? Sorry i'm just trying to buy a decent BMX bike x(
okk because i try everything, (bunnyhoping) when i dirt jump or go to a park, and i can never get my bike up that high even with the help of a jump or ramp, let alone on bare ground
gloves are to protec your palms from blisters if ur hands are more sensible and cant get a good grip... you fucking idiot,
It took me so long to learn how to bunny hop I just learned it 2 days ago actually what I did is leaned forward a bit of my bars a bit and pulled up and also a good way to learn is if you know any dirts jumps in your area jump then and if both tires come up use the motion of that on the ground and maybe you will learn
I'm 13 and can almost 540 flat, grow some muscles everybody
my pubes caught on fire is it bad if my first though was to dip it in grape jelly? my grandma just had a pb and j........
First you will need a bike ... NO SHIT.
is it harder to do bunny hop on BMX or normal bike ?
get a new bike dude that one is ugly =D
its been 2 years and i still can't do a bunny hop but i will not give up Q n Q
in every bunny hop tut all you retards keep saying its a j hop i dont freaking care just stfu
Well the whole "you need to not have breaks" originated from dirt jumps I belive because you needed to take them off to do some of the tricks where you spin your bar all the way around or do a tailwhip. Then street and park riders picked it up as well.
@TheReelMinecraft Lol you got big talk for an idiot, he's got a gyro break on he can spin it all the way around with the brake on but nice try douchbag.
ill be laughing when u end up in hospital then when im wearing my helmet and u see me whos laughing then
What kind of bike for someone trying to start?
ok so i followed the steps but still cant do it.............. i can lift my front tire but still cant do it
thumbs up if this was the most helpful vid you seen
How long did it take you to learn it
Most likely not, it was an exaggeration but there's always a possibility.
plus my bike weighs about 26-27 lbs and it was always hard for me to get it off the ground so would you reccommend getting a chromoly bike
just do a regular bunnyhop then slowly as your doing that pick up the front tire a little more each time and it should turn to a j hop. hope that helped you a little bit at least
man lefting ur rear end is hard if u weigh like me
i cant get my back wheel up whats my problem ?
You're not gonna die from falling off a bike without a helmet and gloves...
first ur gonna wanna bmx bike lol
Can someone please help..I can't really get me back tire off the ground..I have stock platform it because of those or what?
To the people who cant do it dont give up
I am trying to learn bunny hop these days but i face a problem . When im going to pull my lift in front to make the second step i cant keep my foot on pedals and bike is always on the ground .. How many hours of training do you need to learn this trick and how can i deal with this problem ?
It is really worthfull.. Yeah got it..
So that's where I was going wrong, I needed a BMX bike :P
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