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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.34 - OUT OF MY HOUSE

by UberHaxorNova • 287,373 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

There should be a mod "Mo' Preachers" :)
I miss this series :(
This is an episode where a legend is born
Its doctor pepper!!!!!
T-dog is being free ... Feel so happy for that lil bastard
I'm gonna say that to my girlfriend GET IN THE BED...WOOOH!
Does anybody know where episode 35 is, I'm not watching this on computer,when I watch ep 34 it skips to ep 36...why?
dude you and chalice are pretty fucking stupid. why would you sub to someone with 0 vids?!
Hey nova....u missed some glowstone :)
@Kennu Kytt It looks the same but I think that's just how people make gloves on a skin. You can see a little bit of blue at the corner of his hand/fist.
im hoping to see nova walk into his house and there will be like 4 cake guys
@Chalice Bartley This is the Internet, shit stain. Your opinion doesn't matter. You need to let it through your thick skull that no one cares about what you thinki.
"Tell me my stuff burned up. I had a lot of wood on me" Said while carrying a full set of diamond tools
He should have gone into creative off screen and fix that monument
And so the journey of Nova & Dr. Pepper began. Little did they know that they would find themselves facing the wrath of nature.
general shells diary entry: today we sent agent pepper now all we have to do is send in our torm and creepers and our plan will b underway
I don't want to be mean but could just explore the mountains now
what mod does he use to throw the fire particles?????
Neither did you. Leave me the fuck alone and move on. I only said my opinion and now YOU'RE raging about it. Seriously, people, get a life.
TIP: nova remember this 24 diamonds is enuff to make a full set of diamond armor AND 12 diamonds are enuff to also make a full set of diamond tools just letting you know if you didnt oready know ok :)
Nova ....... You missed some glowstone :)
The Birth of Dr. Pepper. I've been waiting forever for this episode and the nature attacks nova one too
I miss the robbers constantly harassing nova.
did you turn the thief's off?!?!
Ok. whatever you believe. >.> You're the one who started this one.
just one thing too say....too many fuckin' mods nova! ;)
wtf? how did that start this long ass conversation?!
Nah. Its because you're a bitch and you just keep on going on picking fights with everybody. Just stop.
i liked it aswell, the only thing that made me rate 4 and a half stars is all the caps :3
Is Nova using Honeydew's skin??
He knows how to make explosive arrows... Plus you can't even make explosive arrows without some sort of mod...
or should that be.... TURTLE your mom? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *tears* BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH good lord I need friends...
11:12 you know your dead in real.
Dr. Peppers Diary: Master forgot me today... Right after claiming me, Wooo...... This is the start of a wonderful life for sure.... Can't wait till he finds me, imma go show him my awesomeness, TORNADO TIME!!! :D
We all come together on this day to celebrate the birth of a brave, young warrior. His name shall be forever known as.... Dr.Pepper!!!!!
I clicked and oh boy it was an adventure... uhh not like that 0_0... but anyways it took like 1 min. clicking all the comments, 2 mins reading and like a minute typing to you! XD... Just wanted to say that :|
Why the hell do you think that old people could be watching this video unless they're pedophiles? And you can easily tell apart younger people from older people on the internet. Kids type in all lowercase, mostly. Not that there's nothing wrong with that. And I haven't seen one comment of yours so far adressed to me without you saying that people are yelling at you because you stated an opinion. Seriously?
So this Is how Dr Pepper was born. haha
Good me neither. if im gonna be totally honest i pretty much agree with you. Manz people get offended these days... anywho you dont really need diamond except for swords and picks. personally during adventure/survival i just use iron armor. fuck these, guys lol. i completely see both points i just agree with you. duh diamond is best but the diamonds are better spent towards swords and picks.
Did you know that if you change a block of diamonds to diamonds and change it back it gives you moar !!!
its only gonna get worse for me? not sure if you mean he's gonna argue back or what but that comment was a month ago no point in replying now...
And you're making it longer. It's not my fault all of these retarded assholes decide to get angry over one opinion. Seriously, leave me alone people. I get it. "You suck at minecraft! You're a bitch! Gtfo Youtube!" My fucking god people. You all need anger management, especially PatsRule. -.-
i clicked on so many "show comment"s, only to find that the original comment was removed -_- what was it?
I came for nova... I stayed for T-Dawg diaries
what texturepack does nova use? :D
I deleted it because people kept getting pissed over it. XD You can see it on my channel.
@Chalice Bartley Your logic is equivalent To that of a dirty shoe, wrapping in wet toilet paper.... Stop swearing, douche.
Show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment, show comment. THIS COMMENT DOES NOT EXIST. Fuuuuuuuu....
And a legendary turtle was born...
haha. I don't see you doing anything. So, stfu. You're only starting something.
did anyone notice wat the minimap looked like
and thus the birth of docter pepper
I just came back from the adventure EMPTY HANDED because the first comment was removed! FUUUUUUUU-
Who said I was raging? Raging would be like OMFG U SUK DSUKKJGYHKNH!!!!1 Just be nice to people. Otherwise people look upon you as a fat 11 yr old sitting in front of a screen laughing his ass off because of the fucking mess he made. Oh, I almost forgot- Congratulations! That was one of your first comments on this video without a retarted XD in it.
My adventure has ended prematurely! The earliest comment got deleted. ;_;
Everyone below me, quit'cha bitching and just watch the damn video.
Dr. Pepper. The adventurer is born!
Funny, i'm young and you're setting a bad example to them too. Who said they were kids anyways? They could be teens or adults or even old people. You're standing up for dumbass people who yelled at me for my opinion? What a dumbass. I'm done arguing with you. You're just too retarded to get it. -.-
Ok let me say one thing. Classified, Ultimate's diary entry for T-Dog was better than your entry because his/her's had that special touch of the emotion that you lack. Plus his/her entry brings Dr.Pepper in to the world and makes him/her feel a little realer than you. ~Tori :)
something about diamond armor sucking or some dumb shit by the sound of it
lol he should do another one of those "yup" rage vids for the glowstone
Everybody knows that. The diamond blocks are just for decoration or diamond storage.
Power your hot dog with redstone for a fire attack? What?
He never acctually trap T-dog again....Did he?
Its funny how you don't remember who I am. Maybe you argue with too much people. Your comment you wrote was sooo bad, Nova had to get rid of it. Nice one.
Yeh Diamond armor is pretty counter-productive actually, unless you plan on dropping into lava, you're better off making iron armor and using diamond tools, (Except Shovels of course), since Diamond is rare and using it on Armor will cause it to break from careless use eventually. Not sure you can survive a creeper explosion with it, probably can, but why would you want to use it for that?
that would make sense, but think, in previous episodes where he didnt have the teleporter, he still had monsters spawning in the house
I think after a month of "comment wars" I can triumphantly say... SUCCESSFUL TROLL WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!
In this episode, a legend is born. A sugary, carbonated legend. A shelled one. Dr. Pepper.
This lead me to one of those "Comment does not exist" things. NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW THE BEGINNING!!! DX
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