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Selena mouthing along to Justin's "Be Alright" performance- Apollo Theater 6/18/12

by procrastination1O1 • 756,475 views

I noticed Selena backstage at Justin's Apollo performance and during his performance of "Be Alright" she was singing/mouthing along. This is especially cute because Justin supposedly wrote "Be...

"LOVE YOU SEL" Awww. Did he really said that?! Then Sel smiled. 
actually i miss jelena :( <|3 
for all u people saying that be alright is about avalanna do u guys even listen to the words of the song cuz if u do its obvi not about her god rest her soul besides he already said it was about selena he wrote when he was overseas on tour and he was missing her he already admitted to it look it up
It was for avallana
oh my... who cares let her sing along!
why the fuck do these comments get so many likes?it's bullshit
it wasent written for her it was written for avalana ? x x
ooo so cute...i love them so much...
i can't really remember but it might have been something like how this song was meant for selena instead of beliebers
Aw this actually made me cry, they were so good together what they had was real love.
нифига там селена а они разв не растались *
no its about selena justin said it himself be alright and fall are about selena he said himself
i have to admit that this is so darn cute <3
I LOVE SELENA AND I DON'T GET WHY PEOPLE KEEP HATING ON HER! I love JUSTIN SO MUCH! and now they are broken up and in crying because they were the cutest couple I've ever seen. Love you both
omg THEY'RE SO PERFECT I'M GONNA CRY! Selena was singing and in the beginig she also smiles! omg omg omg omg!
she smiled at those people!!!!!!!!!(: (;
haha what proof is there of that? i want that to be true so badly.
awww he opened his eyes and smiled when she started singing did anyone notice how much happier he got after looking at her:)
♥♥♥♥ selena + justin iqual ahh = jelena ♥♥♥♥♥
2:19 and 2:20 Justin looked over at Selena to see if she was wathcing.She must have heard the change in his voice as he slightly looked over.So she quickly looked at him but he knew she wasnt paying attention.
justin is right in front of you, record him jesus chrisssst. i would of been dying lol (:
Aww i love jelena❤ Real beliebers dont hate his girlfriends. Real beliebers are there for him no matter what girlfriends he has. And i support him no matter what i says or does. I'm a real belieber❤ love u justin and selena
Awwww selena so sweet jelena and belieber forever
Omg my jelena feelings are back stop :'( i miss Jelena so much. Omgg, i love you Selena &.. Justin !!!
awww i love this song and nice sexy ass justin and aww selena look very pretty backstage and it cute i love every sec of it <3
kidrauhl i love you so much <3 and if selena makes you happy , true belieber should have any problem! we just want you to smile <3 jelenaaa <3
But on a serious note, why would you zoom in on Selena when Justin is in front of you? idgi
this is so cute <3 i love you justin! so muchhhhhh <3 i ll never leave you kay ? :* WITH YOU forever <3
so cute i will never ever get over this or jelena. one of the best videos out there. thank you for taking this and sharing it
not can with this. i feel that are getting married. And i died if passes that. I not want this. Justin i love you.
Awe so cute together I love them bith so much
why all the film just selena?!?! It's Justin Bieber!!!! and This The show Justin Bieber No Selena But I Love Selena but I don't why!! :P
eh what ??? he says "some something guitar" lol nothing with i love u ?
because they are the people she is around all the time and gets to be close friends with. Also, they understand each other better because they are both dealing with similar pressures.
aww she even claps at the end :') shes adorable you gotta love her
I was in the music section of youtube and he popped up. I was hoping he would be good... :(
This is so adorable. This was made for her and yes he does say it himself. Poor avalanna died this year and this album was made in 2012
omgooodnessss i never getting over thisss nevaaaah
That cute Selena was singing the song! strange to see them together♥!
Fuck Selena Gomez Thats My Man God Dammit -__-
Oh my god I'm crying this is so cute <3
Are they still together? If they are I am going to be the happiest person ever! I love them together! <3
aww i love how he says be alright and looks at her and she smiles SOOO CUTE
This song IS NOT about Selena. Its about his fans ( Beliebers ) who cut themselves, self-medicate, etc. He has even said it in numerous interviews.
nigga u go to a justin bieber concert but the camera is more often on selena than on justin himself oh
I want them to get back together.
she was smaile I really miss them <3
maldita selena gomez vivora ke es ella la odio mil veses
Eu queria ser ela nesse sentindo,de tê-lo ao seu lado,ele é tudo que uma garota quer ter como namorado,bonito,cantor,apaixonado por ela e agente sente isso no na voz ao cantar essa música ''BE ALRIGHT''.Ela é muito sortudo e se eu fosse ela valorisada mais oq valorisa porque só valorizamos quando perdemos... Parabéns Selena!
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