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Frankie Boyle's 10 darkest jokes

by HelpLadyLiberty • 2,796,578 views

Number 8 "I've been studying Israeli Army Martial Arts. I now know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back." If I had to do it over agen this would be number 2. I found some more very dark...

So wrong,..... But so funny. My wife hates him, I think he's brilliant. Funny thing is, he's the most liberal and lovely guy away from the mic.
I find that quite unusual and yet really common. The most offensive people tend to also be the kindest/nicest in most cases. I think it has something to do with the fact that they let out their anger and hatred in the form of a joke instead of bottling it up, but I'm not certain on that.
If anybody hates him, it just means he's doing something right.
Damn right, fucking her's my Privalige. ;) Besides, she has higher standards than you mate. Judging by that attitude, that seems to be the Norm for you. ;)
+Lockdown the Bounty Hunter If you're talking about my comment being childish "thank you". Epic trolling on tap. It's not something I do often so thank you for the complement, Dick dribble.
Frankie, the King of Fuck You Pal!
I'm extremely surprised that you didn't use the one with the Queen and the haunted vagina.
I think it was the last episode of season 6, but I might be wrong.
I laughed at that for an hour
And not s single pedo joke in there? I'm shocked.
+tSp289 I would like to imagine that this was what frankie said after watching this :D
I love the one about the brilliant clown from his childhood, you know that one who could make a sausage disappear inside your body and perform disappearing acts on young girls?
I'm not sure about Frankie Boyle. Sometimes he's hilarious but I think I prefer like Jimmy Carr in the sense that a lot his jokes hint rather than smack you in the face. That joke about Diana, gangbang in a minefield? It's not very clever, it's like taking a brazen word and throwing it into a sentence.
It's funny because Frankie Boyle used to write stuff for Jimmy Carr.
They both write jokes together, they're mates.
How is number 9 offensive? I get it but how?
of course its offensive, millions of people die in wars because they lose limbs, thats why...
+Dan Bowman So this is like Jimmy Carr's joke on Afghanistan and Iraq
Nah this can be beat in 4 words - Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital 
Saw that live! Fucking brilliant!!
i cannot find that joke by frankie where he mentions feeding pigeons gives him an erection
He's done a lot more bad jokes than that lol
Can someone explain the Richard Hammond joke to me? I'm not British:/
He's a presenter of Top Gun, and had a car accident, where in he had to swerve to lessen to damage. Much to no effect.
Really? These are all from a game show. He says much darker ones during his standup
I don't get that last one.
Diana was famous because she tried to prove a point by walking through a minefield as a "stop war" charity thing. So by staging a gangbang in a minefield it is taking the piss out of what she did. 
Remember brave heart everyone thought Mel Gibson will never be able to do a Scotsman! Look at him now an alcoholic racist!
Haha good ol' censorship of number 8. These guys are so touchy when it comes to take critics.
#2 should have been Number 1 Darkest Frankie Boyle Joke
oh yeah and Pauline, whats him being scottish got to do with it, JIMMY SAVILLE , is english, so explain your reasoning , you stupid English Bitch, and as for calling me a cunt, thats one word i dont usually use , but will make exception for you, piss of you fat ugly CUNT.
What happened to number 8?
Why is 8 missing??
Um... am I the only one who feels a little ripped off? There was no number 8. That bothers me more than it should.
dara´s reaction to the richard hammond joke is almost as good as the joke itself. is amazing :DDDD haven´t laughed this hard since watching goerge carlin
When you look like Frankie Boyle, the best form of defence is attack.
"discription"... fucking, WOW!
I love dark humour but he isn't funny. Just trying to be the most extreme with everything he says doesn't make him amusing.
No way near as dark as anticipated 
He's told worse but they can't be on live TV.
They are the jokes that made it on TV. He's said a lot worse believe me.
These are only on Mock The Week, you should hear the ones he says on his shows XD
Number 2 was hilarious for me XD I'm such a bad person...
So No8 got deleted ,, Hmmmmmmm !!
This man! Is the one reason I will be sad if Scotland leaves the Union. I will no longer be able to call him British haha. Still a legend regardless. 
Mock the Week. He's no longer on the show as a permanent panelist, but he can be seen in that role throughout seasons 1-7.
Is it a bird. Is it a plane. Whatever it is its heading towards the worldwide center XD
i dont understand the last one
Why the fuck does this have so many views? Oh wait its the name of the video, not because these are his most offensive and darkest jokes
I really need to see Frankie Boyle live!
Wtf? Those are 10 of his tamest jokes!
Sorry, I don't understand the third one, can somone enlighten me? Preferably like a priest would to an orphan
Actually, they fucked me! line ever
Can someone explain the Richard Hammond jokes?
But he's basically fine now.
I don't understand the 3rd one
Heath Ledger, the actor who played the Joker in The Dark Knight, died. As a result, the Joker won't be coming back
Check out 'Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital' if you want to hear a dark Frankie Boyle joke...
they're actually banging away at my cock... M I C H A E L  J A C K S O N' S C H I L D R E N'S H O S P I T A L
I'm gonna do operations on them, put little cocks and little clitoris' into the palms of their hands, so when I'm holding hands with them, i'm actually abusing the little mother fuckers.
None of these are offensive just funny as fuck xD
Looks like No. 8 has been edited out. Why is it only in the description?
if thats dark humor, holy shit my humor is dark as a coal
Sea Tiger Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I don't number 1 or the joker one.
The Queen joke should have been here. It got the BBC in hot water.
Frankie Boyles 10 darkest jokes- all of them.
He's had a lot worse jokes, you obviously just got the ones he does on Mock the Week and they are more satirical than dark. 
who's the person who will have a hard time remembering his own wedding day according yo Frankie at 2:18?
Richard Hammond. A host of Top Gear that got into a really bad wreck while shooting an episode for the show and suffered brain damage
That's who he was talking about in the first joke as well.
I am a big Heath Ledger and batman fan . Even i fohnd that joke and the rest funny hahaha . Frankie Boyle nakes ne proud to be Scottish. :)
The Palestinian one wasn't as shocking, and number 2 was alright. Maybe dropping the HIV gift card one for it? Or putting in the bit where Boyle is talking about being a vet and having sex with the animals. The reactions from Mitchell in that were priceless.
LOL. And if you've seen Dark Knight Rises, the film goes out of its way to prove Frankie right.
It will have been filmed before he died..
He died during its..making....a stray battarang
I don't understand the Joker joke. Somebody please explain it to me.
+☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ No-one said these were offensive jokes. Just dark.  
You suck snickers. Get some nuts
This video makes his jokes out to be really shocking and dark with the dark background and ambience.. but there actually hilarious X'D
I love how Dara corpses.
"Something, something, shocking and dramatically inappropriate." Mr Boyle is essentially the kid who digs out the sanitary towels from the girls locker room to show to his mates in a desperate attempt not to be hated. I dont even pity him i just want to wash the six day old milk smell out of his clothes and beard and send him on his way.
+TheAmericanWerewolfInLosSantos  Actually you shit sniffing northern oik, you stupid 'eeech ya English cant', cunt it looks like you who's about to be 'fucked off, hahahahahaha, you fucking low life shit stabbing faggot.
Simon that aint no wee Scottish babbon
Who is RIchard Hammond?
+Dan Bowman I thought it was 300 MPH when he had the car crash.
Fuck Me. what a universe the internet is
he was banned from this show because idiots complained they were offended as they couldn't take a joke
Well thats reality for you
1:27 Poor Hugh looks like he's thinking "there's nothing i can say that'll match that"
"actually, they fucked me" Gets me everytime.
They skipped no.8 So 9 not 10..Dumbass
i dont get the Diana joke, anyone wanna explain it to me?
Princess diana loved attention,was reputed to have had many men and she went into minefields as charity work
Princess diana loved attention,was reputed to have had many men and she went into minefields as charity work
"The missing teenager Shannon Matthews has been found and brought home. Just goes to show - the ugly ones always turn up alive."
I can't laugh at his jokes if I can't understand a word of his monkey accent.
It's ok to the guy with the original comment. You American faggots don't have a thing called a sense of humour so it would go right over your head anyways.
The only humor Americans have the capacity to understand is people falling over things and being fucking idiots.
If these are his darkest jokes then the person obviously hasn't seen him live. He always makes me laugh. What gets me though are people who go to see him and then complain that they found him offensive. Why buy the ticket when he is known for this sort of thing?
these arent anywhere near his darkest jokes, watch tramadol nights or his live shows and there is much darker stuff. no way would the BBC show his best material for fear of middle england Daily Mail  readers
What's with the Richard Hammond jokes?
These are far from him darkest jokes.
im not a native speaker so didnt understand a single joke becouse of his accent... :(
Go to Glasgow then!
There is no number 8 or 5. I see number 8 in the description, but that doesn't count.
There is a number comes between 6 and 4...
Can someone explain #1? 
+FraggingBard lmao he couldn't accept the shock and made a very insulting joke about it :D. I wonder if this or the Jimmy Car joke for Diana is more offensive?
+FraggingBard No she had more affairs, hence the gangbang joke.
wat was the joke about Diana in a minefield as I heard a reference on topgear to it b4 but don't get it?
don't get the bit about Richard hammonds wedding day??
Richard Hammond got in a near fatal car crash, which caused him to suffer a bit of memory loss. He forgot he was married and forgot he had a wedding.
I can listen to this guy's accent all day.
WHERE IS NUMBER EIGHT. why is it removed???
I don't get the joker one wat is it about?
The fact my jokes are worse is my reason for not liking him...
This guy is a god xD
Stil to this day I giggle
Have You undestand this guy?? What is that language he's using??
+Brock Brez English in British accents if you want to get technical
Are you a fucking retard?
Can someone explain to me what number 2 means?
+Acclay22 He did, he also forgot that he had a wife
The joker died in real life
nick laker Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Fuck it I.m wasted
What about the one with The Queen and the haunted pussy?
And a bit from his live about pregnancy of an old woman.
Ye and also the one from his live show about micheal jackson hospital, funny but messed up that joke
Can someone explain the gang bang in a minefield?
Well, Diana was know for her charity for mine removal. She was also known for liking men...
How the fuck is 9 dark? You're retarded.
Why was number 8 taken off? Did you get called/cautioned out on by Youtube..!?
Where's the queens pussy joke? That was up in his top 5
There's only 9?
don't get the Diana joke at the end. Did she enjoy a gang bang or sumit?
i dont understand the joke about the joker not being back
Because it was right after Heath Ledger died 
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