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Geoff gets ridiculously lucky in Assassin's Creed: Revelations

by Rooster Teeth • 590,332 views

Geoff pulls off a ridiculous chain of events while filming Things To Do In: Assassin's Creed Revelations - Bale of Hate.

Revelations multiplayer was my favorite. If only Ubisoft could implement the newest game's features back onto the maps, music, and characters of Revelations. sigh
So, that comment thread down there. Nuh-uh.
I have to admit, although you seem like a complete asshole, I laughed pretty hard at your comment man :L
If you were their biggest fan you would spell Rooster Teeth right.
Youtube comments: Related to video: 3% Correcting spelling mistakes: 97%
I don't play AC so i don't know what the fuck is going on or why this is lucky.
He was proving his point shit brains. Stop being stupid.
says the person who misspells.......wait a minute....
The closest thing that is like this would be hiding in piles of grass like on convoy and drive-in. I don't use this tactic to camp, i just like to check in case someone's there or to hide if enemies are running past.
ill just stay on roof lol, a guy sup STAB
says the person who misspells person
We're not so sure yet. We need a few more weeks of study on Test Subject "'Asshole'"
Translation: your a bitch is it because you are a dick eating bitch
do a lets play part 4 but this time but geoff always uses bale of hate
Goddamn. You are one disgusting individual, aren't you?
There will be time enough for that judgement if and when you land someone half as attractive... jackass.
This is because when you have a pursuer that has 2 people on you the entire lobby will just gravitate towards you since each pursuer has a pursuer and one is bound to be your target. People will use a strategy similar to this but with different abilities and kill streaks and score 16-17k games.
No because C.O.D is for faggots that cant Even realize its a game.
if you make it a decent fucking game... then maybe.
B is for bulshit. many more people than you. For example, how long did you watch rvb for?
God damn it, I have never played this game and I still have yet to know what the hell is going on this video.
The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife
Misspelled* this whole spelling thing isn't working out for you, is it?
says the person who......corrects spelling errors...
Needs more Let's Plays on this game :D
Are you kidding? He literally JUST told you how to spell "misspells" and you put an extra S. Really? That's how we're going to play it? We're going to play it stupid? (I have nothing against you the last part was just a quote I've been waiting to use)
Who would suspect a haystack, really?
says the guy who..... oh you didn't misspell anything uhhhhhh awkward lol
Yea no even then let's see how you do compared to Geoff
Yes this would completely work for a first person shooter next time you play call of duty look of a bell of hay and press the x button to jump in to it and stab some one with an animation with a sword it completely work go try it right know you very very special man.
Don't worry, I can translate Idiot into English. It's trying to say "You're a dick eating bitch". Extremely hateful and uncalled for.
his name is gavin..... and hes british... and hes on rooster teeth... he is awesome
I just found it rather amusing seeing a spelling mistake in a comment about a spelling mistake. I know lots of people make that mistake, which is understandable, but I just wanted to point out the irony in your comment. Nothing personal :)
youre fucking retarded. how would this even work in COD? please explain your reasoning for making this stupid question
Any results yet? I don't feel very confident on this subject.
Didn't agree with you, but thumbed up for awesome joke.
Ok, we got it... You don't like people with tattoos or nose rings. Keep it to yourself
translation: Why can you not speak English correctly? Know your grammar before you correct someone dipshit
but im not the one saying im there biggest fan and got the name wronge :)
Is it really to the point where you can't even argue any further? How sad.
I bet you if God made a description about Gaven he would say "Sorry I'm not dumb enough to write about him."
lol no one asked for either of our opinions, but what the hell is your problem? no need to go off about someone thats more than likely 10x hotter than your girlfriend...if you have one.
I got here from a Pokemon video...
a bale of hay is a cube of hay
You do since you took time to write out a comment asking who cares
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