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Into The Wilderness

by skel3t0nX • 2,385 views

Please read more for info on pretty much everything! Thanks. All I can say is sorry for wait guys. Although there hasn't been a video for 9 months, this channel will always remain active as a place...

You were alia's editor back then :D
He was around long before Ali-A man lol. One of the first YouTubers who got me making videos back in 2009. 
+KnownEpidemic I know but he used to edit montages for ALIA
@Joehands0me Make all your private videos public. That is all.
So... tranquil! I look forward to seeing more videos from you bro! (:
Its a shame you don't work with CoD anymore, but this is still truely amazing :) Keep it up!
@skel3t0nX In regards to the photos on your Flickr, how do you achieve that vintage effect? I really want to know :D If you could point me to a tutorial or something <3 for ever.
Although I'm completely glad to see the direction you're headed, it's a shame the videogame editing is out of your life completely... In my eyes, there's no reason not to enjoy it all. Joe did this, and whilst his work's great, never is a long time - shame. Best of luck with it all, Bath's a great place to study.
Like this a lot, I just came from a fucked up day and watching this full screen with my 5.1 surround headphones is very comfortable :)
Cool stuff, good luck for the next 3 years!
I've seen this on Vimeo already but would be happy to watch it 20 more times on YouTube. Haha. Please upload more!
what programs do you learn at school
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