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Top 7 'Call Me Maybe' Covers - ISHlist 16

by myISH • 133,770 views

Tired of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' yet? We aren't either! Buckle up: Michael Buckley is counting down the Top 7 'Call Me Maybe' Covers: The Good, the Bad, and the Oh-No-You-Did-Not! Alex...

Obviously haven't seen the cimorelli cover...
Exactly what I was thinking!
You NEED The cover of Call me Maybe by CRCanada: /watch?v=u9BswOEdiNk
#1 Is Carlos Pena im mad his name wasn't mention
I'm surprised he didn't do "call me Gay me" its actually really funny look it up Michael
where is the key of awesome?!?!?!?!?!?!?
4:45 oh. Hello Dutch radio station :)
the video of the feet are better than the original!
5 should have won like if you agree!
The guys from #7 look like there high and or going to kill the guy who said they should do this.
... techniclly number 1's idea was Carlos' idea
Enter Shikari's cover was amazing, missed it out bigtime
wassabi productions "Dont call me baby!"
"I threw a wish in a well, to escape Carly Rae Hell.." :DD
You need the Matty B Raps cover!
8:41 Thats another freaky k-pop song
Tanner Patrick, he even plays the instruments himself
Why isn't the chatroulette version of Call Me Maybe up there?
its twenty 1 not 2ne1 its just u say it like that
You left out the epic mattybs version thats on youtube he does it with cimorrelle also they do gangnam style together both parodies are epic
TimothyDelaGhettos Call Me Maybe
make a video about gangnam style!
actually justin didnt make the call me maybe video it was carlos from btr
"Gangnam Style" was huge, too; basically a worldwide hit. I just happened to watch the acoustic version, and she's a good singer. However, I just wish I wouldn't hear it fifty times a day. It is quite catchy, though! I agree on that.
My favorite is the Call Me Maybe - General Conference style!
Correction to the first video. You forgot the person who filmed, edited, was in it, and whos youtube channel its on. Carlos Pena Jr. of Big Time Rush.
Cimorelli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
hahahahha!! the anchor is so funnyyyy!!!!! like if u think so too..... PS: follow me on twitter @Ritambhara :D
you left out timothy delaghetto's cover!!!
The Chipettes did a cover of that song, just sayin'. GOD BLESS!!!!!!! :)
If I only made my version earlier, it would have been in the competition!
haha that guy is rockin' that xylophone!
Yes wasabi productions call me maybe is way funnier than any of them
How Ironic? Carlos Pena edited and had this film at his house and posted the video to his channel and get no recognition for only Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale gets featured.
Um. Um. I'm sorry, but... You didn't show Tanner Patrick. Tanner Patrick is delicious. I'm so disappointed.
the janoskians did a good one! :D
I made a cover of call me maybe
You should check out key of awesome's parody
größster scheiß und schwulstaa typ ewaa
The best is.... your version, Buck! Too hilarious!!
Ashley, Selena, and Justin? You forgot Carlos, Logan...
I think u r gay and that u suck sicksporting goods :)
LOLOLOL!! I threw a wish in the well, to escape Carly Rae hell..
cookie monsters cover should have been NUMBER 1 LOL
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg the little girl a the begining is my 2nd best friends little sister. I guess she is following her sisters footsteps :-)
I know this is late but Steve Kardynal has the best Call Me Maybe video. /watch?v=KAQhG59zqZc&feature=g-u-u
I luv carlos and Logan but not the big time rush ugh I luv it when they all pushed each other
Key of Awesome's Call me word....hilarious
What about the Star Wars version?
What about one directions cover :) when they were in France
Barely Political Call me Maybe is the best
so funny love this song but cant listen to it one more time !!!!
i love harry potter!! maybe we could watch it together
yeah that's FUN in the dutch radio studio 3FM love from the netherlands :)
im sorry, but you are just too excited... please look normal sometimes in the video too?
Even the Radioactive Chicken Heads have gotten into the game with a punk version!
The Cimorelli cover was absolutely amazing :) Then again every cover (& originals) they do are amazing :)
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