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Internet Icon Ep1 - The Search (Part 2 of 2)

by The YOMYOMF Network • 973,779 views

WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES HERE YOMYOMF Network's new reality show "INTERNET ICON" Ep 1 (Part 2) "The Search". Judges Ryan Higa and Christine...

I'm having mixed emotions about Ryan's personality.... I understand that he has to keep it 'professional' but it's hard seeing him act so.... Different and Asshole-ish. Especially at the part where those guys (forgot their names) saying "We love you guys." And Ryan acted like he didn't hear him. I know, he has to keep it professional but for me, I've been a lamp for like 4 years now and I'm used to his derpy self (in a good way) so it's kinda hard seeing Ryan act like an asshole coz he's like, my fav youtuber (my first ever youtuber I've ever watched in my entire life before I found out that there was others) of all time so I basically look up to him as an idol. Hell, I even talk like him sometimes. (The one where he talks too fast and jump from topic to topic and makes funny unfunny puns) So yeah, don't blame me. He basically turned into Simon Cowell (Whom I love and respect.) Whatever though. He's still Ryan Higa whom I knew for 4 years anyway so this comment was pretty much.........pointless.....??? Anyways love you Ryan :))) Forever and always :D xxxx
If you've seen his worst boyfriend ever video, I know it was meant as a joke, but he did say he has a hard time saying I love you. And to someone who he does not know can't be any easier. And he did look pretty focused on what he was doing and could have zoned out. I tend to do that a lot so that could be the case.
I felt the same thing... But a thing that Simon doesn't do is be mean with who demonstrate like him.
I'm watching the full playlist of Internet Icon because of Ryan Higa <3 #teehee
You are not "America's favorite Brit." The Doctor is everyone's favorite Brit.
Ryan heard them say ''We love you'' BUT he didn't want to answer..... so he acted like he didn't hear them...
Poor Riedell bros. the judges didn't even speak to them!
They didnt speak to them but they give a positive feedback.
im pretty sure that gavin is americas fav brit
bruh, you aint gettin my ssn =/
That british lady said," I am Amercias fav Britain." WHAT ABOUT DANTDM AND HERDEROFBUFALLO
Ryan looks like he's struggling to be serious XD
It's ironic how Lana was standing next to the rydell brothers, her compition in the final.
That Lisa girl is in Ryan's videos sometimes now
lana. She was in love literally :D
0:26 Ryan's sexy face! hahahahah!
i think the internet icon sticker to cover the Apple sign on the computer
I feel like half the videos are meant for 7 year olds
"because im americas favorite british" wow,way to be cocky as if the internet only means america,good job 
*Brit and she didn't say that the internet only means America nor imply it, it was a joke buddy relax.
INTERNET amErica  E-3 e3 Valve Peace sign +phumb=HALF LIFE 3
i think chester was a better host than the riddel bros
Just started my channel and I have a lot to learn. I hope these videos will help me out!
<   :3 <          he he kitty
Omg I love how Ryan says Lamp :3
Lana is a jerk I got most of the videos and then she has to put people down by saying I dint understand also I didn't know who she was before watching this
i think the Joey guy made a tutorial on solving a rubiks cube i think so i saw his video and learned it not sure tho
12 :07 no offense or anything but I'm pretty sure we aaaalll know Rose Tyler is Americas favorite british
one min of time telling me about the last episode if i like that i would be watch The Walking dead
what the guy that siad one thing and started dancing i didnt know his name
Lana!! lana!! hey hey!!! that was lana! :D
"Ive been learneding!"
Ryan is so cute!! <3
Spoiler Ridell's win!!!!!!
omg 9:37 was sooooo hularious i seriously died lol!!!!!
in the beginning of the video where all three of the judges stand and the camera takes a slow-mo of them, Ryan's like squinting and it's just so funny :D
Why are there so many Asians in the show?
Because we are awesome, heh xD (by the way i'm asian so lol xD)
I know, we really are pretty awesome!
Hmm a bit overconfident dont u think
HEY ALL YOU LAMPS OUT THERE SHOUT IT OUT!!!!: im a lamp!!! ( love you ryan ) :)
this show is sooo ackwarddd
The Brothers Riedell <3
Totally worthed my time
we love you guys...
Most of the submissions were awful... Cool show though!
Ryan is sooooo cute... =)
That was so awkward with the brothers riedell...
Mrepicmann should be here he's so funny!
lana mc kissass was here 
LOL! The sheer awkwardness!!
The brothers ridel entry was brutal..
Most submissions suck! But the show is still pretty good
I think all the others are lame, Christine and Ryan were just being nice
they need to stop being so nice to everyone....
ARE THEY JUST LYING?????????????????????
my favorite brit is rather Chris Eccleston, David Tennent, or Matt Smith
Was Lana a girl in Ryan's vid?
Man! I hate that ! That same commercial comes on before the video! And I hate it!
It's odd seeing ryan serious lol
I've always been wondering if the first meeting with the Riedell brothers were staged or was so awkward with the judges completely ignoring them.
oh gawd. le rose o-o and with the guy's comeback. good thing he's now on "top"
I may love that British chick, but she is not Americas favorite Brit. I still think that is Gavin ( Roosterteeth ).
Why didn't Awesome Alanna come on this show?
the lazer goes pew the alien dies and leaves a pie that is how pewdiepie is created
I looked over some of the replies but I think that is a good video. My older brother wants to get unbelievable with chicks. He was taught a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The ideas about attracting chicks at nightclubs in the emails coming from that site helped get got him his first sex in a number of yrs. I've been pissed though as I heard them all.
am i the only one that watched season 2 first then after the finale of season 2 we felt sad that it ended so we like ohh well lets check out the 1st season
Dan and Phil, they are America's fave britts
I kinda feel bad for the Brothers Riedell for that reaction. hahahaha
9:45 It's even funnier cuz they win xD
Marlin: "Google analytics said that 1 person team personalities do better than 3 person teams" Goes with team in season 2
I think that they should have links to the videos that the contestants used to audition
3:57 they look like a married couple xD
No, @CDkoekkoek (twitter) did. And her character name was Taylor. For the second follow up video that ryan posted, lana played her instead.
Justin James Hughes looks like the main actor in Inception...
I like how Ryan questioned Lanas ability to shoot by herself. THen she made the finals. :)
I don't understand the brothers Riddell entry video.. so they watched 10 secs and just said it is good and great? I need a backstory
Only watching this because of Ryan.
*Awkward silence* "We love you guys." "I'm sorry, what?" *Another awkward silence* "Should we leave now?" LOL
i don't think they got the Ralph Wiggum reference :( "i'm learnding" xD
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