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Miley Cyrus-See You Again with lyrics

by Kayla Jackson • 32,110,915 views

This is one of my fave songs off Miley's new cd, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, so i figured i would make a vid with it. I think the lyrics are pretty acurate cuz i got it from the internet...

Still listening to this in 2014. Hannah montana was the show. I watched it until it stopped airing. Im almost 18 now. & idgaf! Good childhood memories.
Same!! Haha Love Hannah Montana.
Hey if it makes you happy to watch and or listen to something do it! Never feel guilty for listing to what you love!
i miss the old miley... am i the only one getting completely annoyed with all the ads????
+Jason ok I have that too. I was about to suggest that, then i saw your comment.
I hate admitting I love this song . 
Right tho its fricken weird
I remember this came out when I was in the 6th grade and now I'm a freshman in college.
I remember jamming to this in 1st grade..  I'm in seventh grade now...
me too... 7th grade suuuuucks 
Omg all the memories are killing me. I listened to this in second grade. Now im in 8th.
Same but I'm in 11th grade 
I'm in 8th grade too. I came back here because I have a serious crush on someone and I can relate to this song lol
"Miley is a bad influence" I'm sorry but she didn't raise your kids/children or tell them how to act/misbehave :) <3 stop blaming an artist for being who she is. Don't be a hypocrite because I'm sure lots of you's say It's alright to be who you want to be :) 
Learn about sociological studies before you speak.
im 12th grade and i still love this shit!
Thank you all you guys!!!
love the up beat part- the last time i freaked out i just kept looking down i st st stuttered when u asked me wat im thinkin bout... love tht part
7 learly 8 years later wat i was in year 3 now im in yr 10 and miley is a slut what happened to her? ph yh money and fame. like if u want old miley bk.
i remember watching this seven years ago...time has flown
I prefer the breathe carolina version.. but I guess this is okay too.
Like if your watching this in 2015 🙈
Who remember this song tho? O_O....i was in like 4th grade lol
I miss the old miley :( like if your watching this in 2015
I remember how my mum used to wake us up early on a school morning just so we could all sit and watch Hannah Montana and I'm 19 almost 20 now 😂 miss that show
I want to say this to (Kayla) the creator of this video. When this video was first posted, it was my favorite video on all of Youtube. XD <3
i was just dancing to this song my jam of hannah
holy memories. I was 12 or 13 when this was out... I was OBSESSED with song, and it made me think of my 7th grade crush at the time lolololol
...I have one thing to say: She made it sound better then Breathe Carolina... The deep parts were so damn hard and hurt my vocal chords!
Remember Jake's  from Hannah Montana real name was Leslie! 
bu şarkıyı çok seviyordum miley in söylediğini bilmiyordum
Lol I remember liking this song when I was like 6
I wish miley didn't change she use to be awesome now she sucks !!!
Someone needs to tell the record companies I need to eat too.  When they start paying me for my songs I'll think about writing more for your favorite singers.  I got what's known as a shitty deal.  Everyone always wants everything for free and I'm sick of the abuse.
I'm still listening to this and I'm 20 in my third year at University.
Dang. This brings up memories.
thumbs up if you're still listening to this in 2015 & wish you could go back to the good ol'days! 
5 years later and I still like this song :')
Now that middle school is over and I'm a 20 year old steroid user, I can finally jam out to this song.
I haven't listened to this song in forever, the nostalgia :') and my damn memory remembers every single lyric, crazy
I like this song a lot... It brings back memory's
Everyones like "Oh my god this was my favorite! I was in like third grade when this came out ahah!" I'm over here like yeah..... I rememeber liking this song.. when I was a sophomore in highschool... If that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what will.
its 8+ years and i just realized  lesely is Jake Ryan.....
Yall r jerks leave miley alone i love her shes amazing shes the same person
i remember listening to this song in grade 2 im now in grade 8!!!! memories
I love this song it remainds me a bautyfull time un my childhood and i misa miley! And hanah!!
Thumbs up if your listening to this in 2015! i am! lol!
Is this Hannah montana
I remember listening to the in kindergarten
omg childhood. High school sucks
This song reminds me of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, now in the 10th grade :')
any 2015 listeners here?<3
woah I forgot about this song!!! nostalgic :D on the other hand, it's sad that miley became what she is now :/
I miss the old miley , I don't have anything against the new miley but I miss the old miley and im still listening to this in 2015
I miss the old miley soo much ..
Missing  Miley's old tracks! Listening to this in 2015, just to revisit my childhood memories.
I was 12 when this came out and my best friend and I went to go see her concert movie in theatres in like 2008 at disneyland lol. we loved it
I was in 7th grade when I liked this song.. now I'm a Sophomore in college! Wow! Time sure does fly. 
I was in kindergarten... o.o
I miss the old miley I don't lik the new one :( I love this song so much but the person who is singing it :p still like song tho
grade 4 when this came out
Sadly I actually like this song.....
When I was in kindergarten, no preschool, I remember listening to this and dancing to it in my old childhood I'm in 6th grade and life is Not so good.memories, memories...........
You're only in sixth grade buddy. Chill and don't worry. You are very young, life gets better. Promise ;)
2015. Dammit memories.
A heart that CANT BE TAMED lol
my favourite im in tears
I Really Love This Song :)
ah.... this is the best example of when miley was awesome, now shes a slut (in my opinion)
🎶 I can't wait to see you again!🎶
this is the music I enjoyed listening to from her >3
You asked whats wrong with me?  My best friend Kevin said " Oh, shes just being Kelley."  :D
Remember bumpin to this when it would play on the radio in the car. 
why does the lyrics come slower than the music (the chorus part)...@@
miley is a badass. coming from a badass herself. 
yoooo I'm miss the old miley
i love it song i don't like her she like s boy
I still listen to this ....xD
Oh my god! Brings back so many memories O.o
5th grade memories lol. " I stststtttutterd when you asked me what im thinkin bout. " (-:
I still remember all the words. 
Bang Bang Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
dea only oldfags will rememba 9/11 it was bruce willis the whole time
Nobody's Perfect♥ + Who Owns My Heart♥ = See You Again♥ :3
I remember listening to this nonstop in 2nd grade now I'm a freshmen and I still listen to it nonstop
God I miss the old Miley:'( She was my role model. I was only 7 at the time but still
This continues to be my favorite Miley song. Yep.
I used to like this song, but im not that big of a fan of her anymore. i used to look up to her singing because i used to like to sing... but now i dont. she is just a slut now. i like some of her newest songs but not her personality anymore...
i be listening it to on 2014 
This is just my opinion, but this was her last good song.
Heard this playing at LA fitness yesterday
with the show hannah montana i always hoped that secretly miley and lily wud end up together. love this song!! XD
i got this crazy feelin  whoa yeah!!  love all your songs hannah !!aist :( hannah miley :))!
Tokiou Narusawa Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
懐メロ 第122弾 Miley Cyrus(ミレー・サイラス) 89Songs.
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