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Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Ep. 26 - Pumpkin Hunt

by CaptainSparklez • 1,142,924 views

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To all those people saying, "You missed ___" or "You should do __," you probably need to yell louder. He probably didn't hear you about a year and a half ago.
Alright just going to say this, if you tried, I swear you would be an awesome singer cx
You made a joke homeRUN ha
why do u never sprint??? u have loads of food
Lol, ya why dont you sprint
Why everyone hated
Like if you find the v. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Like if you remember the cows from long ago
Does he realize that pumpkins are rarer than diamonds?
What happen2d to always bring your bed with you
Have you still not noticed that your iron helmet broke? Were you scared during this episode because you didn't kill the mobs you just ran away. 08/10_ for video -2 for running away from mobs.
As soon as seeing cows and pigs Cap: OOOOOH MEAT! Me: XD
Where do compasses point?
Towards your latest spawnpoint, if I recall correctly. Meaning that if you use a bed at night to set your spawnpoint at a certain location, the compass will point towards that bed, since it was used as your spawn.
In one of my games, I immediately spawned next to a village, and with visible sight of nearly 10 pumpkins. There was also a ton of underground caves nearby. EASY!
is there ANYONE on youtube that actually tells us how to find pumpkins. So far I've just seen people rambling and doing random shit. Nothing of any use at all
the zombie survived 4 hits from a diamond sword.
Your sword had bane of Arthropods
U should get a wolf tame it with a bone
Gavin Buntin Jerry can not be replaced
darkstar, you misspelled missed
Hey put 3 layer on the e hasn't table so you can get more enchant type
You forgot the second group of cows! ;(
Bring a bed with you!
You missed a coal ore at 9:30
YOU MIST ABOUT 4 PUNKINS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Louder, I don't think he heard you 17 months ago. 
Knock back is useful with knocking mobs offa the places in the caves tho
He should tottally put the pumpkin on his head.
That's not a jungle that's a forest.
I once found a cow that had 3 leather and 4 meat
Ok. Silk Touch means that whatever you mine, you get that block .If you don't understand still, here is an example: lets say you don't have a Silk Touch pick. You mine a Grass Block (The dirt with grass on it) then you get normal Dirt. But when use the Silk Touch pick, you get the Grass Block itself. Hope you understand!
no theres infenity becausetheworld can never stop growing
I had a world that spawned me in the mountains and there must have been over 64 pumpkins... To bad they were too far up
Pumpkins grow back once you find them
He is so lost in that forrest!!!
Why doesn't he sprint through the desert?
#1. How do you find the surcumfrance of a pumpkin? Pumpkin pie
It gets de block not the ore and then you smelt the block to get the ore
Arthropods include cows, pigs, etc. That's Arachnids that he is thinking of.
you should name your sword sting
that is so funny when i read the comet i herd the music and he said i miss u that's funny
I JUST REALIZED THAT THERE WAS SAD MUSIC as he was killing the cowas and pigz!! sadness :(
Cows are not Arthropods, they are Vertebrates
When he was saying get lucky, I wanted him to sing Daft punk's Get lucky but realized this was out a year ago XD
5:45 looked like the cow pooped experience XD
its a reference to the hobbit, the protagonist named his sword sting for killing spiders. i was hoping someone would get the reference
You do realize these vids are at least a year old, right?
nex to desert there is snow. logic got f#cked up
You ever said an athropod is a sea creture and not a spider your a dumb ass cause if you watched this episode he 1 shotted a spider so explain dat
you should make a water elevator to be easier to go places just a suggestion :3
His helmet is still broken. This bothers me O.e
i wish the jungle was still alive and green :(
What does bane of Arthropods do
That's a swamp biome not a jungle
its not fly like a butterfly sting like a bee its fly like a butterfly punch like a flea
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