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How to Make a Lava Lamp the Easy Way

by ScienceBob • 2,070,130 views has detailed instructions for making this easy lava lamp. Chances are you have almost everything that you need at home, so try it out and let us know how it goes. We used...

I did this, my mom had me put a cap on it with the alka seltzer fizzing so it wouldn't get on the table. I opened it outside and it exploded
can we use powder food coloring ????
Virginia Shepherd Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
How to Make a Lava Lamp the Easy Way:
hahaha!!!!!!!!!,i putted food coloring on my cracers.(did'nt eat it
does anyone know what was that secret thing that he used. Thank you
i would love too do this ill have to try it  tommorrrow kk i wanna see how this is gonnna  go okay here it goes tomorrow cant wait i think it is gonna be beautiful i dont know how to get him to send these items to me 
Blobs in a bottle XD
can we use backing soda in stid of the secert thing you said
i dunno if u will answer me or other people will answer me? but will it glow?
Can we use anything alternative for the Alka Seltzer"... If yes pls specify ...
if you replace everything, you can get a bottle of SODA and drop MENTO'S in it (any mint will work)
Check out this video on YouTube:
pours water "beautiful, excellent, you're like an EXPERT in this" DAMN RIGHT I AM
What a waste of oil, but I love these lava lamps, I made one when I was 10 from a cartoon book
If you have a bottle that's dirty or expired, that you're going to throw out anyway, this could be a good way thing to do with it instead.
I hav a science expo coming up in my school. Ill do this
I think I'll do that for my school science fair
Thus was gonna bemy science fair project
Isn't he allowed to say "lavalamp" cause it's a copyright product or wwhat?
My class did this as a science project
Instead of adding colour after pouring water and oil why don't you first add colour to water and oil
its weird on the science bob wiki it says to use salt and salt doesn't work.
Donna Williams Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is so cool.
Can I have a question, Can the oil can still be used after the experiment.
R u able to use regualar food coloring
professor proton! xD
david nava Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
my kids and i made these! +Randy Ortiz really easy and fun.
That's cool. I'm trying to find new ways to do stuff like this with my son. Cool science stuff that will make him have fun and proud he did it.
I totally agree with you! I've made them shirts with stencils and bleach. We made glow in the dark mason jars! I love doing arts and crafts. And to do science projects like i did when i was young, hell yeah! Fun stuff man!
wait wat was the secret ingredient?
And this is what I do with my free time alone.
im using this for my science experiment
instead of alka seltzer you can use salt
can we use some salt instead of fizzing antacid tab???
Nawh, men, the... well... the Alka-Seltzer will wear off over time, and - depending on what kind you use - the oil may start to spoil. But, for the most part, you can keep adding the tablets, and the party'll keep on goin' :>
I did it at home and he used, 3/4 cup of water, then filled the rest of the 1 liter bottle with regular vegetable oil (although I'm sure canola oil would work fine as well since any oil is less dense then water) then he put 8 drops of food coloring in... then dropped in alka seltzer. when doing it I used a regular water bottle, and 2 tablets worked perfectly.
How much Alka-Seltzer would it take to do this with a 2 liter bottle and a gallon jug?
Dose it work when you put the lid on?
Does It Still Work If The Cap Is Put On The Bottle ?
Ohhh I'mma get me sum kookin oil an alkaseltzer maaaan. :D thanx! Lol yeah ultimate 60's experience. *wink wink* don't forget the combustible experience enhancer.
I learned that water Is more dense In 5th grade
lolz dude me too am i rite 12 years going on 8 bro
Yeah, and the Kreb's cycle is now taught in 9th grade Biology in Michigan- it used to be college level
If you don't have the alka tablet thingies, try using one of those tablets that are used for cleaning dentures, it fizzes aswell
That was so cool.I;m going to do that for my project
anything that sits there, makes bubbles/fizz, and doesn't add any extra junk to the water n oil.
its actually a 70s thing. im 14 and even i knew that
or you can buy a glass container. water. wax. food coloring. a circular coil. and a heating light bulb and make a real a real one :)
Im probably way off but his voice reminds me of Edward Norton,...
i bet sciencebob got all the bitches in high school
how long is this gonna last? as long as we have the fiizzy tablet? can we keep puting alka seltzer in ther when ot stops fizzing?
“Blobs in a bottle” – it would be difficult to find a more fun name for an experiment! With our new video, 'Science: where can it take you?', we are also trying to show young people the exciting side of science, and where it can take them.
who would watch this show? it's cool but the show ain't kinda nerdy
"The show ain't kinda nerdy" I tried Google translate on this sentence but it came up with nothing.
I think he chose the name blobs in a bottle because it sounds like BOB in a bottle!!!
Totally doing this for my rave party :D
Hey, look on my channel my electric lava lamp!
Ugh this is perfect. I hope my mom doesn't mind if the oil is gone... Hehe :P
where do i find fizzing antacid tablets?
My parents would just yell at me for using too much oil
Fun stuff for kids.But I'm not wasting my Alka-Selter on this. I have the vintage lava lamp and after a hard day I turn it on and dissolve a couple of Alka-Seltzer in a cold glass of filtered water and chug it down. Then I take the vegetable oil I would've wasted on this project and cook some killer fried chicken. Yum!
"And you'll remember from 8th grade that water is more dense..." Dude, I knew that in 4th grade XD
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