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Simon Helberg Channels Nic Cage, Billy Baldwin & Ben Stiller - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 2,181,719 views

If you tell Simon Helberg he looks like somebody, he will try his darndest to impersonate them.

I find Simon Helberg so much more watchable when he's not playing Howard Walowitz. I thought he was actually obnoxious and annoying, but that's just the character
i like that simon feels the same way i do about cage. he is, not was, so good. sure his movies lately have been just mediocre. Joe was actually really awesome. some of my favorite movies are cage movies, i don't give a fuck what people say
+James A you mother sucks better! 
Yet another talented Jewish actor. I swear from birth they are taught all the inns and outs of acting so that when grown up, they can fanangle themselves into the show-biz community all so they can maintain a foothold and secretly own what is known as "Hollywood" The Jews "OWN" and run the damn city.
+Brandon Katz oh yeah, your Jewish! That's great, good for you,,,, Fuck off! Lol what the fuck do you want me to do ,,, and don't play the nice guy card ,, not that low plsss , we all knw you fuckers never forget or forgive ,, hah u came back for Palestine 2000 years later, fuckin freaks
i think simon helberg is secretly a ditto
+wazza davies many people above the age of 12 play the pokemon games
+wazza davies I'm 18 dumbass, I played the game when I was 5. It's called a childhood. Also it's we're* go to school dipshit
When the cast of the Big Bang Theory renegotiated their contacts recently I was sort of surprised how Simon gets paid roughly half of what the "big 3" get (Kelly, Sheldon, Leonard). I consider the Howard character one of the best on the show.
Yeah! Howard is way better than Leonard. All Leonard does is fidget with his fingers, squints and say awkward lines. And Howard actually has a girlfriend! (Or wife) It's annoying.
this guy is so freakin hilarious 
If there's ever a Nicolas Cage biopic (and there totally should be).
Uncanny!  Over the top because he nails the facial impressions too.
Ahahaha i had no idea his so funny!!
"you bitches it's all for honey!"
hes got a great cage accent! :P
weirdness level: expert
just here for my daily view
Simon is legitimately hilarious. I look forward to the day he gets to play a character that isn't a sleazy nerd-douche.
This is why Big Bang Theory is on top -- every single one of these actors bring so much to the table. It is like eating at Laundry or Per Se with a side of fries handy at all time. Class and fast (quick-witted).
+iwannabeanarwhal big bang theory is shitty . it was funny in season 1 and 2 only. never found raj or sheldon funny
+zorin leroy raj is just awkward to watch. idk how people laugh at that and he is even worse in real life, shallow and awkward and just having a negative weird vibe
it baffles me that someone could watch this and say to themselves - you know its not really that funny you know what i'm gonna hit the  thumbs down button - yeah thats what i'm gonna do today
He is pretty good at impressions! Impressive!
His Ben Stiller impersonation was hilarious.
He should play a role of Bob Dylan in the movie about Dylan. I think he would play it great, and he looks like him.
This guy is very funny. Too bad the show he's on isn't.
Best Nic Cage impression ever
I've never heard Conan die laughing like that.  That laugh at 3:37 would make the greatest villain laugh ever.
I want that laugh as my ringtone
Dean Fang Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
 2 perfect Nicolas Cage impressions, Billy Baldwin and Ben Stiller impressions. Talent.
Some pretty solid impressions there
Simon Helberg doesn't seem jewish at all rolls eyes
Was this scripted? wait a second, how did they find a picture of William Baldwin so quickly?
+OneButton Dash The worse part is they go over a lot of the jokes, hence Conan has to act he is laughing time to time.
+Nyan well, i mean after you've heard a joke a bunch of times it starts to get old... even some of my favorite comedians like jim gaffigan.  I love his jokes, I laughed my ass off when i heard them the first few times but after awhile they start to get old.
This Ben Stiller impression  really nail it !
I cant believe he gets paid only 100k on TBBT.  He deserves more, he is so talented. 
This guy is awesome
Simon Helberg really is wasted on The Big Bang Theory because ever since I started watching it he always stood out as my favourite, but he is so under utilised as opposed to the sheldon character or leonard.
beeees ! not the beees!!!!!!!!!!
He looks so much like Nicholas Cage.
I love the impressions he did on Studio 60 on the sunset strip. 
I love his impressions! :)
It hits you hard when you see someone imitating Ben Stiller, and can't understand it, because you are thinking about Adam Sandler the whole time.
I've never seen conan laugh so hard! Hilarious
Look for his interviews with Bill Burr
"You bitches!!! It's all for honey!!!" LOL
Simon is so amazing 😄
Love his work as Simon too.  For me he makes the show!
Simon Helberg is brilliant. 'Nuff said.
Simon is so hilarious at 3:59.  I can't even look at that without laughing.
Who?  Nicolas Cage's spazzy twin??  
i lost it when he did the ben stiller impression. this guy is hilarious!
he's also a great piano player, SUCH a TALENT
You bitches, it's all fo honey.
My God. This is the funniest thing ever. God I love Nick Cage. 
That Ben Stiller.... ahahah
this guy is legendary :D
He's a very good, talented actor. I mean he does really act in BBT and puts some effort to it. Nice impersonations/impressions are a bonus. I mean i watched Jim Parsons, Johnny Glecki, Kaley Cuoco and Kunal Nayyar interviews and in private they're just exactly the same as their characters. Voice tone, way of talking, gestures. It works for the show, but makes me disappointed somehow .       
He is very funny!!!
Look at my channel!(:
conan laughed so hard !!
His voice is so much higher than he sounds in "The Big Bang Theory."
simon helberg looks a lot like rob schneider ;)
Is it just me, or does Simon Helberg talk with his eyes shut?
I'v never heard Conan laugh that much before
Simon Helberg is one of the funniest people ever. This guy can do great impressions, and is honestly the only reason I even watched the Big bang Theory. 
Was this the guy who directed spongebob? (Le old one?)
This clip looks like it's from 1966. Conan AND Helberg look very "groovy", like they have bell bottom pants on.
that alphabet scene was SPOT ON. wow that's an impressive impression.
He actually kinda looks like Nic Cage
amazing nicholas cage impression... no idea who this guy is... but good job man
No idea who this guy is??he is the guy from that little show called The Big Bang Theory.
Simon and Nic! Amazing! :D
I nominate Conan to be the next Joker in the new Batman movies. :p
His Billy Baldwin looks like Jay Cutler.
The funniest part of this clip is when Conan tells Helberg that his Baldwin face looks like a rat  lololol    Helberg is a jew
What the fuck is Wicker Man about anyway?
that ben stiller impression was god awful
Le sale igual nicolas cage y buenas actuaciones que menciona de el le falto wild at heart ese elvis metalero y comico es muy buen personaje hecho por nicolas Cage
His face even looked right!
conan, that hair, it' ridiculus
best acting on TBBT show!
He have to do that in the Big Bang theory.
Simon Helberg: REAL TALENT.
Damn you don't see many Ben Stiller impersonations lol.  Pretty good
conan's evil laugh 3.44
Fucking flash advertisements makes youtube freeze and stop the video. That's it I'm getting adblock.
He does that impression a lot in the show Studio 60 on the sunset strip.
I hate him now. First he mafe fun of Stephen Hawking by referring to him as "severely disabled " & now he is insulting Nicolas Cage. Dude, you're a billionaire because you're an ugly nerd. Stfu & stop picking on people you're jealous of. If you don't got nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin at all. Thumper in Bambi
You're not very good at trolling. Get a job, cunt.
He's a master of impressions.
Wow...his talent is wasted on trash like the big bang theory...he should have his own show
Hopefully, he will get his own show.
I do not think that the Cage reads scripts and just requires more and more money for prostitutes or some strange fetish.
He looks like a troll, what the hell...
had no idea he was so fn funny!! 
I met Simon and asked him to do the Baldwin face, it was awesome. Although I was so nervous I think I accidentally said Stephen Baldwin, ha ha.
Why the hell does anybody like Nicolas Cage? He's the worst actor in Hollywood. He overacts all the damn time. Just watch Face Off and you'll see just how terrible he is.
that's exactly what makes him great, its something not everyone can do, when nic cage over acts he does it professionally
+Abbe M It's something everybody can do, that's what makes him terrible. There is no such thing as professionally overacting unless it is purposefully for a comedy. Cage doesn't do comedies so he just ruins every movie.
Billy Baldwin used to be so good looking in the 90s.
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