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Animal I Have Become (Girl Voice)

by 4YewProduction • 93,691 views

Copyright © 2010 Warner Music Inc. (Warner Music Group). Content in owned by WMG and none of the content is owned by me. Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance...

Doesn't sound like a girl or kid AND the volume it way too low.
This is nightcore you faggot -.-
this doesn't even sound like a girl
+MEMES GAMING but it doesn't say nightcore, therefor its just a bad excuse of a nightcore song
This is just a horrible pitching job. The guitar is all messed up and it sounds like a kid going through puberty. (Not trying to be mean, but seriously)
Its convincing enough for me. Being of the female gender, isn't a part of it. It actually sounds great, I just have to tell my friend his song finally got the feedback he wanted.
Drop C tuning, guys. This sounds like the original song, but dropped in pitch and edited with audacity. Ugh. Why did you disgrace the song?
Hiring the pitch doesn't make it a female version.
This Song represents me in so many ways.
To all you Wilshire who think this doesn't sound like a girl my aunts voice sounds so much like a man's I actually thought she was a guy even though I called her aunt, so tihis works for me
Wilshire- meant to say dipshits
nice voice editor i can tell you know
Listen to the band Rock Mafia. It sounds just like them.
This is just a high pitch of the original song. This isn't a girl.
well i ma girl and this is cool im not hating this is very good  but i do sing slightly better that this buuuut  im no good at animal i have become  im good at world so cold , never too late and someone who cares not tryed anymore yet
I'm a girl too and Animal I Have Become is my favourite Three Days Grace song.
same thoive moved on  to my chem
it''s a nightcore version -.- it isn't a female voice -.-''
I honestly don't like this because she sounds like a dude still and when u high pitched "her" voice you fucked up the song
Omg EPIC it actually kinda sounds like a girl nice job
sounds like a little boy on steriods lol
Wtf are you talking about? Just because someone raises the pitch on the song, doesn't immediately make it nightcore. And how is it insulting to girls?
Well I think it kinda does at some parts, but it just my opinion...
I call bull..!! It's a fake It's just speed up
This is actually nightcore. 0_0 He/she is right. This is kinda insulting. I sing way better
the reason why its not a cover is because the creator of this video auto tuned the male voice higher so that it sounds like a girl.
what a load of motherfucking whoreshitt
Sounds kinda like me, except it's good
You know people work their butts off to get these things done so we can enjoy them? So if you dont think its good enough than you try to do better cause this looks epic!
this is simply amazing. <3 job well done friend :)
it sounds like my 9 year old sister with a sore throut
Well, the rhythm guitar does sound a little chipmunk-ish
i've heard this song soo many times i still hear only a guy voice
God o-o just get a girl to sing it .. .
that's alot of girls....and my girlfriend loves this video....are you implying that i should make sure she's a girl?
It actually sounds good...hmm Im impressed
if therez a way to take the vocals of this, and place it on the original sound, it could totally pass as a girl xD! :D nice!
It's more like a nightcore voice
it still sounds like a guy... loll sorry this is stupid
hey well look at it this way, at least the voice really fits the song. think of it- "the animal I've become" is referring to the lady's smoking addiction...
it's sounds like cartmans voice
OK did he get helium in his system or is he high?
the is Nigtcore - Animal I Have Become Riey ? Sir ^^"
I think I will do a cover of this song soon. Not sure.
I doubt this is a girl singing, not because I think they couldn't or stupid shit like that, but the whole song sounds like the pitch has been changed. It's not as deep as it was originally, as if there's no bass as well.
tyhis sounds pitched up but its still kinda good...
sounds like that chick from Porcelain and the Tramps O_o lol
Not me. I sound like a boy unless I try to sound like a girl.
This is Actually a audicity change in the Three Days Grace song
Avril Lavigne is awesome but this is AMAZING. Sounds a little fake to be Lavigne though.
Coolest version ever!!! Good Job!!!!!!
...I think its good :3 I have heard girls that can do iron maiden voice god people
The voice is nice , but the rest of the sound is a bit..weird.But anyway , I like it :-)
ok thats just creepy the boy version was better this sounds like that old lady thats from futurama this song makes me want to pee on myself :(
i think it sounds like the chipmunks hitting puberty
well at lest we know what Adam would sound like as a girl..haha or a chipmunk
Does anyone know the name of this singer? I like. . .
haha, I don't really care bout them insulting, I'll continue to laugh at them until they prove they can do better.
When TDG/Skillet is pitched it does sound a little like her!
No its not nightcore its sped up! Nightcore is different you retard!
Wait wait wait! This is Nightcored version!!
This is slowed Down nightcore.... They basically took a night core vershion of this song kept the same pitch and slowed down most of the bass and other music but they left out 1 or 2 either by accident or on purpose so it sounds more like a girl either way its not much like a girl anyway more like a robot-ish kinda thing
it's awsome ^.^ Why everyone whines about the voice, if it's a real girl voice, should it called a Cover, not a girl/female version -.-" Just shut up and enjoy the music <33
O.o hey that sound like Lacuna Coil....
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