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BLACK OPS 2 Weapons list, Meeting Treyarch, and an Apology!

by xJawz • 267,983 views

Ratings disabled just because there a lot of trolls here hating a little too hard considering I just made a few dickish tweets, hope you guys understand :) Check me out on twitter:

I like how ppl still care about the whole minnesota burns bs its been like months fags
@HorsezPwn he meant to say trollarch not treyarch
I used proper punctuation, and therefore, despite questionable length, I was not at fault. And it was necessary to show in full detail how much of a pitiful retard you are. It would appear you agree with me, seeing you made no attempt to persist arguing after my comment, and instead supplied an unimpressive comeback which suits your simplistic mind nicely.
You did it again, you fucking idiot. Learn to use "you're", it's simple, you learn it in second grade.
Please, fucking learn the difference between "your" and "you're", that's the reason why I'm mad, because idiots like you don't fucking go to school. I'm 16, and I could kick your ass.
Hating on burns everybody should unsubscribe
At least sam made an apology video that's al lot better than that son of a bitch l2awinstict.
Well it seems black ops 2 is gonna b bad smh auto type 95.. BRING ON THE TRY HARDS!
was on burnsey's side but atleast xjawz manned up
lol guys he did alot of work so have support
He didn't make a full video of you it was bearly a quarter of a video trollarch rules
you...cant spell right either...could you understand that okay?
wow minnesotaburns basically got a shout out from xJawz
Search I spelled off wrong fuck burns
he made that video because you acted like a huge douchebag. I still like you and your channel
I think you guys need to get over it. He isnt perfect and he's going to make mistakes. If he has a problem with someone that's between he and them. It has nothing to do with us. Just let him live his life, he isnt going to get along with everyone he meets. I personally don't care. I watch his videos for his content, not for what he does on twitter.
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I thought this was As50 gameplay but when I look at it, over half the kills are from guns you picked up, such as the ACR and MP7. Tell it like it is, "I will say this is AS50 gameplay but I will actually get most of my kills from gun pick ups".
I laugh at the people saying un-sub.
who the hell cares? whos even here for the kills or even the gameplay itself go watch a pub stomper like enadzt or redneck for kills
xjawz ... Give some shoutouts to people you was sick to. And die of gas
Fuck saying sorry to Minnesota burnz
Haha you're that fag on the other vid trying to argue with me on that other vid. If you're 21 and getting butt hurt over YouTube comments then you need help. And this kid needs a hobby? Like you're hobby of bitching on xJawz videos?
Why u not allow ratings? is it because everybody is hating on u? Shame
minnesota burnz is actually not bad he has great videos and is pretty hilarious
Jesus guys, what the fuck? He apologized and you're still flaming him? Come on now, I'm sure even Burnsy himself has forgiven xjawz. Seriously, there's no need to hold a grudge over a few dickish tweets. >_>
minisota burns sucks cock with his shitty mean immature hummer and he is only a average cod player
Kid, please shut up, you're not funny, you don't know basic grammar, and you call people idiots, when in reality, you're the only idiot here.
I love how he says "Trollarch" instead of Treyarch at the end of the video. I don't care if it was by accident.
I'm not even subscribed to xJawz... In fact I found out yesterday his name was Sam.
its says burbs because i was typing it on my touch screen phone. lol yeah your the only one so far that ive known agrees with me.
i think one of them were an enemy an the 2 others were with him.
im not buying it he had total control over what he said, hes just apologizeing because his latest videos are getting he still probally feels the same and he still called minnesotaburns immature you had a great channel xjaws and i will dislike future videos you make minnesotaburns had every right to make a video showing what you did people wont forget what you did you just lost a viewer and if other people are smart they will leave. sorry for bad grammer
Minnesotaburns spell it right, xjawz also never made a statement about what he had said about money he is just a little bitch that will do anything for subs.
its his job he is suppose to do what they tell him
anthor dumbass playing domination and not playing the objective just going for kills
Disabled ratings because there were too many dislikes
halo 4 did look good. it didnt look that crap.
hey what is up xjaws i pretty much think u suck dick dsso how about you shut the fuck up buurns is way better admit it u fucking dickhead cunt
You didnt even make a whole video saying sorry. Half ass apology and look at the hate on your videos dont think its time stop making videos. Oh and Burnsy destroyed you!
Was it just me, or did he just put his scope down while having a nice triple feed served in front of him at the bridge?
Christ people the man made a mistake, don't hate on him. He's only a teenager and you can't tell me any of you have never said anything you regret. So for all of you who are bashing xJawz I'd like to say FUCK YOU and to say if you think you are any better than him then you are a pompous ass hole.
It is over and done with in THE PAST get over it haters
xjawz is a stupid lanky fuck. He should shut the fuck up and not be such an arrogant cunt
You mean you disabled ratings because people dont like you
Kid, Please do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the face. If you don't know if he is using an ipod or not, don't talk on it. You're the one calling names and getting mad, so your little troll thing saying "u mad" is totally hypocritical. Please calm down before you message back because the amount of anger in your comment may result in a heart attack.
@Ronald Reagan Calm your tits 12 year old! You think because you write foul language you are tough. Your probably a skinny kid in real life
you are still a fucking dickhead for talking shit about every 1... plus you said it wasnt professional to say all of that,
lol okay calm down I've had my're starting to get boring anyways...
I was using an iPod touch for that question, the YouTube app doesn't have a reply option :)
yousuck xjawz minisoda burns is way better than you trying to make fun of someone elis network
he only apologized because machinima made him if he wanted to keep his precious YouTube money..
This video: 25% Sniping. 75% Other guns.
you were not sniping you were using the mp7 the whole game
very true lol its been dieing out lately....but im not into jumping 20 ft in the air and not being able to aim...
@OHYEAHITSBarrett So you think a guy who cries like a little bitch to his subscribers when his Xbox live account gets banned seriously has a valid claim by calling XJawz unprofessional? I agree that what xJawz said was wrong but it was extremely rude of Burns to make a huge ordeal of it.
Holy shit u haters need to get over it yeah xjawz may have been wrong but he was man enough to admit that, while u bunch of retarded invalids go around hating on his videos. If u don't like his vids u can fuck off, don't watch the vid and then hate on him just to feel cool
@Ronald Reagan Yeah well at least he wasn't born in the dumpster ''Youre a faggot. Not reading your response so get shit on.'' Lol u mad street kid?
People need to get a life. He had this opinion. If you don't like it, whatever. You're gonna let a couple comments he made on TWITTER compel you to to try to ruin his channel? Get a life, weekend warriors.
fuck you xjaws you hating on minasodaburns
nope...becase i...decided to say something that slow enough too?
Lol how could I have known he used an iPod you fuckface? Fuck you loser your parents are brother and sister. You're a faggot. Not reading your response so get shit on. Lol u mad nigger?
I Fucking Hate You Now Suck My D.......ick
He didn't want the dislikes because he knew that would kill his youtube. Smart one @xjawz
We dont need u to repeat it, its already in the description you fucktard
Calling me a fanboy when I'm not even subbed to xJawz? Talk about an assumption. I'm not even disagreeing with you but you losers are blowing it all way out of proportion.
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