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Metronomy - The Bay (Music Video)

by Metronomy • 18,533,709 views

Metronomy - The Bay, taken from their album "The English Riviera" Click here and subscribe to Metronomy's channel Metronomy US Live Dates SEPTEMBER 10/ USA, Toronto, The...

how does this vid have 15.518.563 when there is only 7 000 000 people in the world? is it multiple youtube accounts maybe?
+Yaragar U just looked up how many people there are in the world and your trying to safe face. Or do u keep exact count everyday?  =P
¿Am I the only one who thinks that tooth gap is hot as fuck?
Then you must love Vanessa Paradis :P
barrack odabam is so gud at de bass
You're not to bright huh
still loving this comment :v
So, if it's not Paris, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, or Tokyo, then where is it? Where was this filmed?
I'm guessing it's California.
+inconnu746 That's from a TV show called, "Ed, Edd, n Eddy". It used to air on Cartoon Network.
It's filmed in Torquay, Devon (and made out to look very nice indeed!) .. Parts of the music video for 'Heartbreaker' are also filmed in pretty much the exact same spot! :)
+Amy Sargent It's on my list of places in Europe I would really love to see, hopefully I go there soon since the list is shrinking year after year :)
on the day that they filmed this it was really hot I remember watching them film it and also going around the shop for some of them and I spoke to all of the people involved and how they thought Torquay I a nice place and well done on making the music video it is really good hope to see a new one made in the bay soon
My interpretation of the video: Everyone in it is on ecstasy!
Considering they are mostly laying down and sitting down, I doubt they are on E. That shit makes you want to dance or run around, not sit still.
This is good, it somehow reminds me of a more funky junior boys
I don't know who junior boys are, I'll have to check them out. Glad you like it.
You may have the money But you've got to go It's sensible It's sensible And those endless seasons That go on and on Incredible But I'd sooner get out And remember where we went last year You said everything about it moved on your career If you want to go I'll take you back one day Because this isn't Paris And this isn't London And it's not Berlin And it's not Hong Kong Not Tokyo If you want to go I'll take you back one day It feels so good in the bay It feels so good in the bay You may have the body But do you have the song? Let's make this happen Let's make this happen And those endless beaches That go on and on It's magical But I'd sooner get out Remember where we went last year You said everything about it moved on your career If you want to go I'll take you back one day Because this isn't Paris And this isn't London And it's not Berlin And it's not Hong Kong Not Tokyo If you want to go I'll take you back one day It feels so good in the bay It feels so good in the bay
+Andrey Tarankov you are correct, but soul makes just as much sense thats why i thought it was that.
+EyotaWolfz loved it! Thanks for point it out :D
love the song, video doesn't sit well with me. reminds me tooooo much of robin thicke's video, all you got are "fancy lyrics" to distract from the huge objectification in the video. gonna use a women's legs as props? i better see some half naked men as well. you've got a woman in the band, give her some sexual gaze justice. gonna sell sex? remember that the male body exists as well and can be sold as well, you're hypersexualizing the female body with this polarizing video.
You're right, shootmewithawatergung. It's the old boring prototype again... Some people, obviously those of Metronomy too, like to forget, that women have the the same needs as men. Feels uncomfortable for them. This kind of video is so dated.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know im seeing a similar beat to that Pharell and Robin Thicke song too!  Hmmmm...
went groose hunting to this song
Cool, I've never seen a real groose.
Check out the porno cene at 1:04
Este video lo busque durante meses...
black ppl must know how to play the bass
is everybody wearing ray bans?
Love this song!  1st time I heard it!!!
dude all these naked women promote horny men in the world and horny men rape stop all this sexy women propaganda BEECAUSE when we finally stop all the sexy people propaganda we stop the rape of the world....pretty much chaps
+noonmuun it's parody of the feminists bullshit speech buddy
good band dumb video
Although i heard the 2bears remix first 4years ago then in 2012 i heard this version the original i like both i have the 2bears remix on my phone
They are driving a Peugeot 306 so highly unlikely to be USA @Hans Turin , so Europe, but driving on the left-hand side of road, so UK , it's in Devon anyway lol
What a sick band! A girl drummer, a black bassist. Damn that's cool.
Wow they actually made the 'English Riviera' look nice!! Nice song though...
The girl at 2:07 is very pretty :)
This looks very similar to Torquay. I could be wrong...
one of the best music videos like ever
What camera are they using???
Those hookers look expensive ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the melody which starts at 00:16 reminds me of another song but i don't know the name. Does anybody know the song i mean and can tell me the name?
The Logical Song?
La band della settimana di Promuovere Musica sono i Metronomy con il video del singolo The Bay.Pop elettonico condito di sonorità beatlesiane rappresenta il giusto mix per una band che è partita da zero per arrivare a 106.000 iscritti sul proprio canale YouTube #videosettimana   #flt  
These sounds bring me to an Ellis 1990's Sociopaths Consumer Whore Paradise
Why do i feel like a porn director when i listen to this song ?  
the drummer clearly is the most attractive person in this video! girlcrush
I've sailed around those parts. Great to see a Bavaria in a pop video!
Where I am I over old this time ... 
Va au bord de la piscine, sers toi un martini,  amene tes copines et mets tes Rayban.
Yep moi aussi j'aime bien ce titre là. Tu connais ptet "The look", ça doit être leur plus connue...
Oui effectivement j'avais déjà écouté 'The look' sans retenir le groupe
For some weird reason I always expect those legs coming out of the water at the end 😂😂😂😂
Modo H+ Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Vamos animando tu jueves con "The bay" de #Metronomy mientras hechas un vistaso a la ropa que tenemos para ti! Que pases una excelente tarde #musica #moda #hombres #indie #electro #pop #followus #siguenos #tendencias
Super quirky dope. 
esta riquita la rolita 
someone please tell me the brand/model of that car, i couldn't find it and it's really driving me crazy.
My guess is either a Peugot or a Renault. Couldn't tell you the model though.
ooom pah, ooom pah,...
Totally fake.  I checked, and this is not, in fact, a trailer for an upcoming Stepbrothers 2 movie.  If you pause the video you can tell that's not really Will Ferrell.  Just another bearded douchebag with the voice of an angel
Can't stop listening to this.
Love all of the cordyline australis.
It sounds like MGMT, but not at all. It's a great band! I love it.
DEVIL MUSIC! But good making ;) they all knows how this works
Sónia Sousa Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Good morning world (summer, where r u?)
O Down by the Bay where the Watermelons grow.
Yaragar that must have been the biggest fail ever.
Karen Oz Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
It feels so goodddd
+Nay Maldonado Tiki Tenemos que Bailar! (:
Hoy! Topaz, no quieres ir?? +Karen Oz
The bassline is so fucking hardcore!
Mile Orrego Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Metronomy - The Bay (Music Video):
This isn't Torquay. I've been there. And it's a shithole.
cai en el erro de ver este video 
like the bassline !!!
Demir Sedef Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Metronomy - The Bay (Music Video):
Metronomy, shaka ponk, skip the use.... qui dit que le rock francais est mort ?
this seems to be my best love in the album.
  Metronomy-The Bay                               #Metronomy                                                #musictataynadonaldson  
Скажите, а кто такая на 1.15?
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