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Things to do in: Saint's Row 3 - The Cop Stop

by Rooster Teeth • 1,647,250 views

Geoff and Jack show you how to do the Cop Stop in Saint's Row 3. Submit your own Cop Stop at

you should have bumped the so the flew ower the raised bridge
so did they ever release the user submitted cop stop compilation? 
Man, Michael and Geoff were great in this video. TEAM OGTTD
ok ok yall are good i wanna try this when i get back on xbox
Zombie apoclyps (needs to use cheats)brains
1:12 that hill would have been the perfect stuntjump
If cops would ware there seat belt then they wouldn't fly out of the car
you should do a things to do in watchdogs
COOL! YouTube has a 3D cop flying out of a windshield feature!!!
That's funny u should replay it and put the song I belive I can fly
Geoff is some sort of gaming genius. All the Roosterteeth guys are.
you guys are funny you should do more stuff like this
shouldve got gavin to do the slo mo
No no no, hes obviously saying those graphs were bad.
There's no reply button on mobile, cunt.
He pulls the ak out of his pants ha
It's because there\'s no need to state the obvious.
I used to do that ALL the time to do the "evade the cops" missions in NFS
True but with ReDonk! Cheats and friends it becomes... just epic.
what about things to do in... mw3 shotgun jumping I can send in vids if you want
Subscribe to me if you like saints row the third glitches! And parodies!
And what's the problem with saying it? Does a saying really frustrate you THAT much?
notice the asult rifle being pulled out of his pants at 1.26
By "so much to do", I'm assuming you mean sidemissions. ALL games are boring after you do absolutely everything. If you can enjoy running into people 12 hours straight, then you need some new games.
Should have called this The Cop Blocker.
Did you ask every living thing on planet? I think you might have missed a few.
it was a joke as i illastarted with the ba dum tish LEARN YOUR STUFF GOOD SIR
Try playing the video on 720p instead of 144p. might help.
i call a 'stratigy guide' a strategy guide.
Graphics matter in a cosmetic sense. For instance, would you rather look at a wife who's fuck ugly, or a wife who's drop dead gorgeous. You love them both equal, but i can say without a doubt but, personally, I'd take the pretty gal just about any day of the week.
graphics actually dont matter, gameplay and story does, so believe it or not some text based games with story are actually entertaining. i dont expect you to understand because you're the reason why we have a 10 second attention span society were if it doesnt immediatly grab you then its apparently ''not worth it''
just stop and wait till cops come out then take off
what does it take to work for you guys ? @roosterteeth
I Would buy this game,Just to do these things that rooster teeth comes up with
Should've called it cop block
Aww...... I like making people go splat against the windscreen. Even better when its a VTOL.
he's talking about the graph of it not the graphics
90% of the people who responded to me are IDIOTS! HE WAS TALKING ABOUT GRAPHICS,ONLY THAT HE SHORTENED IT!
No one agrees with you. Not surprising. Don't get me SR is amazing! But I think it does get old real quick.
Nice try but no i don't mean the side missions. I mean in general, just driving around the city and looking for secret areas and Easter eggs (The easter bunny.) Not to mention the co op on this game is of the hook and makes the ten times then it already is. Stillwater is much bigger and funner city to explore then boring old Steelport.
yah but i find most text games suck, also although graphics dont make the game, it still helps to HAVE graphics
I have a ps3 lol i don't think it is possible to mod.
Define Book, Then Read A "Which!" magazine, It still Goes under Books, Again Define Library Now Find a Library that doesn't have Magazines available.
How did you know he meant graphics, he might of meant an actual "crap graph"...-_-...
No actually, the graphics in this game are quite amazing.
RPG flying. Jump off a building and shoot the RPG and you will fly!!!!!
Games and Girls are two different things. I'd never value graphics,cosmetic or not. If you're talking about girl here,then cosmetic sense comes. Graphics are just a plain element of the game,look forward to the story,gameplay and mechanics more. Back then graphics weren't valued,but nowadays it's all "Awesome graphics make an awesome game." Don't you hate that?
To be fair, graphics do matter, but only to the extent of being able to tell what's happening.
Just because YOU want it doesn't mean it makes a game.
I'm gonna assume you play CoD? If so, the graphics in CoD aren't exactly breathtaking either. Gameplay makes the game.. Like darthkotya said, graphics don't make the game.
I'm leaving a comment........or whatever.
i use to have saint row i miss it :(
ok just to clarify ive been doin this since Driver first came out
Unless you have a co-op partner and come up with things to do like these guys have...but yeah it does get pretty boring afterwards.
he wasnt talking about graphics hes talking about a graph ba dum fish.... ill leave
how did you find this from your friend becoming a chick magnet?
you should get multiple police cars to come in a line after you then do the cop stop.
They should have called it the cop block if you know what i mean
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