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President Obama Speaks on Department of Homeland Security Immigration Announcement

by The White House • 143,598 views

President Obama announces a new Department of Homeland Security policy that will allow certain young people who were brought to the United States as young children, do not present a risk to...

We had this speech as a training exam, the listening. I'm french, and his accent is so fuckin' american !!! Love his voice xD
I study this speech too ^^ (I'm French). Obama is very charismatic !
Lu Meng Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
After a Year and Nothing Has happen I'm still given hope by This Speech ...Thank You Mr. President
How can this be Homeland security?  The Native Americans are still attacking people at the local corner street!!
Abdelkader bensaad Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
President Obama: "This morning, Secretary Napolitano announced new actions my Administration will take to mend our nation’s immigration policy to make it more fair, more efficient, and more just – specifically for certain young people sometimes called 'Dreamers.'"
It sickens me that there are more likes than dislikes. Fucking disgrace.
Why is it that only people in this country legally (including hispanics) have to obey laws but those here illegally don't? Why do they think they're so much better than everyone else? They proved their true colors a few years ago when they marched waving every flag but the American one.
Ummm, Im sorry but THE USA HAS IMMIGRATION LAWS! Laws are in place and practiced to maintain ORDER! We have modern day laws, like most countries.
this is exactly of the type of ignorance i'm talking about. by the way, this people young people are achieving higher education or serving in the military already. maybe if you actually read the requirements you would not be so ignorant. smh. what does mexico has to do with this young Americans at heart. you stupid minded individual.
we have that stupid fence along these borders and obama says its okay for them to stay here! fuckin guy yeah change i see.why dont he tear down those fences and have a party with all amigos and smoke up a storm.president my ass.hipocrite! there must be something within the united states that the world loves.ah yes america! god bless america and satan too!! obama a very funny man yes
Ya nadie te cree negro de mierda
you are a descendant of illegal immigrants so shut the fuck up,
Obama, I will vote for you again :)
@ilovefrankandbeans screw Romney. He is the same as Obama. Im voting for Ron Paul
Gringo is a white Person from the states when we think gringo we think white tall handsome blue green eyes so why would we hate a gringo?
Obama,is lying. Just last year he stated he couldn't implement the dream act because he would be violating the law. So, now he does it anyway, illegally.. I googled the GI Bill. Guess what? Anyone who served honorably has his/her college tuition paid for. Secondly, they are also issued a green card and are put on a fast track toward citizenship if they want it. So, vets don't need the Dream Act. If re=-elected, O will admit he made a mistake and throw Hispanics under the bus.just like Jer Wright
The fastest way someone can be a citizen is serving in the military for one day. It only takes one day of military service in the United States Armed Services in order to become a Citizen of the United States of America
I agree !!! eww to Mitt Romneys garbage its all about Obama!!!
you are not even american,worry about your own country first
exactly. Alabama recently enacted the most extreme anti-immigrant measure in the country and now Alabama fruit and vegetable growers are seeing crops rot on the vine as no US citizen will work for the wages offered or simply can't handle the work. . One Alabama farmer said that those who have tried simply can't deal with intensity of the labor and the heat and so are useless.
There is job in America it has nothing to do with legal liens get real if you want to work do the labor job they do that some of you don't want to do it
Seriously. The ignorance of some USA "CITIZENS" really makes me ashamed. Read the requisites for this law, they will be working, which means more tax payers for the country. Also they are still undocumented, therefore they cannot enjoy the benefits that real Americans have like
you must be a fucking wet back right,,,go back across the river you stinking wetback,,all you are doing is rapeing this country and liveing off of welfare and selling heroin,,so whot right do you have to be here,, go swim back to mexico you cockroach
Obama Will win Nevada for sure!
Latino Americans for Romney 2012!
These are great news, think about how this is gonna help our economy.. People pay taxes, pay the government, keep money circulating. This is gonna help this beautiful country.
Mitt Romney would have let the auto industry go bankrupt. He wants to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. He also wants to give even more tax cuts to the extremely wealthy, even though trickle-down economics has been thoroughly discredited. Romney represents more Republican class warfare against the Middle and Lower Classes, of the same type that brought about financial catastrophes under previous Republicans such as Hoover and George W. Bush.
one simple fact 99% of undocumented workers are employed, guess what? once they get work permit they will work legally = pay tax. i feel sorry for people who dont know how to think big, no wonder US is ranked 32nd in mathematics. DO THE MATH
Republicans have no national security credentials. 9/11 occurred on Bush's watch, and Obama ordered the death of the mastermind after Republicans failed to get him for SEVEN YEARS. Bush ordered the trillion-$ invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, and Obama withdrew our troops from this mistake (McCain/Palin didn't want to withdraw!). And Romney is just a third term for Bush, both in terms of foreign policy and economics.
Why don't they have chance? They have the same chance as anyone going through the "legal" process of immigration. What about the people who currently are going through immigration legally? Does it seem fair that certain people are admitted automatically while others have been waiting and waiting? Also, these "kids" are from 16-30. They've been dodging paperwork for years because they do NOT have any, all the while using a false Social Security number; maybe even yours.
Get this man out of the white house....because it's the right thing to do
hes not a cracker he is a pedophile on parole for assaulting a child and he uses different id's to look at kiddy videos and gay porn
Yes, Mr Obama, it doesn't matter if they followed the proper channels. Or if they snuck in, maybe even if they took a shot at a few border patrols along with way. Afterall, isn't it racism if we deny them? Sure, we should just let them all in; we'll just let them be added onto our welfare rolls. We'll send all their kids to school for free, and give them all sec 8 housing, and foodstamps. We'll even change our signs to read in Spanish. Oh, and drive up up the crime rate too!
Learn how to spell first, learn history, and read a little bit zargondude. It will help you a lot
Not always true. I've known people in the past whose families learned English and would not allow their children to learn Spanish.
The Dream Act is designed 2 give illegal non-citizens special educational preferences over people who are citizens or in this country legally. If u r here legally, live in Ga but want 2 go 2 college in Fl, you pay full tuition Under the D Act, because u r here illegally brought here by law-breaking parents, then you get special tuition breaks! And if you live in Mexico or wherever and r trying to come here legally, then u r screwed. U just keep waiting. If ur not illegal, ur not special.
Quite the moving speech. Considering the oddity of the situation, you'd think that each representative of the House and Senate would try to get a poll as simple as goo .gl/Xys2k to their constituents. It'd at least give them food for thought before voting down party lines when deciding upon the end-result of people's lives.
macho taco real mexian food 4 every baty. tacos?..........
and so what if i am thats what america is made of a bunch of desendants of illegals moron.
And then impeach Obama and shoot his fucking ass.
how you figure im not american im on vacation dick head ! i am mexican yeah so what . you could find me in cali bitch .
" Your racist argument falls on deaf ears" romnan user....come on if this saying is from romnney or what ever his name is, then if he would happened to seat on the president Obama's chair, then he would actually say the same think that you wrote in that this country is made of immigrants since the early 1810 if you happened to read a history book silly user....
Some Americans Are Just Pure Evil And Have No Heart
He's trying to fix a what a dumb ass republican fucked up!
Flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites and telling everyone to "assimilate" to create a "brown future" is White genocide. Africa will still be full of Africans Asia will still be full of Asians. Only White children will suffer from this. Read the UN genocide conventions: It is genocide plain and simple! They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White
Haters can hate Obama all they want but he won re-election! :) obviously the majority of America thinks he's great!
And why you defending, nobama, he's part of the two headed one party system, all the same. TIME FOR LIBERTARIAN OR CONSTITUTION PARTY!
The right to deny entrance into the land of the free? Immigration and Immigration laws are two things that are linked, and the Immigration laws should be less strict. And if you were to look at the history of this country, you'll see that race has been the main reason for deportation and such strict immigration laws. And this country may be very diverse, but there is no way we can uphold that if we are trying to make it harder for people to enter the country!
I tried to make a point so that understanding immigration laws and protecting a country is a valid issue. Suppose 20 million people in the USA decided to become a militia (an army unto itself) which they can do and decide to march into our southern boarders. That would be considered an act of war. Well, its the same thing that's happening here. Only difference is that it is being done bit by bit.
For the ones that say Obama hasnt done anything...wheres bin laden??? And what about healthcare for every citizen, he sign the reform its just those racist republicans who oppose everything the president proposes
Pres Obama is on his 'pander to his voting base' tour. He stopped the XL Pipeline to pander to his envirowachos. He supported gay marriage and not defend DOMA to pander to the gay vote. Five months before the election he decides not to deport or defend the border and sues Arizona to pander to the Latin vote. The DEMS never have to do anything to earn the Black vote so once again, the Black vote is taken for granted.
You are right to say that politicians play politics. I argue that Obama had control/majorities in the house/senate for the first two years. Why did he not pass this then? Even if every republican voted no, it still would have passed. He is going around the American people who put the representatives in office to speak for us. For everyone else commenting, I ignore every comment with curse words and personal attacks. We need to be civil to each other and debate the facts to find solutions.
What about the kids who were already deported before this law was passed and have to wait 10 years to be with their families Mr. President?
Asia is for the Asians Africa is for the Africans but white countries are for EVERYONE!!!? "Anti-Racists" don't have a problem with Haiti being a black country "Anti-Racists" don't have a problem with Japan being an Asian country However "Anti-Racists" do have a problem with England/Belgium/USA/Norway/Denmark/Canada/Luxembourg/Australia/Germany/Netherlands/France/Sweden being white countries They say they are "Anti-Racist", What they are is Anti-White Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White
The majority of America voted for him because the majority is asleep. They voted for him because they think it's flattering to have a black prez. This fucker has no idea how to run the country, he's destroying the middle class, totally failing at fixing the economy, and he isn't doing a thing about immigration reform, as a matter of fact he's allowing illegals to come here.
Geez you took it so serious.Your being racist and indicate I'm white.
Than you are an Obama supporter. Ignorant,, stubborn, and think you're right because you are left. RESEARCH everything I posted and get back to me
The lack of concern over immigration and border security after 9/11 proves either the executive branch is incredibly incompetent and a waste, or they were lying the whole time to create a DHS and consolidate the power to the executive branch, eliminating the checks and balances. Immigration is 100%% all Obama. He has failed to keep the borders secure after being attacked by foreigners supposedly. Either he does not care, or it was all a lie the whole time. Reality is truth, Obama is excuses.
Do you really think everything was made by "crackers" ? do some reach racist moron.
im a freshmen in high school i could really care less who is president
so what im not trying to be president asswhipe , it clearly states that only natural born citizen cold be president thats my point dumbdumb
Because both parties are destroying this country and you know, I Call them the two headed one party system as gerald celente said it best.
My best guess was that the Dream Act had to be revised and edited, in 2009 (when Congress was controlled by Democrats) the Dream Act still had some flaws, but in 2010, the revised version of it should have passed. Unfortunately, Republicans blocked it.
hahaha the house and senate were democrat during bush's term so blame them. obama said he would fix it and he hasnt done shit. go educate yourself dumbass
DHS = Terrorists. Obama = Fascist!
Oh really I'm dissapointed I was hoping we cost Trillions to AmeriCUNTS as I enjoy the suffering of those fuckers who are currently unemployed while I get my benefits.
This is all part of building a military of foreigners so they are less inclined to actually help the Americans. Imagine being an immigrant in the U.S. We dont want them here and we make it very apparent
Guys don't support obama for this. He's promoting immigration with food stamps, not having to pay taxes, welfare and you know where he gets all the money from to do these things? Most of us legal U.S. citizens. He is doing this because he wants the immigrants to re-elect him for office.
whats up franky still fucking those little boys up the ass
"financial aid", even though they are paying taxes(in case you don't know, they pay for their own tuition as out of state students, which means double what you pay). And these are mostly students who are aiming for higher education, which means that the jobs they get, they earned with their own hard work and determination. Unlike you who is sitting there complaining how unfair your poor world is.
I'm voting for Obama definitely.
But this act targets people from ages 16-30, not 16-18. What do you mean by "their whole lives"? These people aren't placed on a permanent ban from the country, they can go through the legal process (which, yes, is timely but for good reason). There is paperwork for any U.S citizen. Paying taxes, owning a home, getting an I.D: all of theirs is fraud. It has to be. They don't have a legitimate SS number. It sucks that someone has to go through this, but blame their parents for breaking our laws.
the mexicans costs the government millions but the the white people cost the native americans their do the math
it DOESNT MATTER we need to take it in our own hands Romney is justy as worse as Obama we heading for a police state a north korean kind of country this is no joke we got wake up AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. Ron Paul is the answer but people are too asleep to see that.
how is he racist?,you are the one who is racist ,you are just talking out your ass,dumb redneck.
Obama is lying. All he does is set groups up against his foes to try to paint them as racist, or homophobic, or whatever. He believed marriage was between a man and a woman--until now/ He couldn't do anything about the dream act because, according to him, he would be violating the law--until now. If you believe anything this guy tells you, you're a fool. Remember Jeremiah Wright? Obama threw him under the bus when he didn't need him anymore, and that's exactly what he'll do to you.
Where's Julia Davis, BJ Davis ?
Well, you said the same thing. We have young people who are int he same circumstances. Again, IS OBAMA going to be FAIR, and open this opportunity up to ALL young people who meet the criteria.
On not saying that to those who are legal bro. I'm not hatin just saying the truth
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