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Starry Night

by Rooster Teeth • 1,020,537 views for more! Gus makes a late night errand run.

totally unrealistic. Gus doesn't do physical labor.
"And kids, that's the story of how I met your mother."
"How I killed your mother!" fucking ending.. bullshit .
Still the best short in my opinion.
So this is a normal Saturday night for Gus, right?
That's.. not Esther lol
I don't know what I expected but it wasn't that
Was the asian lady cameoing at the end Gus's wife ? 
87 people are stupid
91 are dead bodies.
+Sire Lagsalot wow. 8 months and only 3 more people have disliked the video.
i think i have the sweater gus is wearing at the end... uh
Yes gus is gay and they both did actually kill people they eventually got caught and were sent to prison but that was fine with them cause they are fuckin serious man
Thomas Fix Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
what the fuck just happened
What in the hell did I just watch? xD
If this is in Season 3, how can this exist before season 2.
has gavin been in any of the shorts
they should have been telling the story to a room full of corpses posed like dinner guests.
That awkward moment when the top comments have the same amount of likes.
Oh now that is some funny shit.
Stary nights, city lights coming down over me. Skyscrapers, stargazers in my head. Are we? We are. Are we? We are the Waiting unknown.
WTF GUS IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Still a better love story than Twilight!
I've already watched it, I'm just making sure of what you meant.
watch "secret door" short and you will find out
this was a month before the noted to death short
Random Asian chick at the table
how come mega64 ain't as popular as roosterteeth? Their content is just as funny
So where did you hide the body?
R.I.P thebl4ckassassin's caps lock button, which is apparently broken.
*watches first 12 seconds.* Yep,seems like a typical Friday night for Gus.
3 months ago, too many negative votes, don't you think I know, try starting a more recent argument dumbass
or maybe gus just killed a random person because, you know.... it's gus
So that's where they hid the bodies..
They actually got caught by a security guard but when they showed him the camera and said they were filming something he just disregarded it and let them be so the lesson to learn here is that if you ever get caught burying a body just say its for a movie :P
I thought this was how Geoff and Gus met
Of course its the only mexican employee to be burying a body...
oh ofcourse, let the hispanic be the killer, Everyone will believe it now! XD
Did anyone else hear "Rooster Teeth and Nigga 64, together at last."?
fuck i did the same thing, for a short film i mean
Why? Why couldn't Gus just let Gavin have his headphones backwards? XD
was the asian girl gus's wife esther?
Still a better love story than twilight
this is a cool video. no wonder rooster vides are famous
Its a team effort Geoff kills, Gus dumps the body, Burnie eats a sandwich
I always knew Gus held something behind that wrinkly grin
I hat pie said may wtf said YOU MOM
it was an escaped clone of gavin
This was scary. I pee'd a little.
Oh God, Gus I knew you had a thing against Gavin, but but I didn't know you'd go to such lengths as to as to turn gay, oh and you also killed Gavin but still is so hard to believe that you You
What no, gus was just burring a old mat with shoes in it!
Well that explains the first body he talks about from "Chain of Thought"
Just realised they must of used the same field to film this as the one they frolic through in 'Stand Alone' . . . :O Dear God
The body Gus has must be Geoff from "Chain of Command".
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