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Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun

by Walter Hemmelgarn • 2,302,481 views

a great song deserves a great animation, unfortunatly, this was the best that i could do. By the way, i made this for a school project so dont hate me

Love the song and the animation
Such animation So detail Much amazement
Is it just me or do the stick figures look like they're moving?!? Squint your eyes and pretend time is moving faster people, you might see it too!
People who don't like this need to step on a Lego barefoot.
I was high as a kite listening to this and I thought this animation was the best thing ever.
my friend loves the animation
big hands i know you're the one!
matriax Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Actually, this video is pretty suiting
Gotta love MS Paint.
D.Baker Soph Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun:
porrr finnn !  llevaba buscando años esta cancion ! 
Pthis guys retarded, he put a bass for a guitar part
Uriah Cty Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
this band? Kurt cobains band is now the foo fighters. Kurt was never in this band.....
you know what imma hit you with som knowledge go check out the album "The Queen is Dead" by The Smiths
yup, big hands, meaning he's jerking off... stained sheets, likely from jerking off.... could also be wet dreams tho... of WOMEN. strung out high as kite, means he's high. sorry but i guess i really would have to be a stupid 5th grader to understand YOUR logic. have a nice day sir. ;)
you did great. forget about the haters!! <3
Best animation ever, I love it!
This song is about getting strung out and smacking your dick compulsively and without self control.
It's halarious how all these people were so ill informed enough to think that Kurt kobain was in the violent femmes like WTF
Sir did you even read my comment? "big hands i know you're the one" males generally have larger hands "body and beat i stain my sheets i don't even know why" this is a reference to wet dreams which he doesn't understand why he's having and he's not pleasing his girlfriend, ergo he's discovering his sexuality. "strung out, high as a kite" reference to pot This is a joke, a 5th grader could have deciphered this
Actually, on the 1989 liner notes to Bleach, that is how Nirvana credited Kurt's name.
i love nirvana and he was definitely in this band...
I just realized Wavves sounds so much like them
Or it's about masturbation. Or it's a song about the writer's crush liking dudes with big hands. It's quite ambiguous.
Kurt liked to spell his name like that. "Kurdt" Wrote it on his shoes, notebooks etc.
Love this song I'm so stoned just in my world :) not giving a fuck. I'm high as a kite :)
@mason. No his girl is at then end as she cannot help his addiction to heroin. He is "strung out" on heroin" and even the title "blister in the sun" ; if you take a bad reaction to or have an overdose on heroin you feel as though your skin is blistering/peeling. And like many drugs you feel your extremities swelling and pulsating - illustrated by the lyirc "big hands, I know you're the one".
@Heaven Ward that must be what the sign is about but I guess we will never know unless we look up what the song is about, you can look up what the song means or a video that tells you what it means. I think what you said is correct
How do I go from listening to Execution Mania to this?
They are modern rock anything that is released after 1980 for the most part is classified as modern rock on most radio formats.
god this is "our song" in my 10th grade advisoryxD so innapropriatexDDDD
what was the budget for this incredible music video
It's most likely because of that god awful animation.
this is the worst fucking music video ever
227 dislikes? Take a long walk off a short pier.
What? Kurt Cobain was never in this band! Why would anyone think that!? And Kurt Cobain wasn't in the Foo Fighters either! Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters after Nirvana broke up. Nirvana broke up because Kurt Cobain(who was in that band) died. The Foo Fighters were after his time.
Kurt cobain spelled his name several different ways, like how Chris noveselic is also known as kris, and krist.
OMG THIS IS THAT SONG@@@@!!!!!! finally
Tired of hearing about this guy every time I try top listen to some Modern Rock on Youtube.
How the piss does this have 2 million views
watch?v=Pz8XELwxAuw As you can see in this live video, the intro is played by the bass. You can clearly hear the difference of tone between the bass intro and the comping of the guitar when it enters at 14 seconds.
No, the song is not just about the drug Heroin.. It's about masturbation actually, and his girl is "at the end" or upset because he won't stop masturbating or fantasizing ("stop to check you out") about people (especially when he is strung out on some kind of drug)
C'mon people new wave/indie/alt
I think this vid is great. To hell with the critics, they probably dont even know how to use paint.
What's even more weird is the fact that it's Pete Wentz's signature bass
"big hands I know your the one" before you shoot heroin you belt your arm just above your elbow, and then continue to flex and squeeze your hand and forearm causing your hand and arm to swell up with blood which reveals the veins in your forearm making it easy to shoot
Coolest song, but seriously, maybe it's just me; does this song seem a lot longer than 2:29 minutes?
the song is about a girl who laughed at his small hands in high school. It's written from her point of view. The girlfriend line is her friend who is standing there while all this is happening and is laughing so hard that she's in tears. The song reverts to his point of view on the chorus, "let me go on like I blister the sun"(the sun being the humiliating attention), "big hands I know your the one", She's "big hands" and he's still in love with her even though she humiliated him.
love this song its catchy!! <3 :D :D XD C: :3
they are considered new wave/alternative/indie music
This is single handedly the best video/Ms Paint slide show I have ever seen
when we were in the car when we were in florida for vacation we found this awesome music station and all of the sudden this comes on and my mom and uncle just break out singing it was so hilarious
this animation is the funniest thing i've ever seen.
came for the song, left because of the video
sooooo.... because he's done with his girl, that to you atomaticly means he's gay...? ooook.... im gonna have to disagree with you on that one....
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