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Pokemon Black 2 Complete Walkthrough (1/3)

by giancarloparimango11 • 1,885,901 views

From Start To Finish. No Exceptions.

lol the farm was white by me but its probely cause i just got it and its winter and another comment people told me part 2 was gonna be same from part 1 and they were wrong i love this one more
the guy is like 15-17 not like ten they made them older in this one and b/w !
thank you really know how to make it interesting
My first pokemon is riolu its true i found him in the marep's farm!
Hi Guys Im giving away a Pokemon Black2 Game!!If interested check out my giveaway video!!!!!!
I want that game black 1 was lacking.
i fornd a riolu in the small patch of grass
How do you get legendary pokemon
It has to be fall to collect the poke ball
Ricky is awsome he picked my Pokemon
lol I named him Rick but I didn't know that was his name
Genwunners will never get to experience the beauty of gen 5's storyline. Unless they actually play through the main story of games (B/W and B/W2). But I highly doubt they would do that...
I caught a Riolu and named it Da Man
No you carnt cach resharam and zeckrom I only have zeckrom kyorom =black kyuram regirock registeelcriselia geanasect rotom virizion terakion za rock. And zzaroua and I've come pleated the game
you should use waters they're cheaper and heal more
Look when uploaded .-. English version wasn't out until October so it was either wait or do Japanese
What emulator do you use?
its been two years since this video came out and im still wounder why the hell is the rom lagging so much like two years is enough I NEED TO NO someone in the comments who see's this and knows the answer please tell
ROMs Are fine for me. No lag at all, Just need a decent computer to run them
Do you under stand Japanese
im stuck cant get to route 22 can some one help me please
I do Japanese no.English?
Wait in Pokemon Black 2 you can catch Reshiram and Zekrom?
You can catch Zekrom in Black 2. To get Reshiram, you have to trade from Pokemon Black, or Pokemon White 2. :D
Did you do this in one time
Es tu micrófono o es una increible voz la que escucho??? dios! esa voz excita mi-men-te.
yay getting for chismas
Hey guys! I have a video of how to play pokemon games on your pc for free, check my channel out! Subscribe and I'll make more videos :) *Sorry for spam but i literally have 2 views and both are me xD
you are a fucking dumb ass, you cant just change the text..... it is the Japanese Rom
Guys calm down, you re suppose to give constructive critism, not whine and swear like dipshits.
u talk to much shut the fuck up thanx
I know a friend of mine that is japanese
Guys don't pre order pokemon games or they will be Japanese if you want them to be engilish buy them yourself don't pre order them
i dint wanna be a bitch but that comment was made a month ago and he probably wont see your comment...
i cant watch this :S finishing after 0:00 :D
I wish the words would be in english
Looking to build a friend list. Currently in my first playthrough of the game. Black 2. FC for Black 2 is 2710-2262-6607. My 3ds friend code is 2466-2112-8861. Name: Nez TRADES // BATTLES // ANYTHING send me a reply on here, with your info, if you add me on either.
I personally like Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness for NGC.
can someone trade with my Im trying to evolve my feebas with the prism scale?
You do know Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters right? I'm not trying to start a debate, just stating a point.
I found a mareep in that exact spot lol
Are you playing on the ds or 3ds? B/c I want to get this game but since I have the 3ds most of the graphics for ds games are very bad. Please let me know.
did anyone notice. ner the start it said pocket monsters lol :)
Mom: Do your homework Me: After 1 video Mom: Ok I picked this one
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pokemon heart gold and soul silver is a sequal of silver and gold black and white 2 ane not the only sequal
This was before the English version came out
It's Japanese. In Japan the games are called "Pocket Monsters: Black 2"
Everyone make mistakes dont worry (Y)
i cant understand that are written on this one and only youtube vidio words they are FROM CHINA
I'd recommend black version because the pokemon black 1 had the legendary completely badass
no way! to pass you should return first town i am trying to find a gym for 15 minutes xD
i also past the game but it was white 2
Is there any complete walkthoughs on yt of the english version?
GCPM11 you're 'da best! thx 2 u, i think imma finally buy black 2 :)
Man by 22mins into this he has a lvl7 now i'd have atleast 4pokemon lvl12+ Pathetic
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yu no, the battle the 1 iw/ Cheren battlin' his lillipup yu uzed wat? again= and how'd u get a Super Potion????= did yah Cheat??? i waz daffled write me back plllzzzz^^
I can't.Back in 2007,my parents bought us a Vista.Anything else?
Tepig is the only Pokemon of the starters who after evolving comes 2 types ( fire and fighting ).
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