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Minecraft | Homies Power Level Friday | HomieCraft Ep.28 | 800th Vid Special!

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 256,141 views

HomieCraft Challenge 9,000 Likes! Lets show youtube whos the best! Official SlyFoxHound & Homies Shirt Store My Twitter:...

LMFAO when he killed the T-REX and he killed the pigs to make it seem like they didn't see anything!
can you help me with mods
I effin love Teen Titan. But the new rip off Teen Titans Go! Sucks major asshole :c
sly: where at bedrock already. me: i never knew bedrock and obsidean looked the same. god:HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and its called The Regular Show Sly. I love that show to. xD
Dude I love sly he's awesome keep them videos coming!!!!
am 18 and i have all the teen titan movies
lets see cyborg, raven , beastboy, starfire, robin did i miss any ??
is playing minecraft easier on pc or on the xbox
omfg the t-rex went apshit on u xxxx
:43 I was like everyone hide ur purple armor and everything purple the creepers have vowed to rid the world of purple so let the homies kill the creepers and save our purple.......nesssssssssssssss ironic twist the person who said that is a creeper
c fvtgrtgffffeecrcrcrfrrfttvtgtgtgyybyybnynununinimnuhunyhyhybyhyhyhybygtggtgtgttvfttvtvgtvvtvtvttvtvttvtvttvtvttvttvtvttvttvtvttvtvtvttvtvttvtvtvtvttvttvttvttvtvttvtvttvt ttt t t t t t t t t ttvttvtvtvttvtvtvttvtvtt
Its not a t-rex its a tyranosauros or how to spell it
I'm a dedicated Homie, cause' I just subed today, and because of yo, Sly, my dad gifted me MineCraft!!! It was hilarious watching you get continuously whooped by Chomper!!!!
yeah but first Robin may have look like a Pussy in the pass Media, but he does become Nightwing and Nightwing is just a bad Ass.
I have heard 2 (Well, technically 3.) people, now, that have called someone emo and said that the emo person listened to Linkin Park.
you need to feed it with rotten flesh
SO HARDCORE! JK I was 8 i think and now I'm 13 and so psyched that it shows in the Philippines again!
Thums up if you are a homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im a 90's homie. A 92' homie to be
CRAZZY but funny dude crazy but funny dude
i think you hav to get the food thing full then tell him to
Imma 90's child girl babby thing. By 7 days.
you need to hit the t-rex i dont know how many
ITS A WEEEKEEEEND FOR MEEE!!!! now- homie craft next- breaking friends season 1&2 later- ex-comunicated marathon
so they would rather be killed than controlled makes sense makes sense
Why do I feel like the ancient carvings and tools belonged to pig worshipers who sent there pig armys to kill/hunt dinosaurs
ive seen all episodes and movies of teen titans
keenan and kel is an amazing show
i watch teentitans & my fav character is Raven but im so an adventure time homie!
you ment to stay away from the t-rex until there fully grown then you have to get there soul and then YOU CAN RIDE A T-REX!
IM A 90s baby and u need rotten flesh slyfox
I'm a late 90's Kid!!! But still counts
I lovez me some Sly Fox!!! Even on a rainy day he makes me laugh!! #SLYFOXRULZ #THISMOMGAMERLOVESSLYFOX
OMFG when the t-rex went crazy on sly it scared me so bad i fell off my bed...
Sly is one of the best youtubers
i liked teen titans i am also a 90s homie man beastboy robin cyborg raven and star fire are the bomb
He would be beastoy for halloween tho :(
Is anyone else getting like strange beebs and noises troughout the game
robin was a dick and that dude who shape-shifted was crazy l=)
I watch it xD and Im a 90's Homie! :L
4:36. Pig 1: We must climb the ladder until he's not looking! Pig 2: Yeah! Let's get out of here! *sly look's back* The 2 Pigs: Shit.
i dont get it episode 27 is 1 hour and 5 min
Kenan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Other shenanigans like that
I LOVE LAND BEFORE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<-------90's boy here, I agree with you on the topic of tv shows going down hill Sly.
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo KEEP THE REGULAR MINECRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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