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Fast Food Fluffy Cake - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 6,250,134 views

LIKE/FAV EpicMealTime and Gabriel Iglesias create a 3-tier cake and cover it in McNuggets and dipping sauces. Bacon weaving lessons, lonely fish filets and new friends that bootleg your...

Girls on this show are so disgustingly ratchet, its actually a turn off
that dude is ugly af but those ratchets h0s hungry for the d, and the green
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wtf is up with that girl in the floral shirt acting like shes dumb asf twirling her hair
+rachel oreilly hahahahahahah these thirsty cunts
did i just hear the lady say 20 nuggets for $5? wtf in Australia you cant even get a 6 pack that cheap
+Puri Tech And yes you are right, mcdonalds get's it's supply of chicken nuggets from tyson, which also sells to wendy's, burger king, and KFC. Although I do not believe tyson has problems with the food itself, other than some few cases of salmonella. However they do seem to have problems with the handling of their meats.
7:04 I just got boner... Because the cake looks so good.
There's millions of African children starving, and look at these people! Disgusting. :-[
+Swantonbom01 do you not see all the food they arewasting, does it look like that fat fluffy dude needs to eat anymore beforehe blows up
+moodycannon Even if they throw every bit of that food in the trash, It wouldn't affect a single starving child in Africa.
the cake is gross
Is it bad that I'm more attracted to the food than the girls
+marcel bob are you like 7 do people still use this pathetic phrase even outside the multiplayer games they play ??
The chick at 6:09 is such a slut lmao
You dont even know who is is. How the fuck can you call her a slut?
pheesics my freund
Did this guy play the Mexican neighbor in Haunted House 2?
yeap he did, Gabriel Iglesias, check him out
he wasted perfectly good mcnuggets
Kudos to Gabriel Iglesias for losing the weight and getting his years back!
wtf? did they really mix the box wrapper?
It's a good thing you guys stopped this slutty girl thing.
Where the fuck do they get their money to all the food
i`m sorry but usually when i watch your videos i usually think it`s kinda gross but admit it must taste awesome ... a real stoner dream meal. but that one just seem .... i donno. i guess i would have to taste it before jugging it but it`s still doesn`t look good.
For one second i thought the nigger with the grey T-shirt was 50 cent
... really you say nigga not the other.. racist mother fucker
+zman2893 Get over yourself, nigger isn't as bad as people think it is.  
imagine........... there are soooooooo many fucking hungry ppl n yawl did this?
Imagine, a world where bitchy niggers actually knew how to spell.
That guy who bought a shirt put on glasses and ate the fucking cake with them hahahahahahahahahahahha
Each bite they take heart is silently weeping and there artillerys are silently clogging up .its death
+john smith ok you know what fuck you and fuck your salad....i think Dwight Howard had or has a sugar addiction and before 2012 Olympics i read something about kobe Bryant that he had been eating lot's of fast food and that he could have give better performance or smt like that. ....the point is these are elite players and even with their eating habits they still were great players so fuck off mate atleast enjoy life for a fucking moment.
You just offended cake boss!!!!!!
@izzy nica. The girls on this show arent ugly. I doubt harley would let an ugly bitch on his show. And they arent ratchet either
I need the names of these girls For Academic Purposes. Like a 50 fucken page report. Particularly the one on the very left at the beginning. Its a big report, a real large work load
I couldn't believe it that Fluffy is there with y'all. That is amazing. Hell yeah. LOL
wtf did I just watch.. I want those 8 minutes back
I love the red head eating the cake
I like the reaction of the security guy when he's eating the cake.
I bet the girl at 7:04 is a slut. Along with the other girls :3 They're all slutssssssssss.
At least, use a plastic glove or somethings when you guys "slime-ing" or somethings. You guys can make my meals coming out pals. Food respect please.
R.i.p Gabriel Iglesias From diabetes. He will be remembered by a fluffy Mexican cat
I wish i could have tequila breaks
Damn that girl on the left is fine as fuck. Id hit that sexually.
Lol did you get that from key and peele?
Ya haha favorite damn show
@JasmineAtkinson no one cares about them really i mean let them do what they want with there money. The food they make on video is for your enjoyment your entertainment so back the fuck off of them.
The black guys at the end was awesome
But nuggets and tricks. 
The girl at 7:04 have the whole squad head after this video
those girls were sexy
I'd tear that sh(caw) up ...the cake
BRUH!!! The ending too funny af 🙌😂
whats the blondish girls name for research purposes
😂😂 This comment 😂😂
this is so disgusting. so degrading. come on guys, you have a cool channel, but do you really need to objectify women like this? These young, beautiful women deserve so much better. Girls are not put on this planet to please men. This is one of the many, many  reasons why society is so gender bias and just screwed up!
Do you have to be so fucking feminist? Grow a pair and deal with it. Cunt
now that is a cake which will need 2 white men 2 white women and 2 black men to finish and damn bro i bet kids are gonna love eating that cake
The fat guy is Mexican
I really love you guys going and you guys are the best
Childhood Lived (Food-Orasm) 
Btw the pink slime is the beef not the nuggets at McDonalds
im sry this is one EM i wouldnt eat
Bitch is hot as fuck
I'm surprise they don't throw up after words.
that short chick is so hot
lol literally all they eat is stuff compiled with fast food
Salad is bae I hate McDonalds food it is groos except for their salads
Yea u like their salad? Bitch u fat as fuck. Salad my ass u eat that double pounders
Their salads are worse than their burgers lmao. JUST SAYINN
I could watch her eat cake all day. And you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.
I spot Harley's ex girlfriend. too bad theyre not together anymore
Every time I watch one of these it's like watching soft core porn
but you know um the soft core porn is for da gay people 
Yeah. That wasn't racist at all.
is it just me or are these gurls in the vid cute :D
+Nick R Is it just me, or you sound gay?
Muscles glasses imposter in the background
good god those girls are hot so hot that i decided not to capitalize or punctuate anything ever again
This Is Better That POr.....
This guys are just making me lost my appetite!!! Agh
So who are these pronstars? :P
Why are people complaining about the black guys came in the end? (NOT RACIST)
This is what causes obesity and BIG dicks
Tities nuggets and bacon. Owe mah gawd. I love it.
Kylaleon tests my patience
What's the name of the girl at 7:09 ?
I would love to eat that cake if you take off the fish fillet and replace the sauce with chocolate sauce instead
Who is that girl with the goldish hair..... she is bad <3
He looks so much like Ben Roethlisberger!!!!
the is some bab bab dirty little girls!!!
the hell did i just watch
An American Mexican Canadian fusion in an 8 minuet video
Mhmmmm looks soooooo goood!!!! (Being sarcastic)
Its always a party then the niggas come for the cake.
Is it wrong that this episode makes me hungry and horny?
These girls are über hot !!!!! And that cake is sexy (;
That's horrible..! :)
Is it weird that I got a Viber watching this
Why not start a campaign giving it to the poor?
6 chicken nuggets cost 5 $ in germany ...
who is the fat mexican with the triple chin?
His name is Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy!
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