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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.49 - Face Plant Unbreakable Glass

by UberHaxorNova • 727,678 views

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This was the first video of Uber's that I watched. For more than 3 years, I've been looking for this one video to add to my favorites since I remembered oh so fondly. And now my mission is complete... good times, good times...  :D
Lol the burrito is good but I need green sauce...
Este burrito es muy bueno, pero necesito salsa verde!
well pewdiepie has annoying voices sometimes but he is still cool
Random dope voice"Just ask me a question... Ok." Nova and me: "Wtf?!?" lmaoo
but nova make more happy whells videos than pewdiepie
2:10 Kid: Daddy, am i doing it right. Dad: Your doing very well son. . . . . . .
Este burrito esta muy bueno pero necesita salsa verde xD
LOL less than 10 seconds in the map and he dies
Wow i did same thing Lol , soz bro and chill too :)
Translation mmm those doritos where verry good but need green sause??? XD
6:33...payback...nuff said -_______________-
Little Boi's Dad is dead, so he begins to butt fuck the body..... He's got some weird priorities....
Should've picked a diff character in the glass break. And the little boi needs to quit being disgusting!!! Lol ;*
"This burrito is very good, but I need green sauce"
This is the same week that i started playing happy wheels
THANK YOU!!!!! Finally, someone gets it through their heads! You really put it out there all calm, didn't you?
they are both equaly awsome pewdiepie is funnier nove has more skill so STFU!!!!!!!
I'm just constantly amazed by how Nova can grab random shit, like the helmet, after it's gone airborne.
that is so true but i laughed a little when you said fucking fuck TEEHEE
AND Nova is acting natural, and has the most contagious laugh i've ever heard, and makes me piss my pants everyday xD
i watch both pewdie and nova. why not have twice the entertainment? You all are just stereotype fanboys.
Just dont care about fucking comments and watch the vid.
random bike whats goin on 0.o *backs up
THank you Nova for 2:13 it made my week!
o hello who are you FUXKING BUFFRING
How can a little boy have so much blood?
2:04 faceplant into wall made my day complete
@wormz23 lawnmower guy would be best he wouldnt even need speed
oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggg what the #### was that
the coaster level would be better if there were other people in the seats holding on for life.
Nova isn't better nor Pewdiepie the one that is better is PewHaxorPova combination of both now that's who's the best.
Nova's Favorite Quotes: 1.) Come here little boy! 2.) Wiggle your niblets! 3.) Go Little Boy gooo! 4.) Nooooooo! 5.)Are you sh*ttin me?!
Or here's better idea. See the "like" and "dislike" buttons? They are there for a reason. Click like if you like Nova, like if you like PewDiePie. Don't spam the comments with useless things like, "Nova is so much funnier Der hurp"
do a glass break with lawnmower man
lol at 11:03 i got my helmet fuck ur helmet oh nova ur constant contridictions make these lp hilarious
10:16 This is how Nova fucks the sky.
Este burrito estaba bueno pero necesito salsa verde!! LOLZ
Chill FAG. It's Youtube. Oh btw : "He's and idiot? I think you mean he's an idiot. Idiot. IDIOT!
hey look an actual comment about the game! THANK YOU
June 8th, 2012. Views-645,614 Like-7,559 Dislikes-75 Now lets see if we can make it go up another 400,00 thousand huh? ;D make it... a MILLION VIEWS! btw love you Nova!
sound effect at 8:11 is priceless
2:15 lol at little boy hump dance
irresponsible dad always gets in a akward position with his son. Isn't that wierd
This was out three months before PDP started, nice try though.
When you said play together boys I would imagine a mother saying that lol
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