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Roger federer and Andy Roddick FUNNY INTERVIEW BNP PARIBAS SHOWDOWN 2012

by TannisPros • 565,513 views

Roger federer and Andy Roddick FUNNY INTERVIEW BNP PARIBAS SHOWDOWN 2012.Both were very happy after playing together.meanwhile roddick said federer as GOAT. madison square garden.Most viewed video...

"Ben stiller's autograph"...hahahahahahahaha
lol, i guess Andy can handle reality
good federer and andy rodick amin.
LOL, have you been asleep the last couple of years? The last time Roddick reaached a final was Wimbledon 2009 not last year
He meant "bitch" as in "you beat me, bitch"'s obvious, yet you missed it..
funny thing it's his only 3rd match defeating federer out of 24 matches in his whole career!
andy: ...jeremy lin... roger: ... im gonna pretend like i know what hes talking about by smiling...
gahh roddick has the ideal since of humor!
Yeah everyone had that fucking problem. And Nadal solved him, even off clay. He destroyed Federer on clay, and takes him on hardcourt. Djokovic and Murray have also done well, but Nadal has been the guy who really solved him. That's what it takes. You have to become good enough, and Roddick couldn't do that. Nothing to do with luck.
Still, Federer is a very good clay-court player. For instance, Murray is not. But despite being very good on clay, Federer could not get close to solving Nadal. Nadal found beats Federer at his own game, but even after numerous attempts (they've met on clay the most after all), Federer was unable to produce a solution.
you can tell andy is close to retirement when he calls a fellow player the GOAT. good for him
Roddick is going to be this underrated, forgotten tennis player somewhat. If he had been peaking today, he would stand a much better chance against Murray and Djokivic.
Not exactly. Other times Federer was winning Wimbeldon, Nadals play style didn't afford to get him close enough to Federer in the bracket. Let me just add this: In terms of who is better, no matter who you side with, it's extremely close. Nadal would breakthrough and have powerful results where Federer was just this consistent player with inventive play. For each thing you could hold up for one player, there is a something he didn't accomplish that the other player did.
i don't see how winning "only" 1 Grand Slam would suck. That's more than most tennis players achieve. Andy's a hilarious nice guy.Just appreciate it. He was no 1 of the world at a time.That itself is a huge achievement.
So happy I was there that night!
Keep in mind. Nadal and Federer are even on hard courts and Federer has a 2-1 lead on grass.
Got 'em! But yeah that guy needs to chill out... Roddick would have 5 grand slams if it wasn't for Federer, and not to count how many times he has lost to Federer in the quarters/semis and Fed has gone onto win the slam. Andy's a great player.. (Was)
los fans del simio de nadal les molesta que su jugador nadie fuera de españa lo nombrara el mejor de todos los tiempos ese titulo solo lo puede tener roger federer me gustaria ver a nadal cuando tenga 30 años si es capas de estar siquiera en el puesto 3 del ranking como federer
Never has anything with BNP in the title been liked this much
He definately has a sense of humor, I can assure you that. Maybe you should watch the hit for haiti exho ;)
Actually I was never a fan of Roddick, I never expected him to be huge and I was glad Sampras and Agassi whipped him up. I was and still am a pretty big fan of James Blake but after breaking your neck thats pretty hard to come back from although he did he was never the same.
@arashbehalbahalify cuando rompe muuuuchos records y grandes jugadores del tennis lo confirman como el mejor!
He isnt unlucky, he is just mediocre. Not a tennis great. Nadal has beaten Federer in grass hardcourts and clay plenty of times and he hasnt Roddick's serve.
about weak era.. Hewitt, Safin etc. are excellent players who had a positive record against Roger early on in his career. In 2003-2004 Roger raised his game to a level never seen before and forced the upcomings (Murray, Nadal, Djokovic etc.) to raise their game to a new level if they wanted to contest but it took a few years. Still, as a 31-year-old he broke the No1 ranking record gaining it for a 3rd time. No one is yet even close to what he has achieved in the men´s game.
Yea I mean that is the only thing for Fed, but I think its more of a case of Fed's one handed backhand game not matching up well to Nadal's forehand topspin. However take Fed's record outside of Clay and I think he maybe has slight edge over Nadal. All im saying is to ignore the clay, as Nadal is one of the toughest if not the toughest clay court players of all time. Maybe fed could have had more rivals, but he, nadal and djok wrapped up slams for last 10 years. so no one else got any.
awesome interview. I've been a fan of Andy but a new found respect. Roger the perennial class act.
you apparently haven't watched some of Fed's humour, the guy's got great humour. Besides, he had a jetlag here, he couldn't give you any of your heavily needed humour.
This is why Roddick is so well loved...
no matter how "untalented" of a tennis player andy was, tennis needed/needs his personality, and actually andy had a couple very good qualities, for a while he had the best first serve and a phenomenal tie break record, later in his career he had probably the best second serve, plus he had an absolute fierce overhead volley and more heart than almost any player, and that's why people watched him...he was the rocky of tennis
Both Federer fans...Well then what are we arguing about? Andy Roddick is a bust, in 2002 after a good showing at the U.S. Open the media and some fans began to label him that, I remember him running around blowing kisses proclaiming "this is my house" only to be embarrassed by an aging Pete Sampras. Fuck Roddick, Go Federer...I'm out.
Roddick: I'm obviously on Roger's head. Federer: Bitch please.......
Yes it does but only by one, also I wasnt labled as the great american hope only to fail big. Roger FTW.
Lol "rival" implies that both sides are able to beat one another. By that definition, Roddick-Federer is not a rivalry.
He was a part of the wimbledon final last year, which was a thriller by the way
I feel the same way... I thankful that Raw-DICK has the level of talent that he does so that Federer was able to beat him virtually every time they have played :)
lol yeah. Andy must've been the most unlucky tennis player ever. Everytime he's about to win a fucking tornument Roger Federer stood in his way like a cockblocker. Andy would've won way more if not for Roger Federer. Any Roddick is fantastic; Roger Federer is king. And there's only so much a man can do against a king (unless you're a god of clay like Nadal.)
Is Roddick a Knicks fan? Because of the him mentioning Jeremy lin i thought so. Was lin there? Anyway, great match between 2 great champions :D
Andy Roddick will never make the quarter-finals of another major.
Did I say last year? Sorry, I was a bit stoned 3 weeks ago, feeling better now.
Damn it! Roger was still talking when she took the mic away, lol.
well technically there was a rivalry, but for only 13 weeks (roddick n°1 nov 03-feb 04) ^^"
That sounds pretty unfair, Nadal won to this goat at WB 2008 and AUS 2009, so yes King of Clay but still a beast against everyone even the goat at any surface...
I love roger and andy! andy is so funny haha
pure fun, good times, very entertaining.
Oh yeah that's right. It couldn't have been any easier for Roddick. Henman, Ljubicic, Saretta, Malisse, Schalken, Nalbandian, and then Ferrero. Wow, tough draw there.
if federer never existed Roddick would likely have won a couple more slams initially but would have started losing to nadal and djokovic in later years. all the same not many players wouldnt trade thier career for roddicks
@arashbehalbahalify because federer can beat djokovic and nadal cant even in his wildest dreams TROLOLOLOL now get the fuck out
The only time was 2003 LOL! And then I think he was kind of lucky
Andy says roger Greatest of all time 0:24
Plenty of years left to do what? Lose in the 1st round of every tournament?
Ben Stiller's autograph?!? What would Andy Roddick do with Ben Stiller's autograph?? What would ANYONE do with Ben Stiller's Autograph.????
How is he even in the least bit arrogant? He was full of praise for Federer. You're saying that a guy who describes himself as the best "bad" tennis player ever is arrogant? Give me a break.
Nadal is the worst match-up for Federer possible, just as Federer is the worst match-up for Roddick. Clay exposes that bad match-up and even on HC, unless it's indoors or fast, Fed still must deal with high-bouncing balls. The H2H is what it is because they've met 15 times on clay.
Keyword: God of Clay, not king. King is too trivial a title for what Nadal has achieved on Clay. I will say this, however, that only a nadal fan could take offense at their favourite hero being called a God of Clay. Everybody knows Nadal has a winning statistic against federer, so I don't know why you feel the need to bring that up.
haha Roddick's hilarious. it's too bad he retired.
oh man i miss watching u andy!!!
You see you might have a point there if it wasn't for watching the matches between them. You can see Nadal has Federer figured out completely, and Federer is rendered helpless. I think no matter how many times Nadal met Federer on hardcourt or grass, he would come out even or more. That leads all of us to conclude that Nadal is better, and figured out strategies to beat Federer on his own turf (hehe), while Federer was grasping at straws on clay.
@arashbehalbahalify LOL If you rank the greatest by head to head record, no one will ever reach any phrase of the greatest
I guess that's his only major all his life, any ways a good and fair player..
Damn Andy Daaaamn he's so fuckin seriously funny :D
What Roddick want to say '' Remember Wimbledon 2009?, bitch''
i still feel its premature for Andy to retired so early.. he is still young and has lots to offer on the tennis court.. i missed him..
This is intresting.. To me he is definetly the greatest ever. 17GS, 6 WTF, 20 MS1000, a silver and a gold from the olympics. Exactly why and who would be the greatest ever otherwise? Nadal has 11 GS, 0 WTF and (though) 21MS1000) and the golden slam. There is to me still a pretty big difference although Rafa still can catch up with Roger. And the positive head-to-head with a certain player doesnt make u the greatest ever. On clay though Rafa is GOAT by some margin
Andy Roddick looks like stifler from American Pie
he's been roughly top 5 for most of his career. He's still damn good; it's just that there are a few men out there in the world that are just bat shit fucking godly in tennis.
thats american babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
"He has no idea how to play me" nice one Andy :)
Roddick still plays? When was the last time he won a major?
I love that guy ... I miss you Andy !!!
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