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VGHS Behind the Scenes - Ep. 7

by BrandonJLa • 405,946 views

WATCH EPISODE 8 NOW! The seventh BTS for our feature length web series, Video Game High School. Get an inside look of the more traditional approach that we took to producing...

wot was going on at the beginning?
VGHS Behind the Scenes American VS Japanese
There was a huge fundraiser, they talked about it. I think they were wanting like 2,000 or something like that but got way more.
You guys should do a video of an epic ninja game/battle, for amusement, like knife fight
Stop at 00:10 and look behind Freddie wong you'll see hot lady's
It's already been established that Freddie wong's youtube generates over $1 Million in revenue. So yeah Youtube is paying them this much to do this. :P
this frickin show is awesome can't wait for next episode
Hurry up and post it I can't wait
Freddie you spring rolling fat fuck! Stop playing quitar hero you suck ball and come out with Episode sieben already you Nazi hating bitches
2:03 I thought she wrote "Medicare"
0:09 take a close look at the wall.
0:09 i though youtube banded pornography stuff??
Brian Firenzi aka the Law is freakin hilarious!!
@ 3:48 I was actually going to get that exact type of guitar.
I think I want to see a Ninja game between FreddieW and Corridor Digital
look at 0:10 and watch it for about 4 hours
A large portion of the money came from their KickStarter, where they got over a quarter of a million dollars.
0:10 u gotta look at that wall
2:55 Freddie is a professional stunt man. REDNEKONIZE! :)
The money for VGHS was raised via Kickstarter. Not sure if you have been answered yet or not. If so, sorry.
Freddie started up a kick starter, and we the fans donated money to see the show.
They did a Kickstarter fundraiser and raised somewhere around $250,000 I believe. :) And yeah, YouTube actually does pay pretty darn well. Freddie and Brandon are looking at WELL over $150k (approximately) a year from the channel. :)
i think he mean more like race games fps games fighting games ext not so much as every single game has its own
The law is a really good actor ...
Where do you get the airsoft guns
Those flat panel lcd lights are sweet, any reference for the film/lighting equipment used for making VGHS?
The law seems cool when he isnt acting as a dousche.
that guy needs to loose some weight. 4:39
Play boy magazine in the backround,
I think if i remember right they asked for donations. I don't remember though.
why is there a poster of naked girls on the wall
0:09 Y U have porn in there Fr3di3 Y!!!!???
They earn money by the ad on the side of there videos. If you don't know, when I click on a freddiew Video and click the ad to the right of the screen, on Freddie's channel, It will tell him he earned money! :D That solves your money problem!
0:09 take a close look at the wall.
1M for an entire movie? That's like way too low for today's standards. And this looks even better than movies that came out in the last couple years
I didnt know which part he meant XD the design of the stairs being tetris or the Mario level-end.
I need that camera! I NEED THAT CAMERA!
She spells mediocre they way I used to pronounce it XD
4:49 I've played Ninja before :D
i forgot about ninja i would play that with my friends 2 or 3 years ago
a long while back they started a fund using Kickstartr look it up bro.
i wanna record a harlem shake video, i need the camera more than you.
do any of u see the pic of the girl in the beginning wow
Brian Firenzi might be the funniest guy on the internet!
hey anybody knwos what game they were playing? :D i could only make out something ninja. looks fun and i wanna teach my friends to do it.
4:32 NINJAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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