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by TobyGames • 1,085,013 views

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Which version is that minecraft?
"Muahaha, look at my belt buckle!" 10:11
red wool is made wth red flowers
He said the fat guy from avatar, so he obviously meant Uncle Iroh
He's so cute <3 Just stare at his cam wile he play :3
Oh god I've found a fangirl..
Its called a village dummie
Well he doesn't know that
4:45 <---- Talk about rage for losing 31 seeds, a feather, a raw chicken, 4 dirt, and 7 wheat ._.
Fuck you cocksucking mother fucking noon horse!!!!!!!!
I <3 you Toby but your kind of a... noob. ='(
eat your freaking raw chicken! heh raw.
To make red wool get a poppy flower,put it on the crafting table, then it turns in to dye. THEN you put the dye with the white wool, and it makes red wool
Eat the raw chicken
whats that mod called
What was his new mod called plz reply
you could take all the stuff from the freaking village !!!!!!!!!!!!! omg
Your learning Toby XD
what mods are you playing with and im guessing you have forge downloaded
omg his face when he died hahahaha
What mod is that?
His cursor voice sounds like Chris Griffon
5:00 did you see the skeleton lol right in his face laughing
he sounds like a evil baby when he says I'm gonna make doom happen
my god Toby that was a village why didn't you go in?
you can eat it raw!!!!!!
You need 1 red flower a 1 white wool to make red Wool
You need rose red from the red flowers to make red wool
He sounds constipated like when he plays slender.
i think the person you are talking about is Zuko
what were you expecting blue ironish chain amor.
The dude from avatar is named ung
Battle gear 2 it's really useful in hard-core
+Wesley Sheets if he didnt know what a mod was then he wouldnt HAVE  all of thes mods.
Lol why whould you not know
you missed a BIGblack smith joint in the vilage
"I'mma make a diamond chest plate,I Don't give a shi-Me interrupting him"I Don't give a diamond"
make red dye with flower 
Slender mod!!! Slender mod
@TobyGames I am Still The Mod  In Minecraft Me too 
Why didn't you go in the houses that were protected by creepers
Tobys on annoying orange CN and YouTUBE!!!!! :D
Haha I was thinking the same thing. He doesn't think very clearly when he's stressed out. Neither do I lol
Toby you are from cartoon network
Why the ** were u playing with ur cursor
hello once again AUDIENCE
It's battlegear, not battlegear 2
Bro,you have a chicken..........
Was he talking about Zuko at the end? Ps it's red flower not red wool.
He has chicken it's raw but I ate raw food on minecraft PC before
I believe it was Zuko
Toby you had a freakin chicken with you
Toby jou arr awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i mean the very new ones i think
Im pretty sure that where the skeleton killed him was where he died originally
you had a frecing chicken
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