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TFS DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 16

by TeamFourStar • 4,669,653 views

Episode 16: Vam qan Namek Cast: Takahata101 - Dende, Guru Lanipator - Vegeta, Kuririn, Piccolo Megami33 - Bulma MasakoX - Gohan KaiserNeko - Zarbon, Namekian Children Little Kuriboh - Freeza Hbi2k...

That awkward moment when you watch this series for so long you can't watch the original with expecting these voices. 
I cant stand normal kuririn voice. also I thought his name was spelled krillin.
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+Lewis Thomson sorry i am mr popo and kami is my bitch lol
Dende's voice actor reminded me of Abe from Oddworld Abe's Odyssey .
+EliTEXeNoMoRpH426 Still is, the remake came a couple of months ago on PS4 and it will come to PC on 25th of February :3
Oh my god! I just figured out the language the namekians are speaking and why! The namekians are warrior slug people, the language they speak is mostly Huttese with little bits of klingon sprinkled in! The huts are slug people and the Klingons are warriors!! It makes perfect sense!!! Brilliant ... absolutely brilliant!
I almost wish Zarbon didn't have to die. He has some of the best lines in this series.
Transforms I'm going to rape you bitch! - Zarbon 2014
oh my god i died when he said "there is an albino namekian behind you. kill it like the rest" LOL
Kill it like the rest
Is that Linkara at the beginning?
Did anyone else notice that every single sentence Zarbon says to Vegeta is gay, but when he transforms he's "a lot less subtle about it"?
"... Why did I explode?"
I like Zerbon's gay jokes. They're a lot more subtle than Littlek's Bakura, Marik and Pegasus jokes yet are funnier for it. 
+THE STEPHANO stephano please you got to rape pewds first
Is this the episode where the quality sky-rocketed?
You know Krillin, you could just tell Dende what the afterlife is actually like. You have been there, Remember? After King Piccolo killed you that one time? 
7:24 - I just realized, +takahata101 voices both Guru and Alucard right? And they both have a thing for plasma TVs. Takahata, do YOU have a plasma TV in your room or no? Is that why both of your characters wanted one?
10:33 They missed a huge oppurtunity by not calling him private ryan.
I just love how in the intro Vegeta says nothing while the Namekians tell him everything. And that smirk...
I don't know what this Yamcha is, but it sounds disappointing
1:58 what is dende saying? I never get to understand what it is but I assume it's something like "stupid" or "dumb".
He says it's asinine. So yeah you are right
Got some context clues happenin'!
Now prepare yourself, for the beast within! I should warn u though. This form is completely different in every way...(transforms) IMMMA RAPE YOU BITCH!!!!
"episode longer than YouTube's time limit" firstly I don't think that the full length version was long than YouTube's time limit. secondly if this video did go over the time limit, why would it not be posted in multiple parts... I cant help but feel a little manipulated here
Oh, the days before youtube was an infinitely expanding chaos machine. Back in 2010 everyone had a limit of 10 minutes, except for directors and partners. Both things that now mean nothing. 
The end but you can only see on the website is funny tho. Explains why only Goku got to learn Kaio-Ken.
Is everything that greenish guy (freesas 2nd guy) a sexual innuendo?
When Krillin was talking karma, he could have said "yeah, Drogon Ballz can give you your family back.
Wait a minute... ZARBON HAS POTARA EARRINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I said the same thing. LOL
Can you please upload the second part to YouTube? The time limit's gone and you could always do it as Episode 16: Part 2.
4:47 close your eyes and listen to that roflmao
"If this s**t goes any futher south, we're going to hit Space-Mexico." One of the best lines in the entire series!
Literally every other sentence is pure gold XD
Vegeta just walked in on the third worst beating of his life.
His beating from android 18 was preety brutal
1) His first fight with Goku 2) Getting fucking raped and committing uber leet suicide against Majin Buu fat form. 3) Getting raped like a bitch by zarbon. 4) Frieza Ki Shanking him. 5) When He gets his ass kicked my cooler and coolers army. 6) Getting his ass kicked by Android 18.
"Seems we must speak the universal language. English." Cracks me up every time. I never got why space aliens always spoke English. Like in Stargate, the Egyptian gods would speak Egyptian, right? 
Never heard this many gay puns in my life. Gonna use them often.
Personally, I would've gone with the Smurfs music for that villain scene.
I AM Funny and you will quote everything I Say 
6:36, the sad part is nail could have beat the living the shit out of snapped his neck easily. I mean the nail does have power-level of 42,000.
+Oliver Mumford wait for the krillin and gohan estimates does that mean after or before the boost from guru
+GLW gameplayer After. I also believe that Reacoom said "Approaching 10,000" before, but Kuririn and Gohan may have been suppressing their chi at the time.
Innuendos, innuendos everywhere! XD
One of my favourite episodes. Can't get enough of Vegeta! Constantly being headbutted, and in the Cooler movie "stop kicking me in the dick!"
4:03 Vegeta:is it Wednesday already. he said this after zarbon said he was gonna beat vegeta P.S. Vegeta was referring to Opposite Wednesday  Another.P.S. Chris Sabat as Vegeta was the best comedian lol but this vegeta is close to the original vegeta at being a comedian
I thought it was a hump day joke
Krilin, the strongest human ever.
What about master Roshi?
he can barely fly.
"Face down with another man beating your ass is it Wednesday already Zarbon" Best line in this whole thing
Weird, episode 15 has been blocked- "for containing Funimation Entertainment material"- in Japan. Seen it in Finland, though. Makes me wonder why it's blocked here~
"Face down with another man beating your ass. Is it Wednesday already" LOL!!!!
lmfao "Why did I explode?"
Is guru just as an ass in the original dub
No he was just boaring
He was intelligent and informed and died not to be a dick as he was distraught about his loses he dies. This a pet peeve of mine but it should say manga not dub
Why does zarbon always remind me of an alien version of zhao yun from dynasty warriors...
kill it like the rest............... I'm about to mis-use my hand upside your head.
Zarbon's thong is visible
Why does everyone hate Krillin? And why doesn't Krillin just train with Goku?
It's because Krillin is basically useless outside of comedic purposes.
10:33 why is Vash the stampede working for Frieza?
When Zarbon first started talking in this ep I was playing a dragon ball game called super saga, I unlocked zarbon the second zarbon started talking.
They started off flying separately and then he was holding him
@ the beginning, the older Namekian was talking to those three children and said: "And that's the story of the Great Drought." Then the kids start laughing. It nearly wiped out their whole race; what could have possibly been funny about that story? Is it supposed to be an ironic joke that the kids laughed after being told that? 
wait. how does freezer have earthling guards?
Even super kami guru thinks yamcha sucks
So, what was Vegeta saying as Zarbon was headbutting him?
Various 'Pinky and the Brain' noises I think. Zort, narf, poit etc.
LMMFA qui is kiwi lol
Man vegeta is too sexy
I was thinking about Lord Frieza in my thong.
Ok which one is Linkara?
Kill it like the rest.
Nail! I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek
0:07 I've never seen anyone who has opened the doors to vegeta like
hey anyone else know how to speak namekian?
It's just Huttese + Klingon, isn't it?
Wow I'm just now getting the heaven joke. lol DragonBall
does anyone else get the kami joke?
I'm actually concerned I might literally die laughing from this, (super kami guru)
Vegeta: "Why did I explode?" Ghost Nappa: "Or did he ever exploded to begin with?" DUNNNNNNNNN
10:25   10:30 who else is thinking final fantasy 7?
zarbon: "maybe I'm gay, but maybe steriotypes are bullshit.... PUSSY!!!"
Krln-"Little green!" Dende-"Dende" Krln-"Do you know anyone on this planet that might be able to do that?" Dende-"I know one..." LMAO!
I don't remember seeing the last statement  in here before
You guys got the best voice for Freiza :D
I love how the interaction between Frieza and Zarbon is pretty much exactly what happens in the real show.
"Why did I explode." I could not stop laughing at that.
To think it will be a while before they even get to the battle of gods part.
+Yuuki Tera They might come to a decision after they have finished the Cell Saga, I mean, they stated that Cell Saga was taking up two seasons! Season 3 is nearly finished and we only just met Cell!
I would want to see a Broly movie before Battle of Gods..
That metroid prime 2 theme tho
I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek
Check out this video on YouTube:
 ░░░░░░▄▄▄▄▄░░█████████▄  ░░░░░▀▀▀▀█████▌░▀▐▄░▀▐█  ░░░▀▀█████▄▄░▀██████▄██  ░░░▀▄▄▄▄▄░░▀▀█▄▀█════█▀   ░░░░░░░░▀▀▀▄░░▀▀███░▀░░░░░░▄▄  ░░░░░▄███▀▀██▄████████▄░▄▀▀▀██▌  ░░░██▀▄▄▄██▀▄███▀░▀▀████░░░░░▀█▄  ▄▀▀▀▄██▄▀▀▌████▒▒▒▒▒▒███░░░░▌▄▄▀  ▌░░░░▐▀████▐███▒▒▒▒▒▐██▌  ▀ ▄░░▄▀░░░▀▀████▒▒▒▒▄██▀  ░░▀▀░░░░░░▀▀█████████▀  ░░░░░░░░▄▄██▀██████▀█  ░░░░░░▄██▀░░░░░▀▀▀░░█  ░░░░░▄█░░░░░░░░░░░░░▐▌  ░▄▄▄▄█▌░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀█▄▄▄▄▀▀▄  ▌░░░░░▐░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▀▀▄▄▄▀    
+Christian Quiles you got forgot the maymay arrows scoob
Why did goku let vegeta go
6:00 They can both fly what the hell are they doing ?
Krillin's faster.
Regarding Frieza scolding Zarbon at the end of the episode- I don't think it's Zarbon's fault. If Frieza had to tell him about the scouter report, he didn't know. Frieza told Dodoria to eliminate Vegeta and very rarely leaves foes alive. It makes perfect sense Zarbon would intend to kill Vegeta.
+darkvizardking69 Dictator's never accept fault willingly for their own actions. Plus it was a pretty humorous way to deliver what could've been boring exposition. Just my 2c
Oh of course he wouldn't, but any opportunity to make humor, they'll take it. 
Krillin: they've all gone to a better place ... where everyone gets along and there's puppies and kitties and... Dende: it sounds totally ass to 9 Krillin: it totally is Lol not to be me but dam
lol thanks for the update
+TusaID Pretty sure it's asinine...
4:49 I'ma RAPE ya' bitch! Perfect... Just perfect
U spelled goku wrong u spell guru
lmaon everything zarbon says sounds so sexual
who ever is speaking freezer is awesome :D like the rest of this show
Whoops double post
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