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Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Killcams: Episode 31 by Anoj

by Machinima • 324,866 views Click here to watch Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Greatest Moments of Season 3: Episode 30 by Anoj Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Killcams: Episode 31 by Anoj Submit...

I can't find a gold username what a mean name
I once knifed two people at once
@LordOrthopox lol that's a bet you just lost! lol mw3 sucks
thats why i don like about call of duty is that a throwing knife in the foot wouldnt kill you and i highly doubt that real soldiers are runing around throwing knives in the air randomly
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that akward feeling when you try to help insult a troll but there comment isnt there anymore
It's funny because all the other guys comments have to many negative votes, or have been flagged as spam
my step dad was working on a building and almost fell 6 stories high when he found a way to catch himself
Lol at 3:47 the guy clan name is YOLO the irony
Oh ffs, whoever this MegaJock23 is just needs to leave if he hates MW3 so bad, no I don't particularly like MW3 but I have respect for these killcams because they're good efforts, and I'm not gonna be prejudice and claim that BF3 are played by fat no lifers (because it's not) everyone's too judgemental forgetting that it's just a fucking game, you don't judge someone on what fucking game they play you judge them on their personality, I'd like to see MegaJock say that to one of my hardcore mates
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wooooow wat a great comeback idk what to say to that
battlefield 3 is 100000000000x better :P
WTF?! 1 wasn't even a killcam and both dumbasses put this on the video. The one who submitted it and Anoj.
you're totally wrong dude his stepfather molested him explaining his anger
People Guys DUdes I have a across map knife kill and i want to post in youtube how do i do it
12 year old virgins? i dont know what kind of messed up world you live in but here on earth being a 12 year old virgin is normal
why the fuck are you judging someone you don't know?? you're getting mad at me cause i said a video game sucked. i have my opinions you have yours. lol i could care less about what you say about me. your just trying to get to me andi could tell you right now kid. it's not working. get that through your small ass brain kid. mw3 sucks im sorry to say that.
Dude, why the hell did u see that video if u dont like it? Shut up and go fuck your gf or whatever u do with her, try to do something useful (y)
you should have the top 10 grenade launcher kills
i think you mean .251. usually when people hate on a game its because they're not good at it
Saying you have a GF and have sex on the internet is the same as saying "Hey, I hang out with superman everyday" in real life..
Go back to playing dora the explorer dumbass. You only dislike COD 'cos you got no skillz.
dude chill, fuck him up if you want, but it won't achieve anything, MW3's just a game if you hate it that much why don't you just leave I prefer bf3, but I have no disrespect for MW3 players if they enjoy it, you wouldn't listen to music that you don't like so why do you watch killcams you don't like, maybe there are some 12 year old little ass kids playing MW3 but you can't really say that everyone who plays is 12 year olds, especially when there are specialised over 30 clans for MW3
@MegaJock23 okay, I take the threat back, my mate wouldn't want a fight anyway, but why don't you just go and watch some BF3 vids, because you're not making any progress over here, BF3's better in my opinion but there's no use in coming over here and offending loads of people, you don't judge someone on what race they are, so why would you judge someone on what game they play
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Lol of course 12 year olds are going to be a virgin
um yea mw3 is the shit mw2 aint got nothing on it ;)
You probably suck at any call of duty you. You gay male stripper.
Aaah, Call of Duty, the only game where a throwing knife to the foot kills instantly
i got a couple of videos in my vault and need someone to record it for me would anybody help me
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3:38 please what snip is it ? MSR ?
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Nahh you just suck at comebacks, & MM3 is crap but since Im good at it & don't get mad at stuff, I Have fun, I also have a lot of other games that I can play if I get bored, God of War Ascension FTW!!!
People who comment above and below me are very immature
FTW!! 0:45 is a nice care package trap
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Hes rigt about no scopes and RANDOM tks tho :-/ After all both are random.
hah... noob. my grandma is faster than a speeding turtle :p
How do you video yourself playing
You are saying that this game is full of little 12-year old virgins who cry and bitch all the time when yourself are probably 13-15 thinking that you are so better than everyone else and you said you play for 1 hour a day and then fuck your girlfriend which I must to correct to boyfriend when really you probably dream about having a boyfriend for 1 hour a day and then for the rest of the day you jerk off to Xbox. Also the fact that you are judging 12 year old about the games that they play. Quer
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165 noobs dont like s those killcams xD
zambs ap if yu zink dat ai am de best
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