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by SteffComedy • 62,553 views

twitter @stonysworld Lyrics: What's an ass-chorus?...

Who else made it all e way throug
This is great. I feel at peace with my self now. Thank you ass chorus! 
Sing me to sleep, Jake
I liked the meaning of the lyrics.Such an inspiring song.
Is it just me or does Jake's voice get more and more quiet as you listen to the video?
+kkonstantinosss2 Thats so cool...i love science. I remember reading in a textbook that one time a scientist worse glasses that me everything look like it was upside down. After a while though apparently his vision was set back to normal even though he was wearing the glasses. Guess its sorta the same thing. 
His voice gets lowered around the 00:20 mark. I think its the loop. 8 bars of high voice and then 8 bars of it lowered a bit... Still great though!
I wasted a bad amount if time watching this haha
I am at 14:23, and I just can't bring myself to close the window. Help me, this can't be normal O.o
Heh. *downloads and turns into a 10 hour video* Well.. Time to beat the noobs.
You sound like you're new to this 'bating thing.
im high as fuck im gonna listen 2 all of thhis while beasting at gta
It looked like Amir was just rocking back and forth the whole time.
Thinking about this while working customer service makes annoying as people a lot more easier working with trollrollrollroll
lol, what if someone did this for an hour forreal?
so did anyone here watch it the whole hour?^^
Must listen to entire thing..
shit i've been watching this video for an hour?
I watched the whole thing... twice.
So, I think this might just be the greatest video on the internet.
What if the cure to cancer is in the middle of this video...
I really like the way he grabs a tit on beat
very funny, but you've wasted literally about a gig of space that could have held a documentary, instructional video or something people USEFUL.
I like the part where he says ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the lyric is in the description
i never realized how big jake's teeth are.
ALL i hear is jakes background voice "wamp wamp wamp wamp"
i tried to hold the note but i just dont have the lungs :(
Everytime someone talks, this is all i hear
How many people got to see the "you made it" message? xD
something happens around 30:39, a slight change in volume
Read that comment over and over again for 1 hour 25 minutes
Do you mean angel?? Because i never knew that a mathematical term could sing xD
Jake's high note kind of fades out and blends into the background after a while...O.o
like this comment if uwanna kick jake in his nuuts
Great thing about this song is that you can't lose your place.
WOW Jake! Nice masturbating technique!
Assssssssssss chorussssssssss
Nope i definitely meant angles. That sounds about "right". :P
I use this for my zen buddhist meditations.
He has a very impressive lung capacity
I think I just found my new ringtone.
i'm just going to watch this video until i decide to get some work done.
Lol I like how his left hand controls the snare with every squeeze
wow, i acctualy made it when i was playing LoL, and i suddenly got used to it so idk if it was playing or not xDDD
I like it when he does the ass chorus
Any reason as to why I'm still listening to this after 40 mins?
1/4th of the way, my ears are bleeding but i must continue!
I wouldn't have any other chorus than an ass chorus.
wtf is he doing with his right hand? D:
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