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Wii U - Wii Fit U E3 Trailer

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Pretty good workout, huh? Ahahah, what a story, Mark!
Upvote for the reference.
Truly a system seller.
Is this still any good does anyone know I plan on looking into getting it.
*steps on gamepad* Am I doing this right?
I'm really wanna wii u!!! Cause all the games i want to play is in there!! Better than Xbox or PS3/4 (if other didn't like it please not making a bad reply. Its just my opinion) :D
I'm about to buy a Wii U. So if you already have a Wii BalanceBoard, will it still work with this version of Wii Fit?
That core luge game is incredible!
WII FIT Trainer for Smash Bros!!
Was ist das Smash Bros? weil ich weis nicht, und hast du wii U? mit wii fit U?
Getting this on Friday, thanks to best buy sale.
It's a brilliant game. The Wii U is underrated. Playing this game will make you realise why the console is better than the Playstation & XBox.
@Reofive You sound INCREDIBLY stupid.
why do i feel there's something subliminal here... :\  
I wouldn't be surprised honestly...
金子浩幸 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Wow. I might actually get this Wii Fit!
Os the wii u just a remote for the wii or is it his own ? Bcause i have a wii and i wontget anorther one but a remote can go
Lol you got so mad, you couldn't help but to rage on my comment. xP You gave me a pointless argument. Nice try little girl.
My neighbor'll be telling me how I look like a 'Wiitard'
Use of the gamepad is gonna make this awesome because normally trying to exercise in my gameroom would be way too crowded.
my guess is around March or April 2013 and be a stand alone game for around $50, maybe $60 depending on how much stuff they cram into it. The package with the board will still be around $100 or so.
I...think it looks better than its original, but why doesn't someone else be the judge? /watch?v=_iYBmAVuBns
es un juego para las personas con sobrepeso a muchos le parece aburrido pero para esas personas el tiene que quedar en la cabeza que en el mundo hay muchas personas que mueren por la obesidad a si que hay tener respeto
Captain Falcon told me he wants to show you his "moves." What should I tell him?
shit i want this game but idk how much the pad cost it would be cool if they sold it with the pad.... D:
Which one is better for exercising Nike+training or Wii fit U?
Wii Fit has a story to it? Ive played it for about 5 years now and never noticed.
Well that so called "SCIENTIST" never tried the Wii Fit. And you listen to a dumbass Geek Scientist who acts all SMART.
if you wanna make sport, go out lol
No, they haven't made any gains, rather losses.
Hey, don't turn this on me. Anything that gets the body active leads to fitness and if you can't understand that being fit leads to fitness then it's your problem. As a janitor, i'm used to crap like you, so trust me :)
You are crap turned on itself and you are probably fat and lonely. I bet I make more money than you too, peasant.
It to quick to judge, The Wii U major titles are not out yet, I know it been also a year before anything PlayStation 3 had the same problem and look how well Sony is doing. While I bring up the PlayStation 3. The Wii U at launch outsold the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 combined at their launch.
Not Awesome!! I WANT DIS NOW! GRRRR! Just kidding! I can wait till December! But.... do you have to sue the Wii Fit Board??
...Meh, I'll go to the gym. Still love you Nintendo. Great job.
I wonder if you can upload your steps from the 3DS instead of that little pedometer.
Lesson learned: women will take anything you work hard for, from money to wii fit u points
Go away, buy a Wii and play Wii Fit, then try to come back and tell me that it's crap. It's more than just balancing on a board, there are workouts on there for muscles, including push ups and sit ups, done with the aid of the balance board. It is not a "joke", rather a kit used to aid in fitness. How is WIi Fit not "dedication, hard work and sacrifice"? You can set yourself a fitness program on it for crying out loud! Stop trolling and spellcheck your username, because you really are sick!
Why are people disliking this?
I want me wiimote in her triforce
Please explain why I see a positive difference when I use it then. Hmm...
haha if I was, then I would be excited about this. XD
I think I'll get this game too. The only issue is limited space for the game in my bedroom; but if I could make The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword work in my limited setting, I sure can do the same for Wii Fit U as well. Does anyone here know if the exercises have an "intense" setting, or something similar? I'm slim and have an extremely muscular build. Wondering if this game is "hardcore" enough to supplement for my cardio on some days that I don't feel like doing elliptical or swimming.
Buy it or Wii Fit U in a coffin. Talk shit, get fit.
well they fucking shouldn't have. they could be using those resources to put more depth and content into their games instead of being lazy cop out assholes who use the excuse "beginner and casual gamers" to not give their fans triple a big budget games like in the old days.
Wii, Wii U, Wii Fit U, what next? Nintendo Wii Hates U xD no hating i love nintedo
The Golden Flower wasn't the only New Power-up. There was the Golden Mushroom that is in MK7. And there was the Golden Block that Mario wears on his head.
Hearing stuff is cool and all, but it's usually skewed from reality.
That would be cool if you can use your 3DS's Activity Log data to upload/sync your number of steps you walked with your 3DS on to the Wii Fit U game "as an optional bonus" for 3DS owners who want to get Wii Fit U for the Wii U to keep track of how many steps you take with your 3DS and view them onto the big screen.
You work for Nintendo and are a mindless fool. This helps nobody. It seals money from fatties who are uncomfortable outside and do not believe in themselves. So they believe in Nintendo instead. Pathetic.
I just hope they don't call me obese when I weigh 114 pounds and am 14.
I'll get it for collector's sake, but seriously just do P90X
I can't wait til Wii Fit U comes out! I'm sure i'll be better than the original Wii Fit!
How can they be milking Wii fit if there are only 2 games in the series so far? I'll admit that NSMB2 was made just for money, but Call of Duty is definetly being milked by Activsion, absolutely NOTHING changes from game to game, even in NSMB2 there were a fair amount of new level mechanics to keep things fresh but there is no effort put into COD, it's a product of pure laziness.
Says the person who is one very Nintendo video and saying false things about the Wii U. According to the 3DS, it sold more than the PS3 and XBox 360. According to the Wii U, it sold 400,000 Wii U Units in North America And it sold in November a total of 425,000 units for the month of November. It also sold over 40,000 consoles in the UK it's first weekend. In Japan, over 600,000 Wii U Units were sold during December 2012. That is all.
I liked Wii Fit & Wii Fit +, but i hate the guides on the bottom of the screen -.-' The first time? ok but not everytime
I might the wii u just for this lol
I laugh when i and other people argue with trolls because its hilarious LOL LOL LOL
if myself in 1999 could see this commercial i would flatout kill myself in disbelief that nintendo made this game.
How Pathetic! I've seen a lot of fat people walking out there in PUBLIC! EVERYWHERE I GO! YOU MUST ME BLIIIIIIIIND!
anyone else find it funny that the exersise game is the one with the most dislikes?
So they announced this last year and they planning to release it this year in winter time!? Must be some sort of development hell Nintendo is in for this game, I still can't believe the Wii Fitness girl will be in the next Super Smash Bros game. Lol.
Hey great! Who needs Zelda, Paper Mario or any other real game, if you just can jump around?
Why are people disliking this man!?!?!
I generally enjoyed Wii Fit Plus, so looks like a deff purchase for me =)
Waaaaaaooooooooo!!! I didn't notice about this game trailer, I thought they did this game only because they did'nt have imagination to make another games... But seriosly I'm in shock! This Wii Fit seriosly counts how many calories you burn???? Is this seriously, because if it is... I'm going to buy it... Can anyone tell me? Sorry for my bad englis.
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