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Dr. Tran - The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun

by MondoMedia • 3,037,484 views

The UNCENSORED VERSION is at: A small pastry totally loses his shit and runs off in a huff. A frozen novelty dessert...

You ever get so pissed off that you just had to run down to mexico and get a beer?
Mr. Sir Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago (edited)
What The Fuck (Kinda funny anyways)
What the actual fuck did i just watch. i looked up "Rest in peace, Chiaki Nanami, my beautiful little cinnamon bun"
lol It sounds like someone recorded audio of someone fapping, & made a video around it. Knowing some people on the internet.....I might be right...
ja know, i think ur right
You see! This is why you don't fuck around with shaved ice!
I'll laugh whenever I see a Cinnamon bun now. XD
the description of the episode lol!
he was watching game of thrones....
He got angry because they're banning porn..
watch this whole video while your eyes are closed and you will imagine yourself fapping
+Mauricio Garcia fan your penis forward and back until magic stuff comes out.
why is there an uncensored version
The great dick in the sky. Wow.
All HAIL! Fear the giant dick in the sky~!!
There's no body it's shadow is a circle
Is Leland just always wearing water wings?
Of course. He could drown without a drop of water in sight if he didn't have them.
oh, it was a dick.....
This is clearly a metaphor for the Vietnam War.
You made me nearly spit my drink, you bastard! D:
Hey that looks like me walking to school💁
Jelly Ruler Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Hilarious video OH GOD DAMN!! Dr. Tran - The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun:
Shounds like shexdonut?
If you watch this without looking... it sounds like someone jacking off...
Fae Chan Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun
What the fuck did I just watch.
That cinnamon bun has issues if it got angry for no apparent reason.
Oh come on they censored it.
So. I watched this with no head phones. My mom asked me if I was jerking it... I laughed so hard.
Sounds like someone is angerly fapping lmaoo
Fuze Ferret Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Jason Fennec It's just as funny! Because even if it's censored you still know it's a dick. Unless you're not smart. Actually I think it's funnier this way.
Well, this is a pretty brutal but honest summary of the way humanity is managing society.
penguin jizz Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
my reaction to jersey shore XD
I would guess what crushes The cinnamon bun is a dick?
Megaman Legends fans in a nut shell...... wait... All capcom fans in a nut shell!! that little Cinnamon Bun is channeling the collective rage of every Megaman, Devil may cry, Resident evil and other capcom games fans.
what... THE FUCK am I watching?
The Cinnamon Bun is a Broncos fan.
What news report is The Cinnamon Bun listening to?
Raven Bones Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Close your eyes while watching this.
0:50 close your eyes and it's a whole different story
I'm not sure what I saw just now... but I'm sure I'll see it again.
0:24 - 0:46 Oh God No... Oh No!! LMAO!
just going to take a wild guess but i don't think this video had anything to do with religion at all, so don't bring it up here
An estranged baked dessert, walk over the border of mexico all the while assaulting another summertime treat. Oh and a gigantic phallic demigod.
Furious masturbation to midget porn up to 1:12
I am, too, and I don't do that on YouTube. If you're watching YouTube, chances are you've already heard the Good News many, many times.
Zwinkie Easter egg! Hope you see me :3 ~!holy
The great dick in the sky is the true american hero
It wasn't Chuck Norris's dick, dumbass. Weren't you paying attention? It was The Great Dick In The Sky.
Listen from 0:40 with your eyes closed, ahahaha
An invisible zombie wants me to open my heart, apologize for nothing, just do what he says and I'll live forever? Seems legit.
I haven't watched this vid in years - still just as hilarious now :D
;w; The snow cones are so cute!
Me: Hey close your eyes and listen to the video Friend: OK *closes eyes and listens, laughs at it* at 2:08 she keeps laughing then *funny SFX* Friend: O_O
Lmfao! XD begining part was funny...
The chanting reminds me of Dark Crystal. Good times.
his favorite soap opera character wasn't the father
It's not trolling if the comment is serious, check his profile.
ashbear sent me and now im demanding more
Leland loves his summoned dicks from the sky.
from 00:47 to 1:03, if you close your eyes, you'll know what i mean
my soul belongs to nobody but me, especially not your tyrant god and his son/self.
And somehow, this managed to get a TV-Y rating :D
it looks like Leland loves dr tran and is a stalker
Three minutes and thirteen seconds of my life ill never get back
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