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『 World is Mine 』 - Hatsune Miku ( Cosplay PV )

by alarzy • 556,345 views

READ FIRST: (i know you won't, anyway lawls) :'D but PLEASE READ IT NEW INFO: Pichu has her new youtube page, follow the link below to subscribe Also watch...

end of the video me: O.O . . . O////////////////O ... Ka... wa.. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!~ >///////////< <3 <3 <3 
Lol kaitos FCE at 1:21 kaito: just ignore the crazy teal haired lady behind me
Btw.. Kaito ish hot O^O
+Ruisa Arisu yes he is!!!!!! now STOP and say it
pretty good cosplay if dat wat it called
They guy should've done better and whythefuck did he have blue hair
It's Kaito, lol. All vocaloids have brightly colored hair.
Eso fue lo primero que de me paso por la mente xD
great all you need now is to learn the bigger eyes make up
Weird because the girls in cosplay pv's usually really bother me but she's really pretty and she doesn't give off the same impression...
kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss!! they kiiiiisseeeddddd!!
Excellent production values, my only critique is that you should have really played to the rhythm of the song, and gotten down to the wicked beat of the guitar solo.
She touches her face to much
Omg amazing video luv it
Kaito version argentina
cries bc the cosplays are so good
Silver Shine Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Anime Forever :33
This was either filmed in Scotland or England... right? I sorta recognize it :3 antway nice video~!
Ient kaito a girl;!!!?!
Trop mignonne je la veut x)
cherche pas et préviens quand tafais ton cosplay j'ai hâte de voir ça ////
CAito oque ouve com tigo caito????
Kaito is mikus gf i think
Where is the kiss in the end? and yes soo cute ^^
wow miku is really pretty and i love her wig
without make up? But kawaii
Nooooooooooooooooo porque Kaito D:
TRop bien fait ! J'adoreuuuh !!!
Me gusta el vídeo y la canción😉
celui qui joue le mec c'est un vrai mec o c'est une fille déguiser?
kaito is hot! 3 😍😘😳💛💙💜💚❤💗💕💋🌹🎂🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍩🍦🚀💟
omg this was so cute!!!!
Kaito looks like a girl
Nice but was it just me but did the dude look a bit too western?
Holy... The cyan hair suits her very well, it doesn't look weird at all.
Que bueno ... Los dos no tienen la cara de miku ni kaito pero bueno esta de 1.000.000 solo por q es de miku y kaito y porque gastaron en comprar las cosas
kaito culiao argentino, tiene la mensa nariz xD
seguro sos un Len envidioso, cuántos vocaloids tenes?.  XD
Does anyone know where I can get a Hatsune Miku wig I already ordered the costume and the only wigs Ive seen are like 70$
This is the best thing ever :D!!!!!!!
It's really good ! It's really cute too =^w^=
I dunno why.. but your kaito.. reaaally looks like my old school crush O.O''
kaito se ve narizon clro sin ofender jijij
so cute!♥ :D I love it! (3=.=)3
that's kind of rude tbh
Hola Sos linda la que hce de miku
Waahh soo good >🔽<
were they in puplic? then the ppl must be like yo crazy ass ppl dressed a werid n shit
헐.... 노래 잘 부른다 미쿠♥
You uploaded this on my birthday! Well if you ask me it is quite a nice birthday gift.A PROPER COSPLAY VIDEO!!
Sugoiiiiiiiiiii !!!! Super, j'adore :D
The guy is hot the girl is pretty
Where did you get the kaito plush ?! I want one
message to miku hatsune if she was real: sorry to break it to you miku but the world is not yours YET.
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