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When THREE adults, 2 faculty members AND the cop, tried to pry him off the girl as he was repeatedly beating her head into the floor, physical efforts to get him to stop didn't work. The kid was BIGGER than the FEMALE cop who tried to stop him physically before using the Taser. So, to stop the girl from possibly suffering a brain bleed & DYING, you're DAMN RIGHT the boy got tased. Do you know what happened AFTER he got tased? He got back up, shook it off, & CONTINUED to attack the girl.
What a messed up world. An 11 y.o. boy attacks a girl. What happened to teaching boys never to lift a finger to a girl but to protect them? Then a police officer tazers a child when he could have simply pulled the boy away from the girl. The officer is and the boy are both sick in the head.
@exacerbatedtaboo So, black people get the "pity" affect even when they are the ones commiting crimes? According to the full report on this story, the kid was tased ONCE, but continued to attack the girl after being tased the first time. Now, THINK about that. This is the reason he was tased twice. The FIRST tase, and the kid decided to attack the girl even more. Whenever BLACK people commit crimes, you pieces of shit defend them.
you serious a trained cop couldnt have separate the boy and take him away , he had to use the taser gun? that cop is out of line.
Hey, dumbfucks. The cop wasn't a 'grown man'. It was a FEMALE cop if you bothered to do some research. She was about 5'6 & about 150 lbs. The 11 yr old boy was HUGE for his age. He was nearly 6 ft tall & almost 200 lbs. He was pummeling a 5 ft, 80-90 lb girl's head into the floor, REPEATEDLY, to the point that she had to be taken to the emergency room & get medical attention. If he didn't stop, he could have KILLED her. He got mad at her because she told on him for trying to steal her lunch.
@mirage984g93 Another redneck bringing in immigration to it. I hope you live in Arizona. The state that anyone can be put in jail for ANY PUBLIC OFFENSE (which isnt defined). which is the only state in the union that is officially a police state with the police taking upwards of 70% of thier budgets. Btw the name redneck and wetback are a result of the same things. Working in the sun. Asshole.
More POLICE BRUTALITY. This happens more often. Could it be stopped someday ?
not very detailed but come on man you aren't physically capable of restraining an 11 year old boy? I'm 13 and could restrain him much better, this cop is full of shit
Not mentioned in this video: officer's name is Angela Jackson, and the boy was 200lbs. However this still does not justify someone carrying a gun or taser in a school.
america is sick this proofs it
What oh what did they ever do before tasers. Can't handle 11 years old kids without tasing them, something is wrong.
"He refused to listen to verbal commands" So you tazed him? Its disgusting to think that this can happen. Plenty of people have died from getting tazed, and somehow i think that a grown man can restrain an 11 year old child.
I would have to hear and see what kind of injuries the girl suffered, the size of the guy and the size of the officer in question before I can take sides. Now, if the boy was slamming (the girl) head into the floor and the officer couldn't physcially stop him, then yes, I would say the tazer was last resort. But since details were left out, I can't take sides.
fuck yeah you should have tasered him! that little prick deserved it!
They could have fucking pulled the kid off of the girl. They didn't have to tase him. They WANTED to and watch what I say. The sorry piece of bottom feeding pond scum will get to keep his fucking job. And that first bitch they interviewed shouldn't be allowed to have kids if she thinks her kids need to be tased for fighting. Sorry ass parent.
@the13joker Take a trip to brooklyn New York, PROJECTS, and schools. You may change your mind about that "just 11 yr old" bullshit if you go by one of the schools. Hell, just watch local news in that area about Junior High Schools. not just East New York, any gangster/neighborhood. Maybe you'll figure out why exactly they are being tased. Until then, blacks will continue to commit crimes only to get "pity treatment."
Why do they have tasers on school property.... that mother who says it's OK is a dumb retard.
They shouldn't be allowed to taser minors. That one lady is stupid for thinking its good for her child to be tased. Tasers has killed a lot of people who are grown.
a full grown man can't get an 11 year old off someone without tasing him? I call bullshit
that bi**h is dumb ya u can let me do it to her
Cops should be tasered them selves so they know what it feels like ... Fuck the Police
So, before you assume it's so easy to restrain a kid that big solely because of his age, do a little research first.
must've been a big ass 11 year old
Yeah, if the kid wasn't tasers and that cop grabbed him, they'd be on TV screaming about being beaten. Blah blah blah. Light their shit up!
I wonder if the girl being beaten by him, is upset the boy was tasered?
Did anyone else see a male bias here, and is this just that same psyc war against the people now training kids to blindly follow or die.
@SorroHelps The 11 year old was tased once. They had a choice between tasing the kid, or hitting him hard enough to get off the girl. The girl was bloody.
@itsokayright You racist mother fucker. NOBODY OF ANY COLOR, that is 11 FUCKING YEARS OLD NEEDS TO BE TASERED. Do you understand now? I gives a shit about what color they are. Why did you bring up their race? I said nothing about it in my post. Racist cocksucker. Go fucking die somewhere.
Why am i not surprised that the liberal immigrants that obviously can barely speak English thinks it's wrong to taser kids. If you raised your kids the right way they wouldn't have to do it.
I heard the 11 year old boy was the young Chuck Norris. Thats why they tasered him!
lol its sad when a mom said that they should tas her son lmao
HAHA YEAH im loving it!!! 911 and now more noobs lol you guys are hilarious you dont even dare to do something to bush lol hahaha xD keep hiding on youtube dumb ass xD
@itsokayright ,so you saying its okay to do that to your kid. Cause that didnt happened at the projects or at Brooklyn . and you are making it a race or color issue , then sir you are prejudice and a racist . Because i dont believe that a trained police officer could feel treatened by a 11 year old . next time your kid throws a tantrum or a fit , let the cops taze your kid. You must be one of those parents that lets the sistems raise your kids. Shame on you.
if in fact the kid did wiegh 200 lbs then this i s justified,,,if poliice officer ordered and he still attacked the other female then to me its justified in order to protect t he other person,,is this not why we pay the police? to protect and to serve? Im sure she attempted to do all other avenues before using the taser
Man, that cop must be a massive fucking pussy to have to use a taser on an eleven year old. Seriously. He had to have been at least three times his size.
So you are telling me that a grown man can't over power an 11 yr old??? That is just a bunch of crap. That fat fuck should lose his job and get prison raped. And for the little punk that thinks it's ok to beat women, it might have been karmic justice for him to get tased lol. And for that loser mom who thinks it's OK for her own kid to get tazed. You are a fucking dumbass!
omg wtf is wrong with US...crazy ppl for real. man your nation is not stable...
a taser should only be used when someone is threatening you and they are too big to take down. obviously this isn't the case with an 11 year old.. fucken cops are pussies! They used to do this before they had tasers
Nazi fucking scum pigs at it again. When will we stop the tyranny.
must've been a big ass 11 year old
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