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Usher on Stage @ Microsoft's E3 (With Fitting One Piece Music) HD

by NeoGameSpark • 7,344 views

This is the result of a few guys bored on Skype during Microsoft's E3 conference. This performance is completely unedited and raw. Only music added. This shouldn't fit so well. WHY DOES USHER & ONE...

Uhh, Guys, Neo doesn't hate Usher. He just doesn't think he's as good as he was back in the day. Also, for those hateing on the song, you do know half of Neo's videos are anime based, right? Of corse it's a anime song, it's Neo's thing. Also, He isn't hateing on Usher by putting this song on over him. He just finds it werid that it fits so well. So can we just enjoy the video without a comment war? K, Thanks.
So why the fuck are you on here? You claim that you are not a troll but you are! I don't listen to mainstream fyi. So what "real music" are you talking about? Because whatever you say, at the end its all opinion. Not factual.
Worst conference of this year by far.
its scary how well this fits lol
He's not trolling you he's just disappointed in you. But then so am I.
usher big ass sell out who sucks big dick from argentina.
Usher sounds better than this singer.
my fav fits.. better than the beiber experience and usher's pointless appearance.when they were going to the microsoft conference i fell asleep
That's the way I am with Usher. I enjoyed alot of his early work but nowadays he is meh to me. He is a pretty good dancer though.
You fail so hard to shoot me with false facts. Yes dude you are trolling. Why are you on here if you don't like this music? ANSWER THAT QUESTION. Because all you're doing is trolling and hating on music you don't even listen to. I said this before but you ignored me last time because you know I'm speaking the truth. You're in denial. Who said I like Usher? Because I said Usher is one of THE best R&B singers in the world? Dude like i said I don't listen to mainstream music. Isnt Usher mainstream?
Its funny how this song fits with this performance
yay, ripping off ideas from michael jackson, so original.. right men!
If he cant hack It live he should give up, and yes this isn’t a music video did I say it was? Also Im no troll I just call out overrated dancers that think they can sing.
"No he is considered the best by modern R&B fans who know nothing of R&B." False statement from a Fat troll.
I deleted the last one and sent it again because of my spelling errors. Don't worry its on here for you to read. There's no such thing man. Real Music is only an opinion. You haven't stated anything factual. Music is art. Music is entertainment. All kinds of genres. Even the ones that you claim that are "fake" is still art and entertainment. No Its not opinion its fact.
yeah he is you little prick. You dont know shit about usher.
Yo Fatty Plumber quit trolling LOL. You guys are just butt hurt that he can sing 10x better than this singer in the vid. Know your facts before looking like an ass.
Btw i watched the real performance of Usher from Xbox press conference. The guy is clearly demonstrating dance moves for the upcoming Dance Central 3 video game. That was the main point for the performance.
That was better than Usher's crappy singing.
who really listens to usher? i mean he had a couple of decent songs in the early 2000s...that was it, do people just watch him for his dancing, lol
Can't say meh to his work just look at this performance he nailed the Dance in sync and produced such a great song. Sadly I think I may claim this as my last E3 for Microsoft after the consistent disappointment from their E3's recently.
It is!! Go to Know Your and type in ''Usher's Dancing Fit's With Anything''!!!!
No problem. I don't know who would put a lame Pop song like this with Usher. Don't get me wrong I listen to J-Pop and and Asian Pop but no one should EVER compare this to Usher. Or replace it. When you said Neo i thought you meant the R&B singer at first lol. I forgot how you spell his name. I really don't listen to mainstream music as I did years ago. Mostly listen to independent, underground music and foreign music. A lot of underrated people out there who should be mainstream.
Brilliant most addictive video ever! Many lolz were given on skype!
So many people trolling on Usher in this page lol. No doubt that Usher IS 1000 times better. I'm with you man.
This video...will become a MEME! ( OoO)
one piece = beast usher = the guy that brought justin bieber to our lives just awful fuck usher fuck bieber one piece FTMFW nuff said
yepp and sadly same happend to nintendo just a while shortly after pikmin 3
At least it wasnt a Bieber related thing. Honestly though if there was a Bieber dancing game, it would sell more than COD.
Dude you don't even know Usher. You're making yourself look more of a fool than you really are. Fact Usher is one of the BEST in the whole world when it comes to R&B. Yes he's overrated because people like him. One Piece overrated. And that is no doubt a fact. Yes you are trolling buddy. Get your facts straight.
True True. And yeah instead of ''NeoGameSpark'' they call him Neo.
EXACTLY. Neo got the wrong info about him or just does not know what Rnb is.
Hey NEO play League of Legends!
Thanks for picking the best one piece opening theme
i beg to differ, it has a handful of op's that are good
This totally made me forget for a little that I totally bombed my math final. Thanks lol :(
da fuk is this Neo ?? Usher is 1000 times better then this shit. Just saying !
Neo, You mad genius, How did you come up with this?
HAHA Put it as video response to mine the HD version!
What happened to my other comment huh? You said that already and i told you the reason why it was performed that way. Still haven't answered my question. Looking for a good excuse now troll? You see unlike you Neo or whoever the uploader is, is smart. He didn't act like a loser after i spoke to him. He could have replied but he decided to be quiet because there was no way to win the argument. You on the other hand just constantly troll like there's no tomorrow. But its ok. I can play your game.
People are just copying off of other bitches like you. Haters will hate. No doubt about that. Speaking of taking things more seriously you should take your own advice. You should have kept your mouth shut since you know nothing about music, auto-tune, Usher and his performance lol
i wouldve stayed on gametrailers to watch the rest of the conference had this been on
Lol! I was waiting for chopper to pop out
i miss one piece come back to U.S
lol awsome. it actually is kinda sinced
how can he see anything with those sunglasses?
What song is this... I've never watched One Piece...
omg i can see it now: E3 13 with another Dancing Video Game with performance from Justin Bieber. Randy Marsh: OH MAH GAWD!! Kurt Russel: THEY'RE RAPING ME AND IT HURTS!!!!
Can you do a review on the ubisoft e3 and thoughts on tobuscus (or rant)?
damn ikr I mean WTF was the point for that performance?
Usher hardly uses auto tune lol. He is considered the best R&B singer of all time. So get your facts straight first ..
Also, he's probably lip syncing like all these talentless sell outs do.
How Did I know what Music You were gonna without SEEING The Video?
this song goes well with some fried chicken
I'm gonna feel stupid for asking this but: Which One Piece song is this?
Name of the song? I don't follow One Piece very much, so I wouldn't know XD. Otherwise... he's got decent dancing skills, but Usher pretty much sucks. But this was awesome!
My god this is hilarious XD. Also I love this One Piece song!
Btw Neo, nice vid, it's hilarious how much this fits...
LOL because most smart people know that singing while dancing in a performance live isn't an easy thing. This isn't a music video btw. Troll -_-
One Piece is the piece that completes.
Thanks For Responding To My Move Like Jagger Video Neo!!!
If only they focused more on the hot backup dancers ;)
in my opinion usher used to be cool untill he discovered justin bieber was that usher? xD
yeah why can i see him singing this
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