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Racist London Tram Lady 2011 - Emma West of New Addington in Croydon - CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!

by Tory Ferguson • 450,479 views

A 34-year-old British woman has multiple racist outburst on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink. Emma West, of New Addington in Croydon, is has been charged with a racially-aggravated public order...

She's right. It needs to throw out all coloured migrants from White states. Brave White Woman.
+Keisha Cole  I already guessed you are a fucking trash before your confirmation ))))
You have to admit though she does have some balls to say those things in a full tram full of immigrants.
+MrRaubtierify1998 no I'm British, you are just a moron
+MrRaubtierify1998  Actually you look like an immigrant disgusting wetback, people like you are the worst of the worst in the US and trash the country with your criminal activities and ignorance. I cannot stand wetbacks like yourself.
I don't like her cursing in front of children, but she is speaking the truth
Good she's completely right all non British need to to get the fuck back to where you came from
Yes one humanity and a lot of evil. Melanin can't define anything
This woman's clearly got mental health problems, but so do a lot of other people and they don't go around acting abusively.  She needs to take responsibility for what she's done and apologise to these people face to face, and then she needs treatment for her issues.  I don't know if she went to prison or not for this, but if she did then hopefully she got the help she needed.  This woman really is an example of the breakdown in this country's care system. 
She doesn't have mental health problems; she sees clearly what so many liberals in the West are turning deluded eyes away from. She is completely correct. Get a grip!
+BeanDelphikiMD The fact you're attempting to justify this person's unacceptable behaviour says a hell of a lot about your state of mind, and no doubt you're as much in need of psychiatric treatment as she is. She has no right to act in such a deranged manner under any circumstances, and no normal-minded person would argue otherwise regardless of their wider opinions on immigration.  With your attitude I hope to god that you're infertile or, if you're able to reproduce, your children are in care.  People like you breeding another generation of knuckle-dragging neanderthals is the last thing this country needs.  And in the long term, whatever your deeper issues are, I hope you receive the help you clearly need.
what is that black lady talking about? if it wasn't for foreigners like her nobody would do any work? You come from Nigeria which is a failure of a country to England which is a very successful one, how do you think England was so successful before people like you came there? If people like you are such great workers why not stay in your country and make it so great and why isn't it so great if this is the case? complete bullshit
There are alot successful people in nigeria but obviously you no fuck all all you no is fucking boring cold depressing england
This young lady has more guts then all the white men in all of England  The white men  are cowards. gutless cowards She is waking up England to the genocide of its native population. The genocide is called multiculturalism. With in 50 to 100 years or so there will be no more native white England people. And England will look very much like the island of Jamaica Stop white genocide should be the rally point of all England native people.
its very frustrating when ur own town turns into a garbage because of immigration... i know what it means, i can understand her feelings. Its not about being RACIST
I think she's using her liitle kid as defense so everyone on the bus doesn't jump her
This is not racism is true they are inmigrants! she said the truth. Free for Emma
White people make me sick and they age to fucking fast there so weak
This lady was fired from her job after this. Lool. Karma sure is a bitch!
It's funny, people act like Americans are so racist, but I've been to 7 different countries in Europe and they are so racist and very open about it it is insane. 
The country is being overran though she has a good point.
Say no to the Genocide White! 
it's funny how upset everyone gets over a lone woman's comments.  i think the reason why her comments elicit such a reaction is because  deep down every nigger and wog in britain knows that they don't belong in that country.   i think deep down every foreigner in britain suspects that this  is how the majority of the british really feel;  and they're probably correct.  every opinion poll i've ever read from britain shows that the overwhelming majority of britons never wanted immigration to their country.  one poll i saw from the 60's showed that 83% of britons were opposed to immigration (and immigration in the 60's was rather modest).  these foreigners are living in britain without the  consent of the british people.  that makes them colonialists and not immigrants.  we all know what happens to colonialists once the natives start getting restless.  i think videos like this make the invaders feel that the natives are starting to stir.  i hope they are.  no nation has ever been enriched by the presence of niggers and wogs.  i hope there's a race riot in britain and the british people throw this garbage out of their country, and imprison the traitors responsible for letting it happen.  
Fucking well said Otto! It has gone on for far too long......we have 3 million Islamists for fuck's sake. It aint gonna be pretty I can tell yer...but we need our country back.......and those that want to be Somalian or whatever...can fuck off back there..... Enoch Powell was right....what a genius that guy was! He would be horrified at what has happened to good old Blighty! 
Ive been immigrant in UK and I have never felt about English people the way you put it here.. i was always stunned by warm hearted, wise and open people.. I do understand the point of view tho.. if you give too much you end up with nothing left for yourself.. 
Lady, your fuckin Queen used her American Wehrmacht to push Muslims into Europe. Wall Street/The City, pushed Mexicans into US- literally. Too little too late.
The bitch had a point, everyone should hold down the fort in their own country. I don't see any reason to flea from your country unless it's going to get nuked or something. Also why is her speech so slurred?  ~Black guy
Wow!! In NYC.. I couldn't imagine hearing that on a subway! Some People are very ignorant! ! Low levels of education. ..and very poor mental state of mind and total disrespect for everyone. SIMPLY think of this way. ..What ever your color...creed...or religious beliefs. ..or genetic makeup. We all bleed the same blood! Whatever race we are....we All breath the same way and same air....and we all use the bathroom the same human form way. And ppl want to rant.....on what country. ..and what color you are....SAD! This world we live today is full of unexpected Hate. Simply Sad.
She is just a bloody whore or she might be pic of shit .
The cops arrested her for this and they couldn't stop multiple tube bombings by the Islamic terrorists.  Not to mention the grooming and sex trafficking by the Pakis that went on for years and involved thousands of underage girls. What a great use of police resources.  
In USA, many black women shout racial slurs constantly and no one complains! They only jailede Emma Waston because she's white!
If she epitomises what "being British " is then frankly I don't want any part of it.
Why was she arrested? She has the right to say whatever she wants just as I have the same right to call her a cunt. The British are such fucking pansies thanks to this liberal thinking.
Well said Emma West !
I find this horrible but I loved when that white women hugged that black man / women I'm seeping sorry if I offended anyone but seeing her hugging that black person really touched my heart
Poor Emma I can feel your pain, but don't blame these people, blame the Jews for allowing multiculturalism in your country
It's not the blacks who are the problem it is the Eastern Europeans.
"And another thing most of them are Papists" So the fuck what? You'd rather have violent, welfare dependent blacks and Paki's as opposed to religious hard workers? What the fuck is wrong with you?
Are you even serious right now? Eastern Europeans are one of the most hard working people in the UK! Black people and Muslims are problem! Example: Riots in London 98 % of rioters were black they destroyed many shops, they set many bulidings on fire! 
Lets just all give a round of applause for the boy sitting behind her for NOT punching her in the back on the head like he wanted to and for the black AND white people who comforted and held him back. Special applause for the girl who went over and hugged him
Fuck she has a point. Fucken nigger filming.
She went to jail for this and protective services took her kid away. 
God bless freedom of speech. You will miss it.
I feel really sorry for her little boy sitting there not knowing what's happening😖
I find this really, really depressing.
People who think there British, pure white ha ha ha check out ur history if it's not blacks n pakis ect it's polish an they probably got one of the 3 in there blood lol ignorance
She's lucky she had that baby shield~
+Basterfields Muslims batter their women! 
Man we need more women like this. So sad there are not more like her speaking up. So sad......and what a LUCKY kid she has...who will be brought up without the doctrines of cultural marxism and brainwashing of the media.
I share her view but she is drunk and caring for her son. She is garbage.
Racist video, packed with racist comments. Go on. Go kill each other. Show each other who's country is "superior"... I don't care.
What about the anti-white racist in the video, saying that white Brits don't want to work? But, I guess it's not fashionable to stand up for Europeans.
I give it to the Lady, for saying all that shit, without any fear. I know where she is coming from, foreign people are taking over Britain. A bitter fact for some small minority people.
And what makes you come to such a pretentious assumption?
+Alex Jhons Alex u are as stupid as shit. How would you feel if some muslims came into your house and told u not to drink or enjoy yourself because they are muslims and they can.t . That.s what.s happening. Everyone is concerned about how the immigrants feel, not to offend them and their religion. i say FUCK THE IMMIGRANTS if you want to live in a community than change yourself accordingly , don.t try to change the community so that it accepts you. BECAUSE  STUPID PEOPLE RULE THE WORLD , THAT.S WHY. Emma was not right on the situation, but i would have cheered for her if some niggers were fuckin around in the tram.
You're all arguing about who to put the blame on, when who can even say what British is anymore. Diversity is the modern world, so get used to it. I'm ashamed to be a part of this society where we can't even accept anyone anymore. Get help.
Ive been living England and i was always full of admiration for you Guys, I have never felt treated unfair by English people.. She should get help it is clear she aint well on her mind.. putting kid in a danger like that.. I mean never know how is on the trum ... she could get punched, her boy could get hurt... Still what I wanted to say is do not feel shame it is a great society with small exeptions.. ;)
I agree that there are a lot of good aspects to this society but racist outbursts and attacks like this are becoming a commonality and there is just so much ignorance around people of different ethnicities. 
I think she's really pretty.
So being british suddenly has a certain color.. Lolllll
No free speech in England...and mrs. West is in the right, White countries are being infiltrated and destroyed within by bullshit multiculturism...and its being done on purpose.
+TheMexikingisback2 you do realize this video is in Britain right, beano? an HALF your ancestors are from SPAIN (as in Europe,fuckhead.) and don't try t tell me you are all Aztec or mayan...most of them were killed off with European are SPANISH!  
+TheMexikingisback2  Jutout is right. Mexicans are Spanish , but just a little worst. With their stupid food and stupid clothing and looks ( spanish people are gypsies in disguise) and stupid mustaches and fucking retarded kids and retarded mentality, just like the spanish people. You retarded kid think that europe is bullshit let me tell u something, without us europeans , our knowledge and our social lifestyle you would still be hunting with sticks you fucking retards. WHY DO ALL PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT WHITE ARE STUPID RETARDED MORONS? REALLY REALLY , HOW COME US WHITE FOLKS CAN BE GOOD PEOPLE WHO OBEY THE LAW AND ARE HONEST AND THEN SOME COLORED ASSHOLE DECIDES TO RUIN EVERYTHING?
God Bless Emma West for having the courage to speak the truth.  Her Britain is fuck all, and that's the truth.  England and America defeated Hitler, the only man in Europe that tried to stop the third world invasion of Europe and Britain and America shit on him, and shit on their own countries in the process.
Ninguna raza es superior a otra, solo que cada una tiene su espacio y cultura. Esta mujer hizo lo correcto, defendió a su raza y el derecho a no convertirse en minoría en su propio territorio. Pero claro, cualquiera que haga esto es tachado de "racista". Si un negro insulta a un blanco está bien, pero si un blanco insulta a un negro es racismo, ¿en qué clase de mundo pendejo vivimos?
this is not surprising at all. british are all like this.
+Jack Pimbolt Anti racist is a codeword for Anti White
Beautiful white lady got a point .
I dont agree with what she did, but I know one thing, shes served longer then a pedophile. There's law priorities for you. They see racist comments more harmful then abuse on children. Yeah, because some of the judges are nonces.
Love all the racist comments trying to slam this racist woman, it sums up modern times! I live in england and can sympathise with her to be honest. We have 80 million people crammed on this tiny island thanks to our government opening the floodgates to more or less anyone. You cannot move on our motorways for congestion. Boiling point is close and its not a racist thing its just our government have lost all control over who comes in. We literally are being milked like a cow and cant do shit about it!
+Rob Fraser With the illegals and all the Muslim babies that have been born since I started typing this message....I reckon 66 million! Muslims will number 32 million in 20 years.....think about that......32 million of the fuckers.....all potential Islamists!.......
+Rob Fraser well youre so wrong there try 65 million now to 58 million in 1994.Thats a city  the size of London.More worrying is the demographics with more than 15% of the population not born in the uk.That doesnt include the illegals -conservatively 1 million.
fuck cultural marxism fuck white guilt i cant believe this woman is going to jail for something like this, meanwhile we got thousands of retarded bloggers, writers, teachers and journalist demonizing white people who dont get no flak
i'm cool with that :)
"The whole fucking tram... It's nothing but black and fucking brown people!" She's right, you know.  White genocide is real, and it's repulsive.
I hope when she dies her creator remembers this!
Her dad was her creator...and he will probably be dead by then!
spare the child get off the train
I'm horrified how someone thinks she has the right to say who can and can not come into the United Kingdom because you weren't born here. With the language that was coming out of her mouth shows her level of intelligence, I am White British and I am shocked that people can be this thick and racist.
Well hopefully your love of immigrants will backfire when someone gets gang raped in your family by a pack of muslims 
A dog can be born in a stable, but that doesn't make it a horse!
Africa for africans, asia for asians, israel for jews but white countries for every race??? the Zionist Globalists are forcing ALL and ONLY white countries to take in constant tsunamis of non-white immigrants, and the Zionist controlled governments & mass media tells ALL white people to assimilate, race-mix, and accept constant floods of non-white immigrants. This is a propagandated genocide.  Anti-whites will call me "racist" for opposing this genocide watch David Duke videos and learn the truth
nah change it to england for africans :)
Anti racist is codeword for anti white!
"She doesn't even realize that the British pride themselves on being a multicultural, multi-race, &religious, liberal free thinking society with a rich & diverse Commonwealth." He types at gunpoint.  
See the Aryan kinder absorbing all the conflict......he's a Mosley,Griffin,Hitler in the making.
Truth is racist. She told the truth.  Those people are foreigners and don't belong.
+ConfrontationalRealist you are quite intriguing, please explain me how immigrant creates nightmare in your country! withouth talking about the muslim terrorist, just by curiosity!
Can't even pronounce 'Nigeria'. Another example showing racist people ignorant.
did anybody see the black kid who was right behind this harpy getting upset and being comforted by a hug from a blonde girl...... i dont know who that girl is,, but because i saw what she did i can say that there is hope for Britain yet.
makes me fucking laugh yet the Muslim can burn the British poppy and say thing like iSt ok to kill British soldiers!          AND SAYING YOU WOULD HAVE BEAT HER UP IS BULL!!!     AS THERE WAS MANY OF PEOPLE ON THAT TRAM FUNNY ENOUGH DONE FUCK ALL!
I hate racists and niggers
Doesn't that make you someone you hate?
I hate Niggers....and Japs......and Chinks,...and Pakis.......and Africans.....and Russians lol.....but not all the time....just when they insist on living in the UK......Niggers living abroad are nice......I like that.....but as soon as they come here...they can fuck off back .......I like curry.....but fuck off back to niggerland afterwards..... But most of all I fucking cannot stand Muslims.....any colour you care to mention that follow this religion/political Ideology.....Islam is fucking evil.....
Sakhh and the West have racist Hahaha
The struggle because I live there and I recognised a few people I just think she has a right to an opinion but not on public transport and directly like that
wow.  she is hilarious.  in all the bad ways.
If she is an example of Great Britain...Good lord.
English the dirtiest population on PLANET EARTH!
hans said im black colored..
+Charlotte H They already are doing.....Anti Racist is codeword for anti white! White genocide is already happening in Europe. Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for EVERYONE!
English are weird. They let the bankers treat them like cannon meet; Go all over the world in red, skunk dresses, shooting people and making colonies - so the fucking City of London crooks make money on murder - and later are upset colonies came home. Eastern (or Central Europeans) are not the problem. The problem are those fucking crooks in the City Of London financing Nazi Germany and Nazi European Union to destroy Europe. You fuckers take care of your own scum in London first and complain about others later.
Ces sales petits flics, lâches, ont dénoncé, jeté en pâture à ces ordures de journalistes, de politicards et d'associations cette pauvre fille du peuple, sans doute smicarde, se prenant la "diversité" en pleine gueule, subissant la politique capitaliste d'importation de main-d'oeuvre à bon marché organisée pour engraisser les fonds souverains, les fonds d'investissement et les banques ! C'est le retour du pilori. Ordures ! Salauds !  Pourritures !
She was on meds when she was filmed here. She wasn't remanded but she was given community sentence. She was having mental health problems and before she got on the tram she took 2.5x the recommended dosage of her medication and downed it with a glass of wine. If anyone bothers to do any Googling on the matter, it's actually quite a sad story. 
Emma West with her blonde baby. Bet she's jump with joy whenever she saw US & NATO carpet bombing black, brown & yellow folks and their dark haired babies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Asia. God sent another "proud to be white as snow" from Germany to f..kup all the white skinned blond haired in Europe 70years ago. Look like it will happen again in future.  
Iraq = Saddam Hussein, an cruel didactor to his own people Afghanistain= protected Osama Bin Laden, refused to handle him to USA, so suffers an intense attack! Asia= trying protect many peoples there. Japan haven't stopped if not nUSA bombed Japan. Who is the bad guy, anyway?
Is that big h behind her
she ought to just shut the fuck up an stop bein racist 
Itś unfair that she got jailed a month beacuse of that... meanwhile a black killer got sentenced 4 years for killing a white man.
Truly sad. People are people.
Muslims are people too......but I don't agree with their values.......and to live by those values whilst in Britain.....on British soil...... When in as the Romans do. When in what the fuck you like!!! Terrible......Anti Racist is a codeword for Anti White! they cry "racism"? Do they fuck up the country they live on? Do they use or demand special privilege? No. Yet they come from a very poor background, they are "diferent" and their ancestors were colonized. So what makes the Chinese different? 110 IQ points average. Blacks and browns know this damn well, their behaviour (besides their low emotional inteligence) is explained by the fact that they know they are inferior. 
This is so funny,she's such a moron.
Pay back for the looting and genocide England committed in the last 500 years then you can talk bitch.     What a piece of trash.
hmmm... I wonder  if she knows how many countries the British fucked over 4 they 2 have all that wealth now....
hmmm yes because the uk is so rich right.After fighting two world wars we were bankrupt.All the money from the empire together with railways etc went to the yanks.We paid off our last ww2 loan in 2006.But im sure every coloured person would have been better off under the facists and japanese right.
"Fucking Polish?" Now she seems just xenophobic in general. How are they ruining the UK?
i wish this woman could imagine what little kid would be going through,,, no one is caring about  little soul , what a disgrace,,,,,
Come to London! Experience the thrilling and mind-opening discussions strangers will force you into within enclosed spaces! [N.B. Experience may vary depending on  skin tone ;)]
Stupid ignorant cow. This just prooves race has fuck all to do with being brain dead!!
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