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Skyrim - Vampire guide: how to become one and what you get

by GreenFors • 940,507 views

All future Elder Scrolls videos from me will be on my new channel: general info part 2: I also...

Lol companion of the night
I fucking hate vampirism in this game. Ruined my first 30hr long playthrough. Not knowing a thing about vampirism made me lose all the "good guy" progress I made, I couldn't get the cure due to the man who had it attacking me every time I approached him, I couldn't get into any cities without raising an alarm. Fuck vampirism, it's a damn game breaker imo.
Can you be a vampire and werewolf?
I've never liked being a vampire one bit. However I have been werewolf every time I create a character. Soooo I think a change will be fun, also being a vampire isn't easy, which makes the game more challenging for you. As a gamer, I welcome that.
If you are on PC there is a mod to make werewolf more realistic harder and more interesting. You change at the full moon and stay that way all night. Really need to plan ahead and think what to do when the full moons coming. 
I was new to the world of Skyrim and during my travels, I came across a cave and ventured inside and encountered vampires. I fought and killed them, but didn't know I had contracted their disease. Later on in the game I completed the Thalmor infiltration mission and returned to get my stuff, it took some time to make it this far in the game though, I went inside the inn and the next thing I know I get my ass mobbed by the Riverwood villagers! I got killed several times in that inn!
i can 't use my powers what do i need to do
can u get it on your laptop
I became a vampire but without tansformition anyone know what to do
So you all know... If you do the Dawnguard DLC and turn down Harkon's opening offer, you can complete the quest and then ask his daughter to turn you later. (She can be found with the Dawnguard in the main entrance of the fort if you sided with them which is the only way for it to go if you turned down her father's offer) Vampire Lord comes with more stuff than the normal vampire anyway. Keep in mind however that if you take that route the Dawnguard will no longer have much of anything to do with you.
So how do u cure yourself after u become an actual vampire and not just infected?
It says im 50% disease resistant and idk how to get it off any know im a lizard guy?
definitely restarting this damn game....wish i would have never been gifted this DLC xD 
Probably a little late, but you can revert to human by doing a quest "Rising at Dawn".
Its good to be Vampire because new powers,way how looks and you are stronger, BUT for everyone else to say this: can cure anytime yourself (Speak to Falion in Morthal.) or by cheat  2.solution for feeding is simply, i got married and i feed on my wife when i want :D cannot be drink blood Be Vampire and have a fun humans are boring :)
Can you get the disease while healing yourself
Right on for the info glad I found this before it was to late lol
A chicin is a weatnis
I think its better to become a vampire lord im one and its awesome
I pose a question for you , wat if you are playing a character that has a natrual resistance to fire , think thats the red guard
They are not fireproof they have  50% immunity to fire meaning they jsuusttake half damage 
+Ian Alverson !!! Not that, He said that if a Dunmmer is a Vampire then the Dark Elf is Netural, If Dunmmer is not a Vampire then the Dark Elf is 50% Resistance to fire, Can you math?
My character is a vampire and when I go to morthal the guards attack me cause I'm a vampire now. Can't play skyrim or I have to restart
Now I'm a werewolf from my other account spybanana
Can't you use vampire's seduction on a NPC, and feed on that person (even if the person is )
thanks that help me a lot I was sick of people attacking me and I did not know how to get the stage back down so thanks again
When your a vampire how do u get no vampire like not be vampire
+Frank Valiquette Your grammar is wrong, that's what I'm saying if you're not smart enough
I can't even fnd one dungeon
Im a redguard so i have 50% resistince to disese :(
I became a vampire without wanting to or knowing
It's pronounced sangweri
If you become the vampire lord will they kill you
If i choose to be a vampire in the dawnguard dlc what happen's then with the dawnguard quest's
This is just for vampire DLC... because when i did it without the DLC i didnt see anything not any advantages but when i had the Vampire DLC i got it.. so yeah. :P
+leighton taylor The Dawnguard DLC is the "Vampire DLC". The entire storyline of the DLC is you stopping a psycho vampire from "destroying" the sun.
ye i know i was just saying its not called the vampire dlc its called dawngaurd but the rest of the comment didnt appaer
one time i got vampirism decease by eating vampire dust 
Would it work if you have the ring of nimera that lets you eat dead bodys,does that count as feeding cause it would get kind of annoying to do that every hour.
Ah it's possible to become a...cannibal (yes A CANNIBAL i went to markhart and in catacombs there is a woman who eat a dead body)it's terrible :))))
Maybe werewolf is better
can you become a vampire on xbox? because I spent like half an hour trying to get vampirism but it did not work.    :(
+kangatroll yes I have got it for xbox but zee system noot ruan right..
If you become a vampire do you get attcked,by,people
If you are vampire do the other vampires attack you?
Well, other "stranger" vampires, like the ones in dungeons and stuff. If your talking about the vampires in Lord Harkon's Castle, then no.
is it just waiting or is there a special thingy for it to make is go faster?
Wait for 1 day in Skyrim.
i have skyrim and people were asking if were feeling so well even tho I wasin't a vampire what does that mean 
Wanted to be a vampire cus vampire diaries.
Recently found when I was in Morthal that the wizard there could cure me of being a vampire although you have to get some quests done for him to cure you.
that queast is glitcht for me there no return
When u are a vampire does it effect Ur missions or not
As long as you stay away from stage 4 vampire, no.
If you want to cure vampirism you can do the quest rise off dawn or something very close to that, also cannot be a werewolf/vampire combo, and i think the dlc makes it better because you can become a vampire lord.
I have lycanthropy so im imune to vampirism.
I meant vampire lord does u know
Thank you for the video, is awesome
Can u be a argonian and be a vampire?
ofcourse the only thing thats imune is werewolfs.
I got it when a couple of vampires attacked whiterun. So i didn't have to search for them :D
Thank you boss i become a vampire and i didn't know how came back thank you you are the best
as a full on vampire can you get rid of the disease?
Become a werewolf then if you don't want that get rid of that or go to any inn and talk to the inn keeper say 'heard any rumors lately' and you will recieve a mission. You will then need to talk to falion. If these solutions don't help tell me.
go to someone near falkreath and you have to do a quest 
It didint work you can only have one type of animal or vampire
Really helpful worked im a vampire now :D thx 
How do you become a member of the dark brotherhood 
Go to the inn keeper in any town and ask about the latest gossip, the inn keeper may tell you about Aventus Aretino who is trying to perform The Black Sacrament in Windhelm, or if your in Riften speak with a man named Maul. He's usually found standing against a post to the left of the entrance to the city, or alternatively speak with the children of the Hounourhall orphanage in Riften they will tell you of Aventus Aritino's plan to have the headmistress Grelod the "Kind" killed, by summoning the Dark Brotherhood. from there you will receive a quest that will direct you to Aventus, accept his proposal and kill Grelod, no bounty will be issued for her death.24 hours after this has been done a courier will appear with a letter once you receive the letter go to sleep. When you awake the leader of the Dark Brotherhood will have taken you to a cabin she will give you a mission that when followed will allow you to join. It does not matter which of the three you kill.   
how can i ever find some one thats sleeping i never get back too stage 1 >.>
I can't really find a wizard that can sell me the bound Bow, any advice?
Very good guide on how to become a vampire. A few funny misspells, and mispronunciations but still very good guide.
broken fang cave is better
can you be a vampire and a werewolf
A Hybrid it is called a Hybrid.......
I tried and i stopped being vampire when i became a werewolf 
Now that I know I go back to stage one ill be able to cure it!
Best Guide to Vampirism I've seen so far! Though I'm still confused as to why the more hungry you get, the stronger you get. Still, you made it clear that this was the case and it helped me a lot! ^^
Ikr? You'd think based off of movies and books that, vampires become stronger and better able to control their weaknesses the more they feed on a humans blood. Not the other way around lol
From what I've gathered in the Elder Scrolls universe, Vampirism comes across more of a curse that requires the taboo drinking of blood in order to sustain a more human condition. I guess it makes the disease seem more gloomy.
So if I do this with Dawnguard installed, can I become a vampire lord because I rejected harkon and got myself cured each time? But now I regret it and want to be a vampire lord haha
U have to get hurt a lot by the vampire and heal and something will pop in the upper left coner then wait three days then ur a vampire
Thank you for this. I had been werewolf,which was great minus all the bounties,and was actually wondering how to be a vampire. So this helped. :)
theres a whole quest for becoming one lol
Im sure that im not going to become vampire
Really helpful thanks, I thought you had to join a group to become one. There are both advantages and disadvantages which if weighed out right it's still an advantage.
thare is but itss a 20:00 dollare dlc pack
will other vampires attack you
Good video now I need to find one on wear wolf's and decide what I want to be
Is it just me or does the speaker guy sound like gru from despicable me.... °.° lol
Do you have to download dawn guard
Do you need a dlc to become a vampre?
Can I be a Werewolf and a Vampire at the same time?
Yes you can but only on computer
With the use of mods.
I'm have a thing that wont let me turn into a vampire
Everybody not attacking my
In my opinion, being a werewolf has many more advantages than vampirism. You can become a beast once every 24 hours, unless someone sees you transform you can kill everyone without consequence, and it doesn't make everyone hate you immediately!
C. How do you get from 4 to 2 💦🎂🎂😞😊🐸
reload the game when he died :)
Thx tht really helps :-):-):-) And yes im a girl so wht i play skyrim. I think its hot
You sound like you want to get noticed -.-
ok.. but if you're a vampire, is there any way of returning to a normal person?
I don`t like to be a Vampire but i tried it works thanks
24% more powerful did you guy get the message
How to turn back to human
player.setrace (insert race here)
Go to the shrine of talos and get the blessing. It's in Whiterun where that idiot priest is.
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