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Minecraft server Faction pvp 24/7 GodlyPvp! BACK ONLINE!

by Bluzz Rah • 861 views

This is Godlypvp Join today =) IP New map! new server trailer

shut up this is an amazing server so what if it resets i think it is fun to start over have a new start it is kinda cool to start over every once in a while
samaslama and i gone make the server again a new
its a pvp raid server!!!!!! thats allowed(From The_yognaut Head admin of godlypvp)
Yomama remember me? It's me minecraftgirl hack squad
The server is down, by Massive ddos grief attack
Lol crashkilla you love the server and we are friends and you play a lot I'm nidavil btw
It's not 24/7!!! U fuckin bicth
Yay, good job on the server xreal!!!
my name is mcfury101. i need to tell u that griefers r destroying my home, claiming other people's loot, and being immature to me. i loss all my food and iron armor and iron sword.
Like the server very Much!!! Keep up the work xreal
Ola, when do you think the server will be back up, if at all?
hey this is godlypvp make sure to keep playing
not anymore the faction admins is the best now and i am a mod in the faction
guys they reset the server dont go on it its crap
Faction Unknown is the best faction
AWESOME can u make me mod FlyingFetus
this is _POOH_ this is an amazing server i have played for a while and I help with all the buildings that are made like the pvparena and other things but the world keeps gettin refreshed to where it is a blank world so we have to start over but like i sed i help eddv23, sebz, and xreal5k build several things and i am not admin but hopefully sometime in the future :)
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