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The Church of Satan - Talks about Marilyn Manson and other Musicians affiliated with them

by satanicinternational • 245,653 views The #1 satanic social networking site for Satanist . Like facebook but not so lame. Free to join .check it out . Boyd Rice speaks of Marilyn Manson and...

marilyn manson smells like poo
If it's LeVayen Satanism then it's atheistic. Satan is a symbol a fictional character . A symbol for rebellion. For standing up for oneself and believing in yourself. If Manson is a satanist. He is LaVeyen. Since he did meet LeVay himself.
God (good) satan(bad)
so what he believes in Satan I still love his music and him /-\ fuck my family I'm always going to be a Marilyn Manson fan forever until I die cx ~anonymous girl~
Marilyn Manson is actually quite intelligent. You should watch some of his interviews :-)
Thanks for your post .I do not have energy to an argument with anti Manson  militants.
I highly doubt Brian Warner takes his Satanism seriously. I think he's more interested in getting a boner for himself in his interviews.
Well, B.Warner's too clever to be
well,maybe Brian Warner takes the Satanism seriously,but Marilin Manson didn't take it like that.
No offense but why are white ppl so fucking weird(-_-)
Years of living in the frozen north with cabin fever drove us to a state of perpetual neurotic madness.
Marilyn Manson is not a Satanist. He's an atheist with his own moral beliefs. As Michael Dean said in the comments, he's a marketing genius.
Steve O ate human bone as well. I'd go for the ass cheeks honestly.
Lol "Marilyn Manson is scary" haha no, actually, Marilyn Manson is just good at making music videos and wearing makeup. If that scares you, I feel bad for you. And he is a very intelligent man although I disagree with satanism
Read marilyn manson's autobiography, he has been through some sick shit.  He's also a very intelligent individual.  He has also smoked human bones before.
I would say that 98% of people that claim to be "satanists" are not. Marilyn Manson uses his shtick to sell albums nothing more. Hes not scary...hes a marketing genius. 
The kind of satanists that worship the biblical satan doesn't really exist outside hollywood.
You don't know the definition of a Satanist do you
Is that graham nortons voice
I'm not gay (nor homophobic) but that dude is seriously hot.
Did you read the comment? If not for his STATUS, he would likely have trouble finding a date.
+Zenith LeStrange I think his status is appealing to people, not his looks. I've known people who I've thought looked similar to Brian Warner. Those people weren't regarded as sexy by anyone, including M.Manson fans. I think people have trouble coming to terms with the fact that everyone is either openly or secretly shallow to some extent.  
You and I are twins. Well, almost. You're "A man of christ", and I'm "Christopher". Chris for short.
Well good for you. Enjoy your beliefs. If you have faith, then good for you.
Marilyn Manson wasnt a satanist, he was an antireligionist. He never spoke that satan was a god, nor did he ever have songs disproving  gods existance. If it was said he was an atheist,i wouldve believed that.
Manson is a card holder of the Church of Satan, but that doesn't mean he's a Satanist. :3
just open your big eyes!!!!!! are you blind or something. The dude is satanist!!
Soon all the motherfrickers that follow people like this scum will face their judgment..only people like that are nothing but selfish scums who dont give thanks to the one who gave them life.
The same could be said about you, me, or anyone.
another pseudopreacher with big,dirty mouth.pathetic.more pathetic is that now it's a girl.
scary? dumb asses  lol   a bit of make  up n stuff  scare people???   they must all be stupid
ok i said i wouldnt comment again, but i just had to give you something, theres this guy on here i want you to talk to, hes a jesus freak just like you and loves to talk about evil and the gayest band ever, dokken, here is his username: erikthered9
the bottum line look at 500 years back and now and tell me humanity is doing good,they cut down al the green put building in there place wich causes les oxidjun excuse my spelling they palute the air and releas cemicels wich causes cancer etc we overpopulate the world and schoot animals wich are way more less of then us and then tell me wich way where going god ore satan i rest my case youre honour
Marylin.."some people are gonna be afraid"..Nick:"Some people are NOT gonna be afraid". Satan is a defeated foe and there's nothing attractive about his sensless ways. All his ways lead to death and destruction. Stupid how we glorify this sometimes and even lash out at others who beleive THE TRUTH lol. If death had it's way with you you woudn't even be here to say cliches like "Satan rules". Jesus is LORD and has conquered death hell and the grave and GUESS WHAT? HE LOVES YOU!
people this is a warning dont fallow this satanic illuminati stuff you all will die one day whats the price for it to fallow satan? spend enternity in hell dont think you will have a great time in hell you will hate the moment and second that you decided to fallow satan i tell you heaven and hell are real and the day of judgement is also real enternity is a long long time! jesus christ loves you and he want to save you!
FUCK why did u have to remove the beginning? so teasing....
If he wanted to save us, he wouldn't have sent someone like you to spread the message.
@naynaybayable Not sure that is exactly the way we should approach this...
In fact I say that to the followers of all religions.
The world is full of fanciful idiots.
dude. SHUT.UP. id like to go to one youtube video with out stupid religion
Your problem. Not mine :) Go worship your god that doesn't exist, you jesus freak.
I didn't say I agreed with everything he did. I just said that he was talented and that I respected him. Didn't god tell us to love the sinner, and hate the sin? Do you think He didn't mean marilyn when he said he loved everyone? And This youtube account was actually my friend's. I kind of inherited it. I'm confused as to why you talk about Marilyn Manson's "evil" so much, while you're actually doing essentially the opposite of what God commands us to do.
So you're saying we should just call Marilyn Manson evil, and offer him no compassion? Why can't you just.... i don't know.... pray for him instead? isn't that what you're supposed to do?"
everyone who isnt worshiping god is praising the
News flash Catholics are Christians. No Christian murder... are you kidding... try Ed Gein... His mother ruled him with Christianity to the point that he went insane.... Jeffery Dalmer... I have no problem with Christianity anymore that with any religion. (And it is a religion you might try reading a text book that didn't come from a church.) In fact the only reason that the protestant reformation even happened was so that the King of England could get a divorce. The problem isn't that people
He has plenty of musical you can't recognize that...what a moron. The Beautiful People, for example is a perfectly symmetrical song that musically is the same both forwards and backwards on both rythym and melody. You might not like the song, but it wreaks with talent and musical genius. Your simplistic moronisc statement that he has no talent just show that you are a buffoon who knows nothing of music.
That's wrong? how can an opinion be wrong? If my best friend started hanging out with my worst enemy, he must've not been a good friend. And if he started getting into satanic worship, I'd call him a dumbass. But i'd still be his friend. Same thing applies to these people on youtube. I call them dumb asses for worshiping a dumb belief. And yes in my opinion, the worship of Satan as a deity is dumb.
Marilyn Manson is fucking GOD ..
Marilyn Manson wasn't born in Florida. He was born in Ohio.
GOD GOD <3 <3 <3 <3 i love god , satanic it's a son of a biatch !!!!! GOD GOD GODDDDDD <3
@wandererlain and what about jesus i heard he killed two people
@fgironman3 because people are by nature hypocrytical
You see, I'm not trying to bash on Christianity, because yes all religions do that. I'm just using it as an example.
Everybody's looking for something. And. Btw im a christian i dont however like jesusfreaks. Believe me there is a difference. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion/religion. If u believe jesus is a fictional character i wont change that. Y should i try? Even idk but only i can believe. It's really if ur a believer or a non believer i guess :) but im not into that West Burough Baptist church BULLSHIT.
@jamesdragonforce I like Gorgoroth. Not so sure about Mayhem, yet.
manson was not born in fl. he only went to hs there. he was born in ohio
i belive it says in your lil book judge not lest ye be judged yourself, so shut the fuck up, and finish reading your work of fiction you goddamn retard
oh really? like the great words of homer simpson, "What if you are following the wrong religion? Then you are just making god madder and madder every day!" and he's right, if God is meant to be so good, then why does he get mad it's like he says this, "How dare you do what i already predetermined you would!". If God is all knowing then he must know from the beginning that a certain person would be bad. It's like he just doesn't give a shit.
Not to be rude but when Christ Himself does contact you and shocks you to be very real, you will keep saying the true no matter would you believe it or not. The Only way God can contact you directly is if you ask him directly, in your mind, when you're alone and seriously. Most of people dont know God because they're afraid of asking Him to reviele Himself to them. It is scary God to open up Himslef to you because your life will never be the same.
Marilyn's music reflects that one should them selfs and not let society change that. In fact that u should change society! Also, his music reflects that sometimes U must be ur own god! U must make UR decisions. His music isn't god versus Satan or satanic beliefs, it's a resemblance of who u r inside and who u wanna be. U only hate him because u do not enjoy the type of music, or the fact that he thinks differently then u. But to me Marilyn is my biggest role model!!!!! He DOES have a RIGHT MIN
@pikachu7567 How about you ask the one's that are Satanists before you start saying such filth like this?
And that's wrong. Just because someone follows the devil means you have to hate them. So you apply that to other concepts as well? What if your best friends started hanging out with your worst enemy, or better yet started getting into satanic worship. People are so focused on religion. It's so over-rated.
@sykeligdemon Because "Satan" is Hebrew for enemy, and that would make "Satanism" "the religion of my enemy"...It could technically apply to any religion that you're against...
The only thing that is "stoopid" is the way you're typing and if you did you're research you will find that Anton LaVey (the founder of the Satanic Church and the author of the Satanic Bible) ordained Marilyn Mason a Reverend in the Church of Satan, therefore he is a member, however he doesn't preach or hold masses it is merely just a status he was given
Umm because you should respect people, no matter what, for their beliefs and choices. Going to a catholic school for 2 years. I believe your religion says that, as a basic moral too. Hate it sure.... hate people for following it.... no.
I love christians who dont force their beliefs on others Why dont theistic satanists get more publicity , damn Hail to the rebellious goats Athiestic or Thiestic
why are you here again? he's may not be big in music anymore. but the dude is smart as fuck, you can't argue. just go look at his other interviews. he's a modern day philosopher.
You know, i never got anti-religious stuff. I believe the best thing to represent is yourself and what you believe in. But whats the point in going on and flashing what you dont believe in. not saying the people hhere are, im just sayin..
nope, there are 2 types of satanists, the one the marilyn manson is, is the one where you believe you are your own god or something. The one that the other guy is the one where you believe in the devil.
Sorry dude, but if you "see them in Hell", that'll be because you are there too!
that's what it has currently become, i'm all for it, but it still originated as what i previously just mentioned
Manson would be more dangerous if he actually had any talent......the kids will eventually wake up to the fact that he is a fool in makeup just give them time
"Must of not been a good friend" well you couldn't accept your friend just because of that? Yes it's your opinion, not trying to personally bring it down. I'm saying that's wrong in general; that christian people do not respect different beliefs, like satanism, and it is becoming a problem. It's like honestly, stop fucking hassling and looking down on them. They are probably more of a person than you are. Opinion or not, that IS and ALWAYS will be wrong.
well how am I supposed to respect a belief which worships the deity that is the bad guy in my religion? according to my beliefs he is trying to put me through eternal torture, why should i respect a belief that worships that?
@pikachu7567 it's true that satanists don't actually worship Satan, but it's not a joke or parody on christianity. it's more like humanism: they believe that humans are the most important things in existance, and should be entitled to whatever they want. or something like that.i might be wrong tho:S
Any publicity is good publicity & publicity sells.When I first saw a Marylin Manson CD it interested me "shock rock" but his music was so disappointing.
@sykeligdemon The word Satan means "the adversary" or "the opposer". The term was used in the Hebrew Bible to refer to those who challenged the Hebrew faith.
satan has blinded the minds of those who dont want truth. satan who is defeated and cant even save himself from the lake of fire. promises those who worship him and deny jesus high places in hell. there is no high places in hell. (ITS HELL) its said all the cool people go to hell. if you had the 10 coolest people with you and you were all on fire, what would you talk to them about? or would you not even care they were there and try to get away from the fire. flames never die in hell
blah blah blah blah...blah bulshit blah....blah i have a delusional heavenly connection blah......because my life is too patheitc to simply believe in myself blah blah blah
God never says to love the sinner and hate the sin...That is not biblical! Psalm 5:5"God is angry and mad a the wicked everyday"...Where does God say He loves everyone? Jesus told unrepentant sinners they were sons of the devil! When you repent and put your faith in Christ than you become a child of God..Is evil tearing up Bibles on stage? Or would it be evil if it was Darwin's book?
2:15 I'm stading up for god, who are you standing up for? Who are you stending up for?! - MYSELF!!! Loved that part!
@LoadedWithMegaBrains Thanks for calling me smart. Look, everyone is going to push an agenda, including you. Just avoid racy topics on youtube and you won't see them or just don't read the comments. For all you know, I could be an atheist, I was just helping refine your understanding of Christianity for later debates so you sound smarter. Have a good day.
Pathetic... Church of Satan? As pathetic as the Chruch of God. These people are sad nobodies who think a fake demon is... Whatever! But MANSON IS A BITCH! Now Richard Kruspe is scary... Manson is creepy and a freak and his voice is repulsive as well as a person he is repulsive... His music is just, gah!
marilyn manson is NOT scary. he's just misunderstood by most people
Why would somebody chose to be on the loser's side ? Just can't understand that.
Finish that verse pal don't just stop where it's convenient!! Judge not lest ye be judged by the same measure! take the log out of your eye so you can see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye! By the way judging me for judging others is very hypocritical!
satanist are basically atheist. They believe that they are their own gods. What did Satan do? He had adam and eve eat the forbidden fruit and gave them the knowledge and right and wrong, what's sin and what isn't sin: a God like quality. They just use Satan as am image or example if you must. They DO NOT worship satan. Luciferians worship Lucifer, but even they do not believe that Lucifer is satan. Any 31st, 32nd or 33rd Freemason can tell you that.
See that's the only response you "devil worshippers" can go...Cursing every other word like a demon with a forked-tongue! Satan HATES YOU!!! He's laughing at you!!! Re-read Matthew 7:1-3 Mr Bible Scholar! It says what I told you..Telling me that judging is wrong is a judgement...So hence, you're a hypocrite...How are we evil when we're trying to save you from eternity in fire?
Fuck off and let me believe what i want. you can say all that shit to me but then i say god isn't real believe what i think i can get done for that. If it wasn't for stupid religion we would be a lot more advanced, because of you fags not wanting stem cells to help people who need it, a lot of people are suffering all their lives. idiots.
The Illuminati didn't make me a satanist. Shut the fuck up.
I have been a big fan of Marilyn Manson's since his first album came out 19 years ago and I can't remember a single time he has declared himself to be a Satanist. I don't believe he has ever identified himself to be a part of any religion. Please correct me if I am wrong. Not that I have an issue with Satanism (or any other religion), I just don't take well to purposeful misinformation.
Ok ppl it's a free country and ppl can worship whoever they choose. You don't need to judge someone cause they worship someone you don't.Are your lives that boring you need to go around judging someone else.
he has never said he worshiped Satan, fucking bull shit
@munkdo4. What do u mean what was at the begening??
lol, there is no argueing with your primitive kind is there, and you always assume that who ever disagrees with you is a satanist, i reject all religion, its all primitive garbage holding back our society from progress, not to mention it breeds discrimination and war, and its the mental insanity you belive in that makes you evil, and there, no cursing, is that clean enough for you "holy man"?
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