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"Hard End"

by Machinima • 427,211 views Click here to watch Arby 'n' the Chief Hypermail! Arby 'n' the Chief - "Hard End" (S06E02) Master Chief follows through with his decision to apply to the...

wow its quite entertaining to see how this show evolved over time. it turned from only comedian purpose to a mixture of drama, slice of life and comedy and all of them perform well together. not trying to sound like a little fanboy here but jon cjg is very talented. only an idiot or hater wouldt see that. how come i missed that show over all these years?
arbitur is beein an bitch id luv 2 pley halo all dey long
I've been watching Arby 'n' Chief for so long that my internal monologue sounds like microsoft mike god help me
Aaarbiter. Mah Elite!
arbitur was badass back then, still is but a little, more- depressing in the later episodes
"No swearing" "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" wanna be arbitur's friend..
So now Greg is gone? :O
omfg arby is makeing me depressed :(
Ha. What until you see season 8.
Arbitur is da bomb!!! >:D
9:32 Lo. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Arby was fucking awesome when he appeared at the end! :D
It was the first thought that came to my head when I rewatch the series. Of Course Chief wouldnt know but Arbiter shouldve known lol
@guitaromania1345 I was about to post the same line, probably the best line I've heard from him in a long time
Does anyone else think that this show has the best soundtrack?
13:49 less talk more shooting
how is the blue Spartan 13 he sounds like 17..
Why do people keep quoting stuff they say in the video?
"if ur so goddam samrt and they'res no point 2 n e thing wtfs the point in crying about it." There have never been wiser words spoken.
M4$tUr Ch33f c4m3 up w/ t3h titl3 4 this video.
but in an alternate universe the cheif is alwasy right
They have to have proof before just banning I'm assuming you or someone using your system did that.
lol arbiter kicks ass love how he can carry an energy sword plasma pistol and a magnum lol but still he is so epic
I put the best song for Arbitur while he was on the bathroom, Pink Floyd the Wall - Nobody Home. It's a perfect ambiance from where he was... still kind of a sad but it's a good video, heheheheh.
He wasted the brat wasted back2thekitchen with a plasma pistol and a magnum before making him kill his own team mate. Arby owned all and Jon is awesome by himself!!!
Yeah they did, they used it in the last season and they were informed that it did that.
I personally want to murder Adam he's a dick
This episode will teach you: How to be a badass like arbiter.
It's called Officer armor I believe, it came with the limited edition of reach
''if ur so goddam smart and they'res no point 2 n e thing wtfs the point in crying about it'' Words of wisdom right there. Seriously.
He's voiced by an adult trying to sound like a 13 year old. Kinda hard to do that when you're trying to sound like a mature minded 13 year old I guess.
omg whats the intro music...its sooo beast.
I felt bad for the decent thirteen year old.
Teacher: No swearing! Chief: Wats that meen? Teacher: Really? It means I'll throw your ass out of here. No swearing! WTF?
omfg go arby I LOVE YOUUUU (no homo)
What's that techno song that started playing right after the intro? You know, the song in the tosers recruitment sequence. I like that song! :)
i want arby to stop being sad.he is very kind and good and i liked it better with him not drinking so much
god damn that part where arby said get down was awsum
Why was chaos theosis doing all this in the first place? I mean the going around banning everyone. That's not gunna get rid of game police
HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! "No swearing" "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" I dont know why they would put that rule in there when EVERYBODY talks like that!!!
I just realized that the opening credits are in purple then green, and the purple is in proper spelling, but the green is in something of a l33tsp33k mixed with general stupidity. Awesome, CJG, just awesome
I'm the only one that uses my console. If they need proof, then how come they never tell anybody details about a suspension? All they give you is a vague simple answer.
Those two hardocre stereotypes are like Zero and Omega from Xionic Madness. If they were assholes in public.
Anybody noticed that arby's badassnes comes at 1337?
Thank you jon cjg your a badman
Your moms got a badass lolooollololoollooolollolooloolloolol
oh shit havent watched these in months. i think a year 0_0. Wheres greg??
I have decided, I am going to stop watching the series here. It is such a good series, I will end up watching it until the end, then be MEGA MINI-DEPPRESED because such a good series is over. Goodbye comment boards for Arby 'n the cheif. I will miss you all.
ARBIE, you HAVE a porpus, your porpus it to entertain us, JON CJG WHY DO YOU HAVE To END ARBIE"S PURPOS?
It's definetely a lot to follow and lots of puzzle pieces to understand
I was born a gamer but you don't see me complaining. And yes I also have a life, if I didn't, I'd be dead by now
"if you're so goddamn smart and there's no point to anything then wtf's the point in crying about it?" probably the smartest thing chief has ever said
Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Sam are already on your computer if you're using Windows. At the end of the very first Arby 'n' The Chief episode, "Pilot", Jon puts in the credits how to do it. Here: /watch?feature=player_detailpage&list=ELstsYMc8Ppho&v=kb8rdc-0OpQ#t=568s
what kind of Elite is the leader of Chaos Theosis? I can't find the same thing on the list on Reach...
Smiley-face :) (shotgun in face) Frowney Face :( lol
and then that guys says "Il throw your ass out of here"... hippocrit.
oh my god that kids voice is so annoying
haha was mad to see 1:30 long ad then saw it was black ops and watched intently
That 13 year-old speaks the truth. :)
He's intelligent and has said straight sentences before, but he is always in 100% Troll mode and refuses to use intelligence because it doesnt get him laughs.
Did they buy a new console after they got banned from the wedding crash?
master chief is very smart just he is immature but he has said smart things in other videos
lol arbutir that was ossin.... ossin possin
I LOVE YOU ARBITER. You badass mofo
Oh shit aryby u Assassin everyone
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