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George Lynch Paul Gilbert Richie Kotzen - Snortin

by MalibuVid • 372,858 views

Malibu Multi-Media (714-642-5964) - exclusive videographers for Guitar Generation Tour starring George Lynch, Paul Gilbert and Richie Kotzen in the all-star jam.

Probably the coolest moment of the video is at 5:03 . It made me smile!
Pat Travers never was the fastest or tech oriented gp in the world, far from that but they all love him
All great players in their own right but Richie Kotzen hands down the best.
you´re right - being on sports field ;-); unfortunately people like van gogh, goethe, shakespeare, beethoven, mozart, picasso rarely were ;-)
His singing(howling) sucks
The sheer enjoyment on richie's face @ 5:01 says it all for me.
good point that was pretty bad ass.
I really want to see Mr.Big live with Paul Gilbert and Richie Kotzen at the same time.. that would be awesome!
Back when Kotzen was playing his Strat all the time and Paul was using his PGM models.. i miss those days. The Cornford is the best piece of gear on that stage.. so epic.
Blues- inflected-shred heaven-overload!! \m/ Seeing Lynch tear it up on a Tele is also a treat!
Richie's high e is way out, everyone in this vid could do with a tune up
nobody is out of tune.. lol
+x7stringinJSCx your ears must be painted on
Paul is more of big time pattern player, Richie more bluesy, and george likes to play more in minor scale patterns more eastern sounding. They are great players who have contributed equal benefits to rock and roll.
5:16 to 5:20: RK: "Hey Paul look at this crap old GL! Shit happens! gimme some hi five! PG: "Hahaha Fuck! There ya go!!
Never turn the camera away from the lead singer when he is ending the song! WTF? Major Fail as a videographer! 
The unsung hero here was the bassist, keeping the groove going while taking a drink of water!
To me, both Kotz and Gilbert are more linear players - carefully laid-out styles that stay close to the harmony - whereas Lynch sounds off the wall. Sometimes seemingly utterly lost, other times alien and otherwordly - Lynch is more like an abstract expressionist. I always feel somewhat ambivalent about hard rock and metal players, with the exception of Eddie & Yngwie. But I love Lynch's playing the most, even the stuff where he plays badly - I wouldn't want a miss a thing. 
I agree, Lynch expresses while in dream or nightmare. Gilbert and Kotzen are more that kind of rational and athletic Technicians ;-)
Interesting version of this song, doesn't come anywhere near what pat travers and pat thrall did, fyi Gilbert and kotzen are just playing mindless semi shred riffs too bad, they just moved down a few spots on my list, lynch however if you are paying attention is totally in to this jam but apparently his sound was mixed down a bit,, would have loved to see this with George lynch playing Mr scary cranked up to 12
pauls guitar really kuttz clean soundin..........all 3 axemasters tho
wish they would do a tour.
G K S Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
If you're celebrating anything today, I hope you're SNORTIN' WHISKEY!!!
fucking awesome cubed!
Paul at 4:45 made richie lose his shit!
J. Phyakul Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
A great find here: Basically #georgelynch #paulgilbert and #Richiekotzen in all star jam
 Who the hell here is dissing Lynch?!  GET A ROPE......
+bluesleonard yes, and her technique is unmistakable...
+EM Thiele Lynch would have been the best during his time if thier wouldn't have been those shitty makeup wearing bands 
Kotzen; kind of the same old shtuff again and again.  It's like he's playing drunk and stupid as compared to his past work. 4:57 Gilbert messes with him and just rips Kotzen a new guitar hole! funny
I'm surprised the place didn't spontaneously combust 
¡¡¡¡wow¡¡¡¡¡ awesome guitar monsters ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
hah yea dude I was making a point to "thecollisionofworlds" guy not you bud
Damn. .rich george r awesome . . ! Paul is great !
i think what you mean to say was "I'm a huge George Lynch fan boy and even though he's the worst guitarist on the stage and isn't even in the same league of playing as the other two his shitty playing is what distinguishes him." look i'm all for tasteful playing in lieu of shredding, but george has never played anything tasteful. he's a good guitarist, and better than I am but to say he's better in any way that kotzen or gilbert is fucking retarded.
Lynch has done and incredible thing with his musical career thats without a doubt and as i don't know much about Kotzen and i'm not a terribly big fan of poison, i would still have to say from what i saw in this video he shows some tremendous skill, in summary all three players are undoubtedly excellent guitarists and have done some things in their careers that are nothing short of impressive
Is it just me of did George Lynch do a Jason Becker ripoff at 4:50? Sounds like one of the licks he plays in a solo called improvised solo on one of his instructional dvds from hotlicks.
And btw, in the 90s he said "I know my basic theory". In 200X he said "if you told me to play the first notes of the major scale, I'd be like wtf." He said "this lick consists of the first six notes of the major scale, in intervals." in the 90s.
it's only easy to identify him and hard to duplicate his playing style because he's a sloppy player who doesn't play as well as the other players he's held up against. and if you REALLY think he has better phrasing than richie kotzen you're out of your damn mind. kotzen can play the hell out of the blues and make it tasteful while lynch would make it sound dry and lifeless because it would sound like a shredder trying to play blues. this video is a perfect example, but you just want to ignore it
I'll just use your line... Nobody ever played like Shawn Lane! (pictured) (now mine) And no one ever will. Peace!
Ok, here's a question: How the fuck can anyone tell whose "better" based on one jam on a song that none of these guys wrote or have any significant experience playing? All three of these guys are great electric guitar players. In my personal opinion Paul Gilbert is the most skilled overall; not because of this jam, but because of his overall body of work.
Kotzen's tone cuts through the mix the best! But I love how they're all so distinct in their playing
Here's the thing. If Richie plays some freakish lick that Paul likes, Paul can have Richie show him the lick, and Paul can learn it. And vice versa. But there's no way George Lynch can learn anything from Paul or Richie--he simply doesn't have the chops. I'm surprised he took the gig. Clearly, Paul and Richie are having all the fun.
yeah you tell them dude George Lynch rules and how could that other guy say Dokken and the Lynch Mob were no good because in the 80,s Dokken was as big as Guns N Roses and the lynch mob may not have been as big as Dokken but still got more airplay than paul or ritchie had in the 90,s
For the people that getting down on George here, you obviously don't know how much cred he has with these guys. When Paul was teenager, playing VH covers in PA, George was *THE* resident guitar GOD in LA. It was GL with EVH and Randy running a close 2nd. Ask anyone who was in the scene at the time. For example, when PG was playing the Country Club in Reseda '87 with Racer X, GL was playing soldout stadiums. Also, GL has always played 1 3/4 scale necks...WAY smaller than he played here.
I think that from a purely technical standpoint, Paul Gilbert is the best of that bunch. Lynch is a great guitar player, but he's more of a bluesy-type player.
way ahead of you. the dogs are easily one of my favorite groups of all time. i saw them on 8/3 in NYC, it was possibly the greatest concert ive ever seen, and i've seen Rush 7 times (I notice youre a drummer so i'm sure you've seen Rush at some point) just to give you an idea of how phenomenal this show is. Have fun seeing them, I also met the three of them in NJ on 8/6. Richie signed my telecaster. They're great guys.
A video of 3 legendary guitar-players,who are clearly having a blast messing around and what happens?A bunch of idiots arguing who's ''the best'',with the Gilbert fanboys beeing the most annoying(I love the guy but want to slap some of his fanboys) not to mention the trolling against Lynch.Do me all a favor,remove the sticks from your buts,sit back and try to have some fun,like the guys on stage have,for fucks sake!
Yes, I think he was a happy camper here LOL!!, just kidding
I freaking love this stuff! All three are awesome!
his guitar (`AND HE) himself BEE `STRETCHED out FUNY (like)
3 dos meus guitarristas preferidos !
geaorge needs hid dokken marshalls back for the attack,, great show looks like that had a lot of fun.
All 3 are excellent... period. Stop arguing and listen.
I have never seen Paul Gilbert play rhythm guitar for so long with out stopping to solo!
Ritchie is probably one of the most talented musicians on this planet :)
Three masters of their craft! Gotta give the nod to Lynch, but it's not an easy pick.
GL seemed to get lost in the mix. Kotzen and Gilbert sound amazing as always
can some mofos just have fun playin the greatest party song of all time without you hacks picking it apart? god bless pat travers and fuk the nitpikkers!
All shredders, 3 guitar players and NOBODY wants to play rhythm. LOL. And they're all trying to one up each other and SO not playing for the song. Leave the pyrotechniques for songs that call for it. This tune does not. And I love all 3 players here, but just sayin.
Hmmm...shyam sing, and Jay Syn: two completely differently opposed comments: both valued, and both misdirected :( EACH GUITARIST ON THAT STAGE STANDS ALONE: and thus why each stands...well...'alone'. One day, when y'all have grown up musically, and vainly attempted to play what each has offered 'US', you'll begin to not only see/feel the difference, but actually 'learn' what makes each a master in their own suggestion: change your strings few 'million' more times.
Somebody turn George up a little man I can barely hear him. But other than George being a low in the mix, this is awesome. Richie, Paul, and George are up in my top favorite guitarist ever!
this is truly kick ass....but I like Pat Travers doin it better!
George Lynch pidio perdon to'o el rato ante Paul!
Good lord that was smoking! All three of them just nailed it out of the park. I don't get the gloves and backpack Lynch is sporting, but his playing is still just as amazing as it was 25 years ago.
I guess you're right.......ur probably always rite.......excuse me for having an opinion that doesn't fit into your perfect world
My point is that putting Lynch on a stage with people who know more than him isn't fair even to him, and anybody who doesn't realize that obviously has blinders on. They know what notes to play because they learned theory and know how to use it. Lynch never did that and because of that when it comes time to improvise he doesn't know what mode to play in or what scales to use which is why his parts sound worse. I could keep explaining the situation to you, but you're not going to listen.
Sabes yo creo que se jodió los dedos con el gimnasio, por eso creo que tocaba mejor en los 80, si te das cuenta como que se traba en las primas a veces
wow killer vid,all 3 brought their A game! quit trollin on lynch!!! hes great
Paul always looks like he is having the time of his life, love it!
hahhaahaha Ritchie looks like Russell Brand LOL but George Lynch still looks very young for his age and Paul Gilbert seems a bit sedate in this video not his usual self at all
I guess it's true, even with video people see what they want to see. :) We all get that way from time to time though. :)
I think they all are great in their own way. Honestly, I think they all sound kind of so so on this performance.
Yeah It seems some sort of combination of bending while picking staccato (muting the string with the pick) but for some reason i can't get it exactly right.So the tab would be like 12^bend to 14(and i think he makes another micro bend a little higher than 14) 12p10 11(g string) 10.Is that correct?I guess i'm gonna try again tomorrow.
Before theory there were still musicians. From them came the theory. I know people who are professionally trained and they know that when it comes to actual playing, experience and skill take priority. The best theory profs tell you, now that you've learned all this "theory", forget it and go play. Which means, a player plays, a writer writes, etc... You can learn the alphabet, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc...and still not be a very good author. But, you might be able to teach.
yes youre right. nobody ever will play like shawn lane. nobody will ever play like richie, paul, george, you, me, etc. we all have our own style. but coming to unrelated videos to say that these guys dont hold a candle to your idol is like knocking on someone's door and preaching religion. I'm glad your guitar idol makes you happy.
Russell Brand's a pretty good guitar player :-)
All three of these guys are great guitar players in their own right, and all three have earnt their stripes through hard graft and love of making music..they have more than earnt the right to deserve a little more respect especially GL,..there is more to guitar playing and music than modes ,scales and theory. All that stuff is all well and good and has its place but its not what music is about ...that appreciation will come with experience and age 'thecollisionofworlds' .
... if a stage full of dudes makes you think about dicks, you're on your own with that one.
lmao! it's funny how George has the double stack of amps. As soon as George starts tapping it's waving the white flag of defeat. He does the same lame tapping lick twice! I do feel sorry for him though.
ritchie is playing a malmsteen strat!!
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