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by whiteboy7thst • 374,695 views

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The first thing I would do is go streaking in Los Angeles and be a sacrifice.
You know what's retarded? People over think their weapons. A samurai sword is only gonna be good,unless your a samurai. You can just buy a machete. Much easier to find and cheaper. Most common ammo/guns you'll find lying around will be first a,9mm pistol. If your lucky a pump-shotgun from police cars or fallen soldiers. If the military fails to contain the infection,mostly you'll see some assault rifles lying around. But,not gonna be much ammo lying around. Think about things,guys.
weed + black ops zombies = not good man
what if you fail your test of manlienesss?
but... i would probably... build a cement watchtower that goes underground and with big steel plated doors.. gather all the people i ever met.... HIDE AND KILL i must start stocking up on food though
i would find you and join your group you seem to have a good plan
careful what you wish for whiteboy, it might come true
I forgot kitchen knives... all the same thing really...ish
i played domination today on nuketown and got 99 kills and 20 death
Wait xD a samurai sword/katana is only gonna be good if your a samurai xD
I actually had a dream you FPSRussia and Syndicate were in a zombie apocalyse o.o
Lol find fps russia... aka alex
I really don't want a zombie apocalypse!
Hey u don't HAV family members to loose in the zombie apocalypse so its easy for u to say
I would get a truck and be mobile. cant stay in one place
I am not prepared I got no weapons if there is a zombie accolipse I would go to Walmart buy a 47 and rape train in the parking lot like a boss and have bread 4 dayz
when i get some money (looking for a job) get some guns/ammo/melee weaponry like a samurai sword for close encounters to save ammo board up my house when zombie apocalypse is announced and stock up on food =]
i would get weapons like kitanas or axes or have them before :D
Let's see my primary weapon would be a katana my second weapon would be a crossbow my third a Mac with suppressor nd my gears would be a backpack with first aid kit and food with other supplies also have a protective gear to avoid zombie from bitting ur skin it's my strategy and I would love to join ur group if this ever happens I'm thinking about zombie apacolypse for the past 2 weeks lol
All of yall tht think tht yall are ready for a zombie apocalipse are wrong well maybe some are kinda prepared but what if ur the First one to get infected?? Have yall ever thought about tht?? One more thing why do yall think yall are ready when yall have only played games?? Games are way diffrent from real life i bet some of yall would shit bricks nd run or some of yall would faint bkuz of all tht blood or the nasty azz smell of the zombies... What i would do in a zombie apocalipse is pray :] i
the reality would be sick, bunch of underground gangbangers taking your life and your shit. what would i the geek the freak and the sheep....hey look at the tweaker kid with the crossbow, said no one ever. have fun at fema camps...applying vagisil...and im not hating on you, its my perspective, based on this 1 video.
I think you're taking this the wrong way. What he means is that he wants the idea of an apocalypse, not that he wants everyone to die... He clearly just wants to kill zombies so to speak, he doesnt mean he hates everyone and wants everybody to become zombies to kill them out of a rage and hatred
get gas mask ,baseball bat,small gun
Team up with goat fans. Or whiteboy
I don't zombies because no new games or i will die but i have a shotgun and a pistol and i live in the middle of no where and a lot of food in my house :) but i will louse my friends and my famille members:( but it's going to be fun if i survive :) but millions r going to die :( so if you r a motherfuking kickass man or woman you better have fun for the people tha they r not good luck (i don't want zombies) (-.-)
SEtg up a fort and create an armored truck. Terror Truck (inFAMOUS 1 refrence)
Gear ,shelter,and food and possibly a vehicle.
I am a zombie and found this video offensive!
alot of people say yes I do but your gonna lose half your family and friends to zombies
Try to look for survives not that I can't defend myself but I rather have the feeling of I'm not the only one I this mess and I can count on that out those people and if one rains away I'll be honest I'll skit them
i would drive to my dads liquor store on my a.t.v.. and the first thing i would do is grab as much food and water as i can then go in the hiden basement withe a raideo and camp till i hear its safe
Im from Ireland so im safe because all the zombies would be getting hammered drunk ;)
Go to toys R Us and get all the Nerf Guns
I would grab my dad's gun grab a duffle bag pack it with protein,clean water,and vegetables some clothes a lighter gas then get the fuck to whiteboys house.
"i think it will be a test of my, my manliness" yeah sure it will be a test...
I'm Going to my neighbor his house has more guns than th military
damn that sounds fun thinking your actaully in a zombie apocalypse thnx i will try this
First you get shelter NEAR the store and get what is left DUH!!!
Bro u need to get 1 of dem Ninja swords to survive
Man i am going to get a big stick an it is a speer
Hey whiteboy if theres an apocalypse can i be in ur gang
Also id go down to every gang there is in PA and kill them and take there ammo and guns
i would steal some yaut and go out to the middle of the ocean and just live on cooked fish
i have a bow so i would go and get tons of food and aroows
grab my friends. grab ANYTHING explosive or deadly or sharp or flammable. head over to my school. camp. camp. camp
i would get sydicate then id go get ffps russia then ill save u and ure beans whiteboy
I would get my dads gun and make a homemade silencer so when I shoot the zombies won't be attracted And then I will go to the store and grab as much food as I can and then come back to my house and board up everything
go to your house and start a goat army!
I'd get all the food,water,and,armory objects possible and I don't want it to happen
Fuck that ill just to to walmart...
If I saw Jennifer Aniston's zombie I would rape it!
ill prefer a bath salt acopalypse cuz its less scary
"If I can do it in a video game, I can do it in real life." Words to live by. Words to live by.
hey whiteboy u should try paying gotham city imposters its a fun game
i have a steel gate 3 liqor as tores a target and as mall so i think im good and ill go and find whiteboy7thst and we could teamz plus im 9
you know i will probably use my dads guns but if it gets to risky say bye bye to me XP
I would want it to happen cause i have never actually fought against someone so i just want to see if i cAn really fight or not..
Sorry I can't give away my strategy
I was planning to poison the world if the zombie apocalypse doesn't happen before i'm 25...
grab my kunia throwing knifes, katana, backback full of rope and other surviver equipment also a huge bacge of wate and bagged goods get in my car and head out to a disstant shore grab a boat and fish for the rest of my life and hopefully i can find a deccent sized boat also on the way hit the gass station and grabe a crape load of fuel for emergencys on the boat but most of the time i would just drift in the middle of the ocean.
get as much food as i can and medical supplies
i just hope the zombies wont be like 28 days later
-go to a really tall tower where there's only 1 way up -stack it with food and weapons -Get my friends that survived RAPE ZOMBIEZ
if the zombie apocolypse breaks out im coming to your house
this is my plan I will go on a aircraft carrier have a few of the super water filtering system have a good fastgrowing plant that i get food from get like 50 people to live with you and be in the middle of the ocean and just in case zombies do get to the aircraft carrier I use the guns in there
I live in England, where we have some stupid laws against possession of guns, so if the zombie apocalypse came along, we would be fucked, because the only weapons we could use against them are cups of tea, golf clubs (which I suppose are pretty effective close range) and top hats. Only the posh and rich who live in the country with acres of land buy guns for hunting. So u can count England out if there is ever a zombie apocalypse...
First ting i dó is taking a shotgun and stays om the kitchen until everything is gone.
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