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Mass Effect 2 - Garrus Romance Scene

by jj0ck33 • 380,438 views

The conclusion to the romance with Garrus.

He's so funny. I thanks for uploading. I accidentally broke up with him. lol
The way Garrus appear into scene makes me laugh so hard xD
How the fuck do you get this scene.
0:55 look at Shepard's face!!
your shepard looks like a total nutcase looool
I've been in situations that were just as awkward, if only I could recover as well as he can...
It must've felt like a rusty pipe going up her.
For some weird reason when I got to this part I didn't get the chance to cuddle with him or anything. What gives?
why does she look like sasha gray?
... Is the the Ice Queen Shepard? ... Oh my god it is!!!
god i love him.. he is tooo adorible Q__Q
your waist is supportive lol. I hope ME3 loe scenes go all out, fuck censorship.
Oh my god, Catriona, of coarse you would xDD But I agree with you, little sister lol
I'm commander Shepherd and this is my favorite dick on the Normandy.
You mean the music garrus plays? thats the music that plays at flux, in Mass effect 1
Curiously, they cannot drink the same wine. The stuff would have to be poisonous to one or the other.
Press and holf 'F' to continue. F. If you know what I mean.
honestly he is very very very hawt,but the fact he's and alien creeps me out but if he was human i'd do IT
1:36 "Right between the eyes. Now back to my calibrations
Your fish's are still alive?! 1:50
love how he runs to turn the music on xD LOLOLOL
Just the sound of Garrus Vakarian's voice can get someone pregnant.
I never thought about this before but why is Garrus wearing his targeting visor to party with Shepard?
@Sivos909 Very nice analysis there, I'm kind of mad at bioware though. Since it's hard to find the aliens plus Jack visually attractive, they mad the scenes very touching. But just because Miranda and Jacob are human and look sexually attractive, they thought they could just get away with a solely sexual scene?
Having sex with a Turian must feel like sand paper...
Commander Shepard eyes 0:21 "Wow, I gonna get laid!"
I like how Garrus still keeps on his eye gadget.
the end where they cuddle on the bed? that happens after you have spoken to him after the final mission in his usual place you then get the option to invite him up and you can happily sit on his lap or cuddle with him :)
What I love the most about Garrus is how he tries to be all bad ass and tough, but underneath it all, he's just an awkward dude who doesn't know how to express himself. Seriously, BioWare creates the best characters.
@MrWarlord396 he wants it to go right, obviously he dont want to miss the target here ;)
@fl333r I don't know, with Garrus the awkwardness is kind of endearing, kind of like Alistair in dragon age. I would think Bioware is just trying to flesh out Garrus's character because you don't see a lot of him being emotionally fragile like he is here.
uh, I hate the paragon interrupt, he looks like you just slapped him or something... :<
I couldn't help but remember doing the paragon option on Garrus' loyalty mission when Garrus headbutts Harken. XD
Femshep: How could you afford wine Garrus, I don't pay any of you anything!?
0:15 Shepard: W-WHOA! Um... Garrus... You scared me... Garrus: Oh, Sorry Shepard.
Fan fiction has ruined this scene for me. Or made it so much better. I have yet to decide. ;D
If I was trying to smooth talk my crush and she had a big cute grin like they have shep do in this scene, I'd be fucking up to. Garrus where would Mass effect be with out you?
I've only just recently got into the games and I'm on my first playthrough romancing Garrus. :3 Newbz question: do you only get that end bit if you don't do the paragon interruption thing? Just curious. Though the first ending is fucking adorable. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF GARRUS FEELINGS
The funny thing about the wine is that only Shepard can drink it.
@WH1T3YHD What are you talking about? He is too busy calibrating FemShep XD
*Garrus Puts On Music* *Awkward Silence*
I know that rendering an actual love scene between them would be difficult for a variety of reasons, but it still bugs me to no end how some of the other scenes are so explicit and this one just culminates into a light forehead touch. Not that I don't like it, it's extremely adorable, but seriously, the Miranda romance scene is practically porn.
Wow, doing something other than calibrations
Shepard's eyes reminds me of sasha grey's eyes somehow lol
press f to lag hump garrus on bed 2:19
They needed some dialogue for what they pillow talk would have been like after. GARRUS: "Not bad eh, Shepard." SHEPARD: "Consider me calibrated, big boy."
0:15 *awkwardturianwithaglass*
Garrus is so awkward I love it XD
@MrWarlord396 He's gotta be on target for when he pulls out.
The fuck kind of sex scene was that??
What's that song called? The music that Garrus plays (which is hilarious), I want to play it for someone without the dialogue but I can't seem to track it down. Any help? :)
@palinite okay i'm going to romance garrus in 3.
my ideal f and continue
Having sex with a turian sounds painful.
LOL I watched this with CC (closed captions) on and made me laugh so hard seeing the translation. 1:17 (What happened with cigarettes)
Jacob : SUCK MY DICK BITCH Thane: *Polishes Black Widow* Garrus: Perfect
WHAT. Did I seriously fucking do the paragon action then start the suicide mission. How did I miss all of that cuddling. :/
I think Garrus is really adorable. Also, the way he speaks about the bad stuff that happened and all that, it just makes me sad. He's so awesome.
@Garrus1995 That's what everyone loves about Garrus, he's just like US!! insecurities, that we try to hide behind.
Lol, paused it at :25. Looks like Garrus is dancing.
she reminds me of overly attached girlfriend
in reality if garrus was human though lol id totaly take him :3
@MrWarlord396 You know, so he doesn't miss. If you know what I mean.
Looks like Garrus is gonna have to *sunglasses* break out his calibrating tool.
@Ssavaralyn Yep... people really like seeing the "hidden" side of other people, eh? :) Makes it more precious, lol.
why is she dry humping his leg? I want to be able to make sweet love to garrus <3
When he turned on the music, I thought he was gonna bust a move.
What is the name of the groovy song at the start? I need to know!
he probably goes to sleep with that freaking mini chip on his eye
Thane is a terminally ill, lifelong assassin. Can you honestly blame him?
to me if you look at him, he looks adorable but he looks vicious at the same time. Like a kitty :3
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