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World of Warcraft - Season of War (Tribute to Fans) music and video!

by djpeppe18 • 36,311 views

World Of Warcraft Tribute To Fans Soundtrack - World Of Warcraft - Seasons Of War (Intro Movie)

this one is my favorite out of the entire soundtrack! probably many others like it as well! :D am i right!? :)
the music is just so goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks
i actually quit the aliance with a lvl 67 palidin just to be a blood elf mage
is this latin?, latin is always so epic what genre is this? classical? and is this a rhapsody?
This is my fav songs. The second fav is the main title song Legends of Azeroth. Awesome!!!
@blueinu26 WarCraft is an awesome universe. You can name those places even if you only read the books and not play WoW at all. Also you can never know too much.
@blueinu26 lol i know i was doin the same thing
awsome video man and who out there is a blood elf type
This isn't the right movie. You suck.
2:40 to 2:44 is my favoite video part! :) thats awesome!
Joder!!! Que bueno es el juego!!!! Asta el nivel 80 en un solo dia. Te cagas. Muy bueno.
runescape is getting boring. maybe im gonna get wow 2days from now
Thank you for telling us, I was about to judge you.
im not into this wow crap i jus like the music
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dude u know u play too much wow when u can name all the classes and places where this trailer was filmed so to speak. i am a geek sue me.
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